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Types of landlord insurance: which do you need?

While buying rental properties can be a great investment, those who are new to being a landlord don’t always realise that they may need specialist types of landlord insurance to cover their properties. Luckily, there are many insurance options available to landlords to protect their let properties, and their income.


What is landlord liability insurance?

Your Landlord insurance covers damages to your property and your contents if you have chosen to include them, but there will also be cover provided for various liabilities, including property owners and employers’ liability. Read on to find out more about the different types of liability cover.


Tenancies and the different types of property ownership

Renting property is becoming more and more the norm nowadays. However, there is a lot of confusion over what a tenancy actually is and who owns a property under certain circumstances. In this article, we look at the rights that people have and some examples of the different types of ownership of land.


How do I work out my property's rebuild cost?

The rebuild cost is the amount that a property needs to be insured for on your home or landlord buildings insurance policy, and will usually differ quite significantly from the market value of the property. Here are some tips for how to work it out!


What is index linking?

Index linking is essentially how the difference between the ‘rebuild value’ and the ‘sum insured’ is calculated, and its purpose is to prevent a property from becoming under-insured. Find out how index linking could affect your landlord insurance here.


Rental property repairs - who's responsible?

Are you and your tenants clear about who is responsible for rental property repairs? If not, then you may want to get on the same page! Here are some common examples of where tenants and landlords disagree regarding maintenance responsibilities.


What does landlord home emergency cover?

Home emergency is optional cover that can be added to your landlord buildings insurance policy to protect your property against the loss of essential services, and to make your property safe and secure following unexpected damage.


What is landlord legal cover?

In this guide we investigate what is and isn't covered with optional landlord legal expenses insurance, and why you might need it.