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What does musical instrument insurance cover?

Does the idea of damaging your instrument make you weak in the knees? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it with musical instrument cover that includes:

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Cover from 65p per month!*

That’s probably less than a hot drink at your favourite coffee house! *For a £300 clarinet, based on a student living on campus.

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Hiring a replacement instrument

If you need to squeeze in some practice, we'll provide up to £150 to hire a replacement while yours is being repaired or replaced.

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Theft, loss or physical damage

There’s no need to be nervous when taking your instrument out and about – get covered for unexpected theft, loss or physical damage anywhere within the UK.

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Instrument accessories

Cover for your instruments’ accessories if they're lost at the same time as your instrument, such as reeds, picks, plectrums, bows, tuners, stands, pedals, cables and carrying cases.

Studying at uni? Protect your stuff for as little as £8 per month!

With an Everywhere Student Pack you can pack up your cover in one easy policy up to £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500 to protect your student items everywhere, both on and off campus!

What's covered?

  • Items with a replacement cost up to £500 with a £1,000 pack, £750 with a £1,500 pack or £1,250 with a £2,500 pack
  • 24 hour replacement once your claim is approved (if item is stolen or unrepairable).
  • Theft
  • Accidental and malicious damage, including cracked screens
  • Flood and fire
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Protection anywhere in the UK, up to 90 days worldwide
  • No excess applies to claims for theft, assault and mugging, malicious damage, or arson

What's not covered?

  • Your excess
  • Mechanical breakdown before the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Gadgets and mobile phones more than 3 years old at the start of the policy
  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect operation
  • Money
  • Musical instruments and bicycles
  • Accidental loss (unless added as an optional extra)
  • Any gadget or mobile where you cannot provide proof of purchase

FAQs: Musical instrument insurance

Practice makes perfect - but it’s hard to practice your instrument when it’s lost, stolen or damaged. Find out more about musical instrument insurance, and whether you need additional cover away from the home.

What is musical instrument insurance?

It’s no secret that musical instruments can be expensive, depending on the type of instrument you play.

The Messiah Stradivarius violin, for example (probably the most expensive violin in the world), would cost around $20 million to replace. While most people probably aren’t lucky enough to play a Strad, even the lower-end instruments can still be expensive to replace, depending on their rarity.

Musical instrument insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairing or replacing your instrument should it get lost, stolen or damaged, ensuring you’re not left out of pocket in the event of a claim.

Do I need musical instrument insurance?

If you have a musical instrument that you couldn’t afford to replace, then it’s worth considering whether you need musical instrument insurance to protect your investment.

Equally, if you need your instrument for your university course, then it could prove very inconvenient should you damage it just before a performance. With Endsleigh, you’ll receive up to £150 to hire a replacement instrument while yours is getting repaired or replaced.

Are musical instruments covered by homeowners insurance?

Some homeowners (or home insurance) policies will provide cover for musical instruments whilst they’re in the home, as well as away from the home for limited amounts of time. Check your insurance documents or speak to your provider to find out what’s covered under your home insurance policy.

If you do have cover in place under your policy, consider what excesses are applied to your home insurance in the event of a claim.

For example, if your instrument only costs £300 to replace and the excess on your home insurance is £250, then it may not be worth making a claim once you factor in the potential rise in premium at renewal.

If you’re heading to university, your musical instruments may also be covered under your parents’ home insurance.

What musical instruments are covered?

We can provide cover for:

  • Woodwind instruments, such as flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons and saxophones
  • Drums and percussion
  • Guitars (electric, acoustic and semi-acoustic)
  • Keyboards
  • Brass instruments, such as trombones, trumpets, cornets and horns
  • Violins, cellos, double basses, violas, harps and more
  • PA systems
Are amps and electrical equipment covered?

Yes, we are able to provide cover for musical equipment - such as amps and special effects equipment - under our musical instrument insurance policy. We also provide cover for PA (public address) systems.

Am I covered if I accidentally drop or damage my instrument?

Even if you were to carry your instrument around with oven-mitts, you can’t always protect them from drops, cracks and scratches. Musical instrument cover with Endsleigh will protect your instrument from unexpected loss and physical damage anywhere in the UK.

How much does it cost to insure instruments?

The cost of your musical instrument insurance will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your personal details, such as your home address or occupation
  • The type of musical instrument you want to insure
  • The make and model of your musical instrument (if applicable)
  • The value of your instrument (we can cover instruments worth anywhere between £0 and £3,000)
How can I get discount on my musical instrument insurance?

 If you’re a student with a TOTUM card, don’t forget that Endsleigh offers up to 10% discount on your musical instrument insurance!

Find out more about our TOTUM discounts here.

What is the ‘replacement cost’ for my belongings with an Everywhere Student Pack?

The ‘replacement cost’ is how much it would cost to replace your belongings should you need to make a claim.

With an Everywhere Student Pack, your gadgets and belongings will only be covered if the replacement cost is less than the limit shown on your policy documents, as follows:

  • £1,000 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £500
  • £1,500 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £750
  • £2,500 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £1,250

Here’s an example to show you how it works:

You have a mobile phone worth £450, a laptop worth £300 and a tablet worth £150 – because all of these items are each worth less than £500, they can be covered with a £1,000 Everywhere Student Pack. With this £1,000 Pack, you will be provided with up to £1,000 cover throughout the year for your items, as long as the total cost of your claims isn’t more than £1,000. 

What happens when I make a claim?

Say you bought a new laptop that cost £300, and purchased an Everywhere Student Pack that provides £1,000 cover for items with a replacement value of up to £500.

A few months later, you (sadly) drop and damage your laptop. Because the replacement cost on your policy is £500 and your laptop only costs £300 to replace, this will be covered under your Everywhere Student Pack policy. Had your laptop cost more than £500, it wouldn't be covered and you would be unable to make a claim.

Remember: It's always worth checking that your items don't cost more than the replacement cost when taking out our Everywhere Student Packs. If any of your items do cost more than the highest replacement cost (£1,250), you can choose to build your own cover.

What about Endsleigh’s laptop/tablet theft policy?

Our laptop/tablet theft policy provides cover for devices with a replacement cost up to £1,250.

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How easy is it to make a claim?

Making a claim with Endsleigh is simple. Just follow this 3 step process: 1. Head to our claims centre and fill in a claims form. 2. Our team will call you to confirm your claim. 3. We’ll approve your claim as soon as possible.