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CTA insurance

Approved insurance partner for Community Transport Association members.

With more than thirty years’ experience and over 3,000 not-for-profit and charity customers in the UK, we work with market-leading insurers to provide expert charity and fleet insurance, consultation and advice for your organisation.

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A partnership you can rely on.

Having an insurance partner who understands your needs is essential in finding the right cover, which is why the Community Transport Association has chosen Endsleigh to provide specialist advice and support to its members.

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Expert consultation and advice

Your dedicated client executive will deliver expert consultation and advice on your not-for-profit insurance requirements, ensuring you always have the right cover for your organisation.

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Market leading insurers

We work with market-leading insurers who truly understand the community transport sector, enabling us to create products that benefit your individual not-for-profit organisations.

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Risk management support

Due to our understanding of third sector organisations, we provide additional services for customer members including Health and Safety audits to assess and enhance your safety management systems, Fire Risk Assessments and Physical Security audits.

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Long-standing heritage

We deliver specific advice and bespoke insurance arrangements to a wide range of organisations, including charities, national governing bodies, sports associations and leisure and cultural trusts.

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Breakdown cover

We can provide our very own breakdown cover, a great addition to our ‘one stop’ service for CTA members that provides highly competitive cover across the UK, including Northern Ireland. We work with a breakdown provider that has an in-house control centre who can arrange urgent assistance using their network of local specialists. Cover can extend to wheelchair accessible recovery.

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Laid up cover

If you have to declare your vehicles off-road, we’ll provide cover for CTA members’ vehicles for accidental damage, fire and theft at a reduced rate. We can also provide cover for modified vehicles, such as vehicles that have wheelchair ramps or tail lifts.

Why Endsleigh for CTA insurance?


With over 30 years' experience working with charities of all sizes, we understand that the wide ranging and often complex needs require a particular duty of care to ensure your organisation is adequately protected. That's why our charity insurance team can provide specialist tailored products backed with expert support and advice.

CTA insurance: FAQs

Still not sure about how CTA insurance could benefit you? We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions to help.

What services do Endsleigh offer CTA members?

Motor, minibus and fleet insurance

Whether there’s been a motor accident and you need to get your vehicle back on the road or you require protection against claims from injured third parties, we provide comprehensive cover to ensure you and your community are protected. We can also provide cover for modified vehicles, such as vehicles that have wheelchair ramps or tail lifts.

Community Transport Association members can also access:

  • Laid up insurance

If you have to declare your vehicles off road, we can provide cover for CTA members’ vehicles for fire and theft at a reduced rate.

  • Self-drive hire and reward

We choose insurers who understand the community transport sector, which means we can insure vehicles driven under Section 19 (10B in NI) and Section 22 permits. We cover self-drive hire, whether you or the hirer provides a driver, and also hire and reward. If you loan vehicles to other charities, not-for-profits or voluntary and community groups, just speak to our expert team and we can help with that too

  • Breakdown cover

Highly competitive breakdown cover exclusively for CTA members . Get covered across the UK, including Northern Ireland, with support from a 24/7 in-house control centre who will arrange urgent assistance using their network of local specialists. Cover can be extended to include wheelchair accessible recovery.

Combined liability (office insurance)

  • Public and products liability insurance

Protects your organisation's legal liability to third parties for death, bodily injury or damage to their property by providing coverage for the legal expenses and potential compensation awards associated with such claims. This can often be extended to cover additional risks such as medical malpractice, abuse and hirer’s liability.

  • Employers' liability insurance

If your organisation has employees, employers' liability is a legal requirement. The minimum level of cover required by law is £5 million. Without this policy you may face large fines, reputational damage and uninsured claims. Coverage provides indemnity in respect of your legal liability to pay damages for death, illness, injury or disease to employees arising out of the course of their employment. Coverage may also extend to cover volunteers, people on work experience, non-executive directors and trustees.

  • Professional indemnity insurance

Providing clients with knowledge and advice has its own unique set of risks, which is why making sure you’re fully covered should you find yourself in the position of having your work or advice questioned is incredibly important. We work with insurers who can help you to cover the costs of potential compensation claims, legal costs and expenses required to defend yourself in court, as well as loss of income from days spent in court.

  • Trustee indemnity insurance

Cover for the personal liability of individuals in positions of authority if a claim is made against them for committing a wrongful act - including breach of trust/duty and breach of health and safety. Without this cover, individuals can be held personally liable to the full extent of their wealth or assets. Often these policies can be extended to include claims made against the organisation as well as an individual.

  • Cyber insurance

Cyber and data risk insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance, will be there to assist and protect your organisation if it experiences a data breach, malicious cyber hack and many other types of threats to your data security. Cyber liability cover is designed to support and protect you, providing effective cover against the costs associated with a data breach such as IT forensics, loss of income and third party liability. It will also provide access to specialist legal advice and expertise to help minimise any damage.

Buildings, contents and equipment insurance

We are able to cover your assets such as buildings, contents, fixtures/fittings, tenant improvements, stock and any other equipment which is essential for your organisation to run. Cover can include fire, flood, theft, accidental damage, malicious damage and a number of other perils as well as insurance for portable items used outside the place of business.

Charity support services

Endsleigh has a wealth of experience in helping organisations manage their risk. Whether you're a small community charity or a large commercial organisation, our support service is designed to simplify health, safety and employment legislation.

Visit our charity support website.

What does charity car and motor insurance cover?

I've only got a single vehicle - can you cover me?

Yes, we can provide cover for single vehicles or fleets of minibuses, covering all your vehicles under one roof.

Speak to one of our specialist charity account managers to get a fleet insurance quote.

