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Student car insurance

All your student car insurance quotes in one place with the UK’s student insurance specialist. Compare over 60 quotes in just six minutes. Save yourself some money.

Why should I use Endsleigh Compare?

With Endsleigh Compare, you’ll get hand-picked deals from insurance specialists. We’re here to help you during your student days and throughout your life on the road. Here are some options you can expect, depending on what cover you choose.

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One simple form - More choice

Quotes from over 60 of the UK’s leading providers such as AXA, Admiral and Hastings.

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Quick and easy

We’ll get your quote in less than 6 minutes.

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Tailored to you

We’ll use our years of experience to find you the best deal to suit your needs.

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Breakdown cover

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Courtesy car

Looking for something temporary or low mileage?


Whether you're looking for temporary student car insurance over the holidays or regular pay by mile insurance to borrow your parent's car throughout the year, we'll help you find the solution.

Student car insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time taking out car insurance, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right cover at the best price. That’s why we’ve taken the time to answer your frequently asked questions about student car insurance – including how to access student discounts!

What is Endsleigh Compare?

Endsleigh Compare is a new way of exploring your student car insurance options to save you time, money and stress. We know insurance can be confusing, especially as a student. That’s why we’ve transformed our car insurance offer so that we can use our specialist knowledge to find you the best deal.

After over 55 years in the insurance business, we’ve switched up our offering. With our new Endsleigh Compare service, you’ll get hand-picked deals from insurance specialists. 

All you’ll need to do is fill in one simple form, then get presented with quotes from over 60 of the UK’s leading insurers in under six minutes.

Whilst you can’t use Endsleigh’s website to insure your car with Endsleigh-branded insurance anymore, our new offering should save you time in your journey to finding the right cover for your road ahead. 

Are you still offering car insurance direct with Endsleigh?

Yes we are. Although you won’t be able to buy an Endsleigh car insurance policy directly from our website, there are still several ways to purchase one.

You’ll find Endsleigh car insurance on comparison sites and also if you call us directly for an Endsleigh car insurance quote.

If you visit our website for car insurance, you'll be using the Endsleigh Compare service - where over 60 of the UK's leading insurers will provide a quote for you to choose from.

What is student car insurance?

Student car insurance is cover that is designed especially for students. Whilst this may include adaptions to normal car insurance policies to suit students’ lifestyles, it also means being budget-friendly and giving incentives for students to drive safely.

It’s a legal requirement to have a minimum of third party car insurance in place before you drive in the UK, and this also applies to students who take their cars to university.

Why car insurance is more expensive for students

The main reason car insurance tends to be more expensive for students is because insurers have to think about each driver’s skill and experience behind the wheel. Stats also show that young drivers tend to have more accidents. Add these two facts together and they normally result in higher student car insurance prices – as unfair as that may seem.

We know that getting student car insurance on a budget is important to you. We also know how disheartening it can be to see how high the cost of car insurance for students is.

We don’t believe that you should pay over-the-odds to insure your car if you’re a careful driver. That’s why we’ve dedicated our service to provide you with different insurance options and levels of cover which can help you both prove you’re a safe driver and secure student-friendly car insurance.

Do I need student car insurance?

If you drive a car, you need car insurance regardless of whether you’re a student or not. Student car insurance simply attempts to make things safer and more affordable those who are studying at university.

If you already have car insurance in place before you go to university, then you may be able to update your existing policy to reflect your change in occupation and term-time address. However, you may incur an administration fee to change these details on your existing policy.

If you don’t already have cover in place, student car insurance could be the more cost-effective solution as you may be able to access exclusive student discounts on your premium and any optional extras (such as breakdown cover).

Before taking out student car insurance, you should also consider how long you’ll need to be covered – if you only require cover for a couple of weeks during holidays, you may find temporary student driver insurance more suitable.

Tips for getting cheaper car insurance for students

As a student, we know you’ll want to get the most for your money. It’s no secret that car insurance can be costly for young drivers, and it can take a few years for your No Claims Bonus to make a difference to your premium. We’ve put together a few tips to help you lower your student car insurance cost and help you get a quote that fits in with your budget.

1. Get a practical car

When choosing your car, try and pick one which is in a lower insurance group. For example, smaller cars with smaller engine sizes will be cheaper to insure.

2. Choose black box car insurance

Black box insurance is a great way to prove you’re a safe driver and reap the rewards in discounