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What does ingenie’s black box insurance cover?

Once you’ve paid for your driving lessons and bought a car, your road tax and car insurance are going to be the next items on your shopping list. Unfortunately, all of this can get quite expensive – especially for young or new drivers who tend to have higher premiums than drivers with more experience. With ingenie you pay for your young driver insurance based on how you drive, not how others drive. With ingenie’s black box car insurance cover, you can earn:

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3 times a year, we’ll use your driving data to work out if you’ll be getting a discount – up to 21% off for good driving (although your premium could increase for poor driving). You could be earning money back after just 3 months.

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Savings at renewal

Your driving score counts towards getting you a great renewal price, so you can carry on saving on your car insurance.

Frequently asked questions about black box insurance

Not sure whether to get a black box added to your car? We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions below to help you decide…

What is black box insurance?

Black box insurance involves a piece of telematics equipment being fitted to your vehicle. Known as a “black box”, this equipment monitors your driving performance using telematics technology and GPS signals. Once installed, the data it gathers can influence the cost of your premium negatively or positively, depending on how you drive.

Remember, your black box won’t be able to differentiate between drivers. This means that if someone uses your car, their driving will be monitored under your policy – so if they’re a particularly erratic or speedy driver, this could negatively impact your insurance premium.

How does black box insurance work?

As part of your car insurance policy, ingenie will either post you a self-fit box to plug into your car’s OBD port (depending on your car) or arrange for a third party to come and fit your black box.

Once your black box has been installed, it begins collecting data as you drive. ingenie will then analyse this data and use it to influence the cost of your premiums, which they will adjust accordingly. That’s one of the main advantages of a black box – but that’s only if you drive responsibly! If you drive recklessly with a black box, you could face higher premiums.

When ingenie have built up a picture of your driving style you’ll start to receive regular feedback on the following areas of your driving:

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Acceleration

Car insurance with a black box will differ in price depending on your situation. If you’re under 25, your premium may be more expensive without one, which is why black box insurance for young drivers is a popular option.

How you can save money with ingenie

Once we’ve built up a picture of your driving style, we’ll start sending you driving feedback via the ingenie app, to let you know how you’re getting on. This allows you to see the areas where you're driving well, but also where you could make improvements. It's important to focus on those weaker areas of your driving, as you could see your premium increase as a result of dangerous driving.

3 times a year, we'll then use your driving data to work out how much discount you've earned. You could get up to 21% off over the year - just by being a safe driver, although your premium could increase for bad driving. 

Why choose ingenie for black box insurance?

The answer here is simple: with ingenie you pay for your young driver insurance based on how you drive, not how others drive. You can drive whenever and wherever you want with no curfews and you’ll be covered to drive as soon as you buy. Once the ingenie box is added to your car, ingenie will send you personal driving feedback along with a score out of 100. The better your score, the bigger your discount!

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