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Single trip travel insurance

Go explore without a care in the world. As part of Howden and underwritten by DOA Underwriting, we can offer you single trip travel insurance from Howden’s specialist travel team for all your exploration needs.

Ready to get insured for your next trip?

What's covered with Howden’s single trip travel insurance?

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Cancellation or cutting your trip short

If you have to cancel or curtail your trip, you’ll be covered up to the limit that you’re insured for, for your unused and irrecoverable costs.

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Medical emergency and repatriation expenses

Cover for emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation, ambulance and medical repatriation costs.

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Baggage and delays

You’ll be covered if your flight arrived late or your belongings are lost, stolen or damaged, including personal money and expenses to replace important documents, valuables and single article limits will be stated on your schedule.

What is single trip travel insurance?


A single trip insurance policy that will insure you for just one holiday over a set period of time, with cover starting when you take out the policy and ending when you return home.

You can get covered against unexpected costs relating to things like emergency medical expenses, cancellation, travel disruption, lost luggage and more. If you only go away once or twice a year, it will usually be more cost-effective to take out a single trip policy. If you're a frequent traveller, you may want to consider annual multi trip insurance.

FCDO travel advice

Please visit the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website to ensure your destination is not restricted under any FCDO directive which will affect the cover provided under your insurance policy.

Single trip insurance: Frequently asked questions

It’s important to fully understand your travel insurance before you take it out. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding single trip cover.

What else is covered?

Howden’s single trip travel insurance policy will provide cover for one trip. As well as the cover highlighted above, the policy also includes:

  • Cancellation or cutting your trip short.
  • Medical emergency and repatriation expenses.
  • Baggage and delays.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Support if you lose your passport.
  • Automatic inclusion for many minor medical conditions plus an online health screening facility with access to medically trained nurses.
  • Cover for financial failure of your airline, hotel, or travel company.
  • Cover for if your accommodation is uninhabitable.
  • Many sports are automatically included, with the option to include winter sports and high-risk activities.
  • Option to include business travel, working abroad and hire car collision damage waiver.
  • Cover for trips being disrupted by a pandemic.
What’s not covered?

Just like with most insurance policies, there are certain things that aren’t covered with Howden’s’s single trip travel insurance. These include:

  • Alcohol and drugs- most travel insurance policies do not cover events that happen as a result of drinking excessive alcohol or taking recreational drugs and substances.

  • High risk destinations- many insurers will not cover travel to a high-risk destination where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against all but essential travel or all travel.

  • Age restrictions- There may be age related restrictions.

  • Extreme sports- sports bungee jumping, jet skiing, quad biking, winter sports or skydiving are not usually included as standard.

  • War and terrorist acts - most policies offer only limited cover for emergency medical expenses required as a consequence of war or terrorist acts.

  • Unattended baggage - restrictions apply to losses from public vehicles, beaches, public areas and unattended motor vehicles.

Please be aware that some standard travel insurance policies may exclude cover for claims related to a pre-existing medical condition.

Interested in single trip travel insurance?

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