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What does black box insurance cover?

Once you’ve paid for your driving lessons and bought a car, your road tax and car insurance are going to be the next items on your shopping list. Unfortunately, all of this can get quite expensive – especially for young or new drivers who tend to have higher premiums than drivers with more experience. Our black box car insurance cover will provide:

Savings at renewal

A good driving score can help towards getting you a great renewal price, so you can carry on saving on your car insurance

Regular driving feedback

Keep track of your driver score via our Endsleigh Loop mobile app and in your online account.

No curfews

Endsleigh Loop allows you to drive when you need to, and we do not restrict the time of day you can drive.

Easy implementation

Depending on your car, we’ll either send you a self-fit black box or arrange to have your black box professionally installed. You can also track your driving score at any time via the Endsleigh Loop app.

Tracking your driving performance

Once you've taken out your black box insurance, download the Endsleigh Loop app to get quick access to all your driving feedback. Use the app to monitor your driving score, receive advice on how to lower your score and work towards securing personalised rewards. Available for iOS. 

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Frequently asked questions about black box insurance

Not sure whether to get a black box added to your car? We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions below to help you decide…

What is black box insurance?

Black box insurance (also known as ‘telematics car insurance’) is a type of insurance policy that offers discounts at renewal based on your driving behaviours.

If you take out this type of policy, a black box will be installed in your car to monitor your driving. Using that data we’ll be able to give feedback on what you are doing well and where your driving can improve - you’ll be able to keep track of your driver score via our Endsleigh Loop mobile app and in your online account.

Remember, your black box won’t be able to differentiate between drivers. This means that if someone uses your car (such as a named driver), their driving will be monitored under your policy.

The data we collect tells us about your driving speed, how you brake, your acceleration and your cornering - so the more responsibly you drive, the higher your driving score, the lower your premiums could be in the future.

We’ll also provide a renewal quote at the end of your policy that reflects how well you’ve been driving.

How black box car insurance could help you pay less

If you’re a young or new driver, you’re probably facing steep insurance prices. The cost of insuring new drivers tends to be higher because less experience = more risk. This seems like an unfair assumption to make, but the stats back it up. Taking out black box insurance could help you pay less by earning the trust of your insurer.

So, what is black box insurance? Black box insurance is a way of insurers saying:

“Hey, we know that not all new motorists drive the same. So we’ll give you a chance to show us your driving skills and hopefully earn yourself some discount!”

The black box (or telematics device) is fitted to your vehicle and monitors your driving behaviours to provide you with a driving score. If this score continues to be positive, you could be in line for discounts at renewal – helping you save money and drive safely.

Pay less with black box insurance

Bear in mind: We also offer additional discounts for drivers under the age of 21 who choose to share their driving data with a parent or guardian.

Who could save with black box insurance?

Young drivers tend to pay more for their car insurance because they are less experienced and therefore, statistically speaking, more likely to be involved in an accident. That’s why black box insurance is fantastic for drivers who want to lower their car insurance cost by driving how they drive best: safely.

Typically black box car insurance is most popular with:

But new drivers aren’t the only ones that may want to save on their cover – a speeding fine or simply purchasing an expensive car can have an impact the cost of your car insurance.

Black box insurance offers all drivers the opportunity to save money on their cover by driving safely - whether they’re working on their driving skills, waiting out some speeding points or building up their No Claims Bonus (also known as "No Claims Discount").

Start saving with black box insurance

Why choose black box insurance?

With so many options for your car insurance, it can be difficult to know which policy will be right for you.

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose black box car insurance:

1. You could save money at renewal

The data your black box collects tells us about the quality of your driving - so the more responsibly you drive, the higher your driving score, the lower your renewal premiums could be.

2. You could become a better driver

Keep track of your driving feedback via the Endsleigh Loop app or your online account to become a better, more skillful driver.

3. You could gain useful evidence should you get in an accident

Any information your black box collects about your speed and cornering could prove useful should you be involved in an accident where it’s unclear who is at fault.

4. You may be able to find your car if it’s stolen

We collect data about your car’s GPS location, which may help the police recover your car if it’s stolen.

5. The black box is easy to install and invisible

We’ll use your car to decide what type of self-fit box we send you, this will come with instructions to make it nice and easy to install.

6. It’ll keep your parents off your back

Parents worry. Especially if their precious son or daughter has recently got behind the wheel. Having black box insurance could reassure them that you’re driving safely - you can even share your driving scores to prove it. And don’t worry, they won’t be able to see where you’ve been all weekend!

What is a telematics box, and how does it work?

There are two types of telematics box (or ‘black box’):

  • OBD - The ingenie self-fit OBD box is a small cube-shaped device which plugs into the OBD port (or the on-board diagnostics port if you like to be fancy) in your car. It’s super simple to plug this in yourself, but if you’re not sure where your OBD port is, just check out our handy box location checker on our help page.
  • 12v - The ingenie self-fit 12v is a small device which plugs into the 12v socket in your car. It’s really easy to plug in yourself, it’s usually in the front console area, but if you’re not sure where your 12v socket is, just check out your car’s handbook.

Your black box must be fitted within the first 10 days of the policy starting - but don't worry, you're insured from day one.

Find out more about how to install the box here

What data will be collected by my black box?

How do I track my driving data?

Once your black box is fitted and we receive your signal you will be sent an email with information on how to register your online account (called “My Account”).

You’ll also be provided with information via the Endsleigh Loop app. This is where your driving score will be displayed as well as feedback on your driving behaviour.

Who can access my driving data?

Are there limits on how far I can drive with black box insurance?

When you take out your black box insurance policy you will give us your estimated annual mileage, which we then use to calculate your insurance premium. It’s important to keep within this mileage – however, if you think you might go over or your circumstances change you can contact us to update this, usually at an additional cost.

In general, we do not restrict how far you can drive in any individual journey or in total with black box insurance. You’ll just need to keep an eye on your total mileage to make sure you don’t go over your annual estimate, as your premium could increase.

Is there a curfew with black box insurance?

Find out about more black box insurance myths.

What else do I need to know about getting a black box?

What else do I need to know about getting a black box?

  • Feesif you decide to go for black box insurance, you will need to pay for installation. Find out more about our fees and charges.
  • Same standard cover black box insurance will provide the same level of cover as a standard car insurance policy. Select the level of cover you need between third party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

Have more questions about black box insurance? Visit our FAQs.

Why Endsleigh for black box insurance?

It’s no secret that car insurance can be costly for inexperienced drivers. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping costs down for young and new drivers, providing affordable cover tailored to your driving needs – whether its black box insurance, learner driver insurance or temporary student driver cover while you’re home for the holidays.

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