Travel insurance is designed to protect you from those unexpected occurrences that could impact you, either before or during your trip. Travel insurance can cover a range of unforeseen expenses, including insolvency of an airline or accommodation provider, medical expenses, lost luggage, delays or cancellations.

We use a single insurer for travel insurance.

You should choose Endsleigh because we offer:

  • Cancellation cover up to £5,000

  • Medical expenses cover up to £10m*

    Please read more about pre-existing medical conditions below.

  • Baggage cover up to £2,000

  • Scheduled airline failure cover

What does holiday insurance cover?

What holiday insurance covers will vary from policy to policy but, in the majority of cases, holiday insurance should cover you for cancellation or curtailment of your holiday, personal liability whilst you are overseas, lost or stolen goods, most medical expenses and repatriation if medically necessary or following a fatal incident.

Your holiday insurance will cover cancellation or curtailment of your holiday if you are unable to travel because of an unforeseen circumstance, such as a family bereavement, illness or burglary. For this reason it is important to arrange your travel insurance at the same time as you book your holiday to ensure that you are able to take advantage of this cover.

Medical expenses cover is also an important part of any holiday insurance policy, particularly if you are travelling in countries that do not have universal healthcare. Even if you are travelling within the EU with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it is important to have holiday insurance as the EHIC will not necessarily allow you to access free health treatment.

Single trip insurance covers you for one complete trip.  Your trip can be any duration, from 1 day to 365 days long, regardless of how many countries you are visiting.

Ideal for regular travellers, providing cover for an unlimited number of trips per year, up to 42 days per trip.

Provides cancellation cover for your course fees up to £8,000.