Who’s allowed to drive with fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance with Endsleigh is offered on an “any driver” basis, which includes volunteers, although there may be limitations based on age and driving experience. You may also need to provide your insurer with details of any licenced drivers that will be using the vehicles.

What types of charity vehicles do you cover?

No two charities are the same, so requirements for single vehicle or fleet insurance may vary depending on what types of vehicles your charity has and what they’re used for.

Our motor, fleet and mini fleet insurance can provide cover regardless of vehicle type - including charity cars, vans, coaches, buses and mini-buses.

What level of cover does your fleet insurance provide?

Depending on your organisation and its activities, Endsleigh’s motor and fleet insurance can provide:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Third party, fire and theft cover
  • Third party only cover
  • Accidental damage, fire and theft cover - this will only be provided if the vehicle is declared SORN with the DVLA and is not being used.

You can find out more about the different types of car insurance here.

Can I get breakdown cover with my motor and fleet insurance?

Yes! Endsleigh can now provide highly competitive breakdown cover for CTA members! Breakdown cover can be arranged directly with Endsleigh for cars, vans and minibuses* to protect vehicles throughout the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

*minibuses up to 17 seats including the driver.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Emergency service open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Hassle free and high quality service with a quick and local response
  • Roadside and wheelchair accessible recovery
  • Recovery includes the driver and all passengers to a single destination
  • Accommodation included
  • Over 5 tonne vehicles covered

Speak to one of our specialist account managers for a fleet insurance quote and to find out more about our charity car breakdown cover!

Find out more about breakdown cover here.

Are we covered to drive service users to their vaccinations?

Yes, all community transport organisations will be covered when providing transport for those who will be getting vaccinations from their local health centres - without you having to take time out of your busy schedule to let us know about your change in activities! 

Am I covered if I declare my vehicles SORN?

Any community transport organisation may need to lay up their vehicles whilst they are not in use and providing their usual day to day services. And during this low activity period, you may not want to pay your full MOT, tax and insurance premiums.

We’ve worked closely with our motor panel to ensure our clients’ vehicles are properly protected if they’ve been declared off-road during COVID-19 with ‘laid up cover’.

If you have to declare your vehicles off-road, we’ll provide cover for CTA members’ vehicles for accidental damage, fire and theft at a reduced rate. We can also provide cover for modified vehicles, such as vehicles that have wheelchair ramps or tail lifts.

Top tip: By updating your policy to laid up cover only, it could help your not-for-profit organisation save money on your insurance premiums.

What is laid up insurance?

If you’re no longer using your vehicle on a regular basis, then it is a legal requirement to either continue to renew your motor vehicle tax, insurance and annual MOT (if applicable) while it’s not in use, or declare it off-road with a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN) via the DVLA.

It is not a legal requirement to have insurance in place for vehicles that have been declared SORN as there’s no third party risk, however there are still risks involved with storing your vehicle that you may not want to be financially liable for.

Laid up insurance (also known as “SORN insurance”) is simply cover provided to protect any vehicle that is being stored off the road against risks such as accidental damage, fire or theft.

How does laid up cover work?

If you’re an existing CTA member with a policy with Endsleigh, get in touch with your dedicated account manager today to discuss your requirements.

Will I need to take out a new policy?

No, you will not need to take out a new policy – you can simply update your policy either at the beginning of your insurance contract (e.g. renewal) or mid-term.

Please ensure that any vehicles you’re planning to insure are being declared SORN with the DVLA.

It is also important to keep up to date with the most recent news from the government regarding MOT renewals.

What information do I need to get a quote for laid up insurance?

  • Let us know which of your vehicles require laid up cover (ensuring any vehicles you’re covering are being declared SORN with the DVLA)
  • Tell us the full address of where the vehicles are going to be kept
  • Provide details of the security measurements in place where the vehicles are stored – for example, are they in a secure location with CCTV cameras in place?

How quickly can I put my vehicles back on the road if they have been declared SORN?

You can put your vehicles back on the road with immediate effect.

In most cases, comprehensive cover would have been agreed at the start of the policy. Therefore all you have to do is email us to let us know that your vehicles need to go back to being protected on a comprehensive basis and we will arrange this for you with immediate effect. We will then issue policy documents, similarly to when you first took out the policy. This process also applies to fleet policies as the majority of these will be on a quarterly declaration basis.

Matt Gale
Buzzer Buses (Dial-A-Ride) Ltd

As a Community Transport Operation we offer Dial-A-Ride as one of many services and our insurance needs can sometimes be a little complex. Ben Harris from Endsleigh gave me all of the time I needed to explain our operation and discuss different options available as well as some time  to talk about current events and for me to get to know him on a more personal level. I would recommend this company if you want a friendly and professional company to assist with all of your insurance needs.

Peter Haley
Chief Executive Officer
People to Places

As a small community transport organisation, insurance is one of our biggest costs over the year.  So it’s vital that we are happy with our insurance arrangements that’s value for money  and with an organisation that appreciates who we are and what we do.  Endsleigh are great, their staff are very engaged with us, they’re knowledgeable and responsive. I’m very happy to have our minibus Fleet insurance and all the other insurances we require as a small charity handled by their specialist team.

Community Transport Association

Anneessa Mahmood
Director of Member Services

We chose to work with Endsleigh because their biggest priority is the relationship with each client. Endsleigh are more than insurance brokers - they advocate for our sector by making the insurance market work for Community Transport of all shapes and sizes. They've secured more competitive deals with a wider range of insurance providers, developed a new comprehensive breakdown support offer that won't leave you stuck in the middle of a run.

Jo Williams
Membership manager

We’ve been working with Endsleigh since 2011 and remain impressed with their knowledge of the sector and their ability to tailor support to fit the diverse needs of our members. Like us, they recognise the importance of excellent customer service and value of finding solutions together.

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