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  • You can cancel your cover at any time. However, we will not refund your premium if there has been a claim on your policy.

    If you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund.

    If you cancel your motor insurance policy within the 14 day cooling off period and your policy has not started, you will receive a full refund of premium but we will charge an administration fee.

    If you cancel your motor insurance policy within the 14 day cooling off period and your policy has started, a charge will be made based on the number of days you have had cover. We will also charge an administration fee.

    If you cancel more than 14 days after purchasing your policy, a charge will be made based on the number of days you have had cover. We will also charge a cancellation fee.

    There will be no refund for any additional optional cover you have selected.

    You can find out more about our fees and other charges .

    If you want to cancel your policy, please contact our Customer Service team on 0333 234 1558.


    For any other enquiries, you can speak to an agent on the phone by choosing from the numbers listed on our contact us page  

  • Your No Claims Bonus (also known as No Claims Discount) proof is included on the renewal document that we upload into your online account 21 days before your renewal date. To find this in your online account you can log in here  

    If you have cancelled your policy mid-term then the No Claims Bonus proof will be included in the confirmation of cancellation. 

     Alternatively, call us on 0333 234 1552 and we can arrange for it to be sent to you.  



  • Yes. If you are towing either a trailer or a caravan then you will need a Green Card for both. We will need the make, model and serial number of the trailer or caravan.

  • You will be fully insured to drive whilst pregnant unless otherwise advised by the DVLA. If you are unsure about your fitness to drive you should seek advice from a medical professional. 

  • If you are comprehensively covered, you are entitled to a courtesy car from one of our approved garages for the duration of repairs.  This is usually a small hatchback or similar vehicle and will normally have a manual gearbox.

    Unfortunately, if no repair is taking place, or if you have chosen to use your own repairer, we are unable to provide you with a replacement vehicle.  We will however, endeavour to settle your claim as quickly as possible.


  • No, they are classed as your family members. For your occupation you need only select 'Housewife/Househusband' if you are a full time foster parent.


  • If you're not sure if your operation will affect your driving, you should ask your doctor. After an operation, your doctor will confirm whether you are fit to drive. If you are still unable to drive three months after an operation, You must inform the DVLA.

    You must also advise the DVLA about any other medical condition that affects your driving.


  • If you intend to take your vehicle outside of the United Kingdom (UK) after the UK leaves the EU, you will require a Green Card (international driving certificate). You will not be issued with one automatically, so please contact us at least 14 days before you travel to request one.  Please note we will charge an administration fee of £10.00. To request a Green Card, call us on 0333 234 1556. Once we have issued you with the card, your policy will cover you in the countries stated within your policy documents. Please note we don’t provide cover outside the EU.

  • The deposit is the minimum amount the insurers need to set your policy up and therefore a lower deposit can't be accepted. We are also unable to accept a higher deposit to make the monthly instalments cheaper, however, you can opt to pay off a monthly policy at any time.

    The deposit you pay when setting up your policy is a non-refundable deposit, it is paid directly towards the overall policy premium and acts as your first monthly payment.

    Find out more about car insurance.

  • If you have accumulated 4 years or more No Claims Bonus (also known as No Claims Discount), you can choose to protect it. However, all insurers have eligibility rules which means that not every insurer will offer the protection.  For example, some won't allow Protected No Claims Bonus cover if there have been previous claims on a policy.

    Protecting your No Claims Bonus means that in the event of a claim your No Claims wouldn't be stepped back a number of years and would be retained at the same level at renewal.  Each insurer will have their own terms and conditions which are included in your insurance documents.

    Please Note: No Claims Bonus protection cannot be added as a mid-year adjustment, it must be included when the policy begins (or renews), or within the first 2 weeks of the policy start date (the 'cooling off' period).

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