What does SME insurance cover?

Our SME business insurance can provide cover for:

Your contents

Your contents should they suffer damage from perils such as fire, theft and flood

Business interruption

Loss of income that arises from interruption of your business as a result of an insured event such as fire, theft or flood

Accidental damage

Accidental damage to the personal belongings of your employees, visitors and customers

Items away from the office

Items taken away from the business address for use elsewhere in connection with your work

Public liability

Compensation claims should a third party sustain an injury as a result of your business operations

Legal expenses

Legal cover for property disputes

Tailor your SME insurance cover with our optional extras

Public liability insurance

Protection for your business if a customer injures themselves or their property is damaged as a result of your business operations.

Business equipment insurance

If your business relies on any special equipment, business equipment insurance can protect it from damage, theft and loss.

Business stock insurance

If your business keeps stock on the premises, business stock insurance can protect it from damage, theft and loss.

Do I need cyber insurance?

In the digital age, many businesses and organisations are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the sensitive customer (or client) data they hold. Cyber insurance will not only protect you against the loss of income and any claims made against you following a data breach, but you will also have access to legal advice and a team of experts to help minimise the damage caused to your business.

Do I need cyber insurance?

Experts in the commercial sector

With over 25 years’ experience in the commercial sector, we provide expert insurance solutions for various trades and industries across the UK, from shops and florists to contractors and IT consultants. If our experience has taught us one thing, it's that each business is unique and requires specialist cover to protect it from the specific risks and demands it will face every day. Whether this is a client injuring themselves on the premises or a bout of bad weather wreaking havoc in your warehouse, we’ll find the right SME business insurance to protect your organisation against the unexpected.

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Office and surgery insurance

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