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Company car insurance

All your company car insurance quotes in one place. Compare prices from over 60 major providers in just 6 minutes with the student insurance specialist. Simple. Affordable. Understandable.

Why should I use Endsleigh Compare?

With Endsleigh Compare, you’ll get hand-picked deals from insurance specialists. We’re here to help you during your student days and throughout your life on the road. Here are some options you can expect, depending on what cover you choose.

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One simple form - More choice

Quotes from over 60 of the UK’s leading providers such as AXA, Admiral and Hastings.

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Quick and easy

We’ll get your quote in less than 6 minutes.

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Tailored to you

We’ll use our years of experience to find you the best deal to suit your needs.

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Breakdown cover

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What is Endsleigh Compare?


Endsleigh Compare is our brand new price comparison service that saves you the hassle of shopping around. Whether you’re a first time driver or you’re looking for company car insurance, we compare quotes from the UK’s leading providers to find great cover at a great price.

Company car insurance: Your questions answered

Not sure whether you need company car insurance? We’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions so you have all the information you need when you get a quote.

What is Endsleigh Compare?

Endsleigh Compare is a brand-new car insurance price comparison service brought to you by Endsleigh Insurance.

After over 55 years in the insurance business, we’ve switched up our offering. With our new Endsleigh Compare service, you’ll get hand-picked deals from insurance specialists. 

All you’ll need to do is fill in one simple form, then get presented with quotes from over 60 of the UK’s leading insurers in under six minutes.

Whilst you can’t use Endsleigh’s website to insure your car with Endsleigh-branded insurance anymore, our new offering should save you time in your journey to finding the right cover for your road ahead. 

Are you still offering car insurance direct with Endsleigh?

You won’t be able to buy an Endsleigh car insurance policy anymore, but you can now browse from a huge range of different car insurance providers with Endsleigh Compare and pick the best solution for you!

What is company car insurance?

Company car insurance is cover for personal cars that are used for business purposes. This only includes vehicles that are owned or leased by the policyholder – if the car is owned or leased by your employer, then it will be their responsibility to insure the vehicle.

It’s also important to accurately calculate how many miles you’ll drive per year for both business and social use, as this can affect the cost of the car insurance.

How does company car insurance work?

Company car insurance works in essentially the same way as a normal car insurance policy.

 First, you’ll need to get a quote and select what level of cover you need out of the following:

  • Third party cover
  • Third party, fire and theft cover
  • Comprehensive cover

Once you’ve done that you’ll need to let us know how you’ll be using the car on a day to day basis, as outlined above (SDP, SDPC, Business use).

It’s also important to remember that if you select ‘business use,’ you will usually be automatically covered for social, domestic and pleasure under this policy - so you don’t need to take out two separate policies for business and personal use.

What is ‘business use’ on car insurance?

When getting a car insurance quote, you’ll usually be asked what you’re planning on using the car for.

There are three possible answers to this question:

‘Business use’ on a car insurance policy is cover to protect the main driver to use the car in connection with their business. This is not limited to just one place of work - for example, an account manager or salesman may be expected to drive to numerous locations on a daily basis to visit clients. This would be covered under a ‘business use’ car insurance policy.

Do I need to insure my car for ‘business use’?

If you’ll be using your car for business purposes, then it’s important to let your insurer know so you have the right cover. Not doing so could invalidate your policy in the event of a claim.

Remember, ‘business use’ should only be selected if you’re using your car in the course of your business. If you’re only commuting to a single place of work, then you don’t necessarily require business cover on your policy.

Can I insure a leased car?

If you’re leasing your vehicle, you may find that most standard leasing agreements in the UK do not include car insurance as standard. Check your leasing agreement and also check with your insurer to be sure.

What add-ons are available for company car insurance?

No two drivers are the same.  That’s why it’s a good idea to spend some time personalising your car insurance cover to make sure you’re protected for those unexpected situations - such as breakdowns, third party claims or simply losing your keys!

When you use Endsleigh Compare, these options may differ depending on the insurer you choose, but you may be able to personalise your policy with optional extras such as:   

RAC breakdown cover

Save on breakdown cover from the RAC at discounted student prices. Each cover option will fix your car at the roadside if you are over a quarter of a mile away from home, or take you to a nearby garage. There are no call-out or mileage charges.

Never broken down before? Find out more about what to expect if you breakdown.

Legal expenses

If you have an accident that’s not your fault, this cover will provide legal representation for you and all named drivers on your policy to pursue recovery of costs not covered by your car insurance from the other driver. You'll also normally receive help to defend your legal rights if an accident leads to a motoring offence.

Excess protection

Some insurers may offer excess protection. This covers the reimbursement of a car insurance policy excess you have to pay following an accident, although please note that windscreen excesses are usually not included.

What is an excess?

Key cover

This provides cover for replacing locks and keys for your car, home and office, including locksmith charges.

Enhanced personal accident cover

If you're injured in an accident, you may be left unable to work - either while you recover or permanently, dependent on the severity of your injuries. Enhanced personal accident cover will provide a specified lump sum which may provide immediate security in assisting with bills, medical costs and other expenses that may be incurred.

Hire car cover

If your car is written-off or stolen and not recovered, this cover will provide you with a car to use anywhere in the UK, usually for up to 21 days – although check your policy documents to be sure. Normally, all named drivers on your policy aged between 18-79 (with a full UK licence) will be able to use this car and you will be covered for up to two claims per policy.



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