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Student gadget insurance

Phones. Laptops. Tablets. Keep your tech protected with Protect Your Bubble. Enjoy 15% discount when you insure up to two gadgets, and 20% off if you insure a phone purchased in the last 30 days. T&Cs apply.

Why student gadget insurance with Endsleigh’s partners?

Here are a few of the key features of Protect Your Bubble's student gadget insurance (excesses, exclusions and limitations apply).

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Buy online in under three minutes

Time is precious. You can use your mobile, tablet or computer to buy Protect Your Bubble’s student gadget insurance online in less than three minutes!

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Lots of cover options from £2.99* per month

*Based on a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Wi-Fi under six months old. Multiple gadgets to insure? Cover any three items for £15.99 per month.

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Voted Best Insurance Provider

At the ‘What Mobile’ awards, six years running!

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Unlimited repairs using genuine parts

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Instant, worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown

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No annual contract – Cover rolls over

What is student gadget insurance?


Student gadget insurance is cover that protects your gadgets while you’re living away at university.  It will usually protect against a range of risks, both inside and outside of your accommodation. 

When you head to university, you’ll use your gadgets for studying, socialising, and of course making the agreed number of calls to mum and dad! Take the worry out of your week with Protect Your Bubble cover against theft, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown. 

Staying in student accommodation?

Over half a million students are protected by Endsleigh through their accommodation provider. Are you one of them? To make sure you don’t take out cover you don’t need, check and confirm your cover today via the My Endsleigh app. 

Need help with student gadget insurance?

If you’re heading to uni for the first time - or it’s just your first time taking out insurance - you may have some questions about gadget insurance and what it covers. Read our frequently asked questions below for more information about what’s covered. 

What counts as a gadget for insurance?

When you’re at uni, gadgets will be a huge part of your life. From streaming your favourite shows on your iPad, to tracking your workout with your smart watch; what would you do without them? No, seriously, what would you do if something happened them? 

Insuring your gadgets is one of the smartest things you can do, especially when you’re a student. But which gadgets are covered? 

For the purposes of insurance, a gadget is usually defined as an electronic item which is (or can be) battery powered and is designed to be portable. As part of our partnership with Protect Your Bubble, you can get worldwide cover for all gadgets. These include: 


Mobile phones (including smart phones) 


Desktop PCs 


Portable games consoles 

And more! 

With this cover, you’ll be insured for theft, mechanical breakdown (after your manufacturer’s warranty runs out) and even accidental damage (for example, if you drop your laptop down the stairs). 

Your first gadget needs to be under six months old, your second gadget needs to be under 12 months old and third (or more) items need to be under 36 months old when you purchase the policy. If you’d like to add gadgets onto your policy after the initial purchase, they’ll need to be under 12 months old. 

Gadgets must be in good condition and full working order when you purchase the insurance. If there is evidence that the damage occurred before the date your insurance goes into effect, this will result in your claim being refused. 

Do I need student gadget insurance?

Insuring your gadgets is usually the sensible thing to do as it makes sure they’re protected if anything disastrous happens (for example, if your laptop gets stolen or you drop and smash your iPhone).  

If you’re at uni, chances are, you’ll be out socialising more than ever – and so you should be! Whilst you’re having a great time, your gadgets are probably more at risk of being damaged than ever before. On a student budget, could you afford to replace your phone/laptop/camera if something happened to them? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time to seriously consider student gadget insurance. 

Are my gadgets still covered under my parent’s home insurance policy?

Once you move to university, you may find that your gadgets and belongings are no longer covered under your parents’ or guardians’ home insurance policy – and even if they are, it may not provide the comprehensive level of cover that you need to protect your gadgets in your new lifestyle. For example, you may want to check that your gadgets will be covered whilst you’re on nights out or at lectures, rather than just in uni accommodation.  

Find out more about the cover provided by your parents' home insurance. 

Will my gadgets be covered by my accommodation provider?

Finding the best student gadget insurance for you can be quite the task. So, why not check whether you’re already covered without knowing? Some accommodation providers arrange contents insurance on behalf of their students whilst they’re staying with them, how great is that? You can check whether you have any student cover in place here. 

However, sometimes these policies will only cover your gadgets in certain circumstances (for example, only whilst the gadgets are within your accommodation). For this reason, you may still want to check the limits of the policy and decide whether you need any additional cover in place. This will make sure that you protect your gadgets against risks such as theft, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown even whilst you’re out and about at uni. 

How to protect your gadgets

Being at uni should be about more than worrying how you’ll replace your laptop if it gets stolen or damaged. It’s about meeting new friends, having fun, new experiences and working towards your long-term career goals.               

You worked hard for everything you have and you’ve put a lot of time, effort and ambition into getting where you are. Don’t let an accident with your gadget stop you from getting the most out of your uni experience. 

Here are some ways you can protect your gadgets and keep them safe. 

1. Use a gadget case 

If you can purchase a case for your gadget, do it! The likes of phones, cameras and laptops are much less likely to get damaged if they’re protected with a case. 

2. Protect glass screens 

Using a screen protector can save you a lot of money replacing screens, especially if you’re prone to dropping your phone/tablet. 

3. Be careful when traveling 

If you’re at uni, chances are, you’re traveling to and from home to visit family/friends. Pack carefully, cushioning your gadgets as well as you can. 

4. Avoid using your back pocket 

As convenient as it may be to pop your phone/iPod in your back pocket, try and avoid doing this to stop unnecessary cracked screens and uninvited toilet disasters! 

5. Insure your gadget 

Insuring your gadget can mean that when accidents do occur, you don’t have to spend your time stressing how to replace them.  

To read more about how to protect your gadget, click here. 

What is my student gadget insurance excess?

For each claim, you'll pay the first £50 except for a loss claim where you'll need to pay the first £75 of the claim.  

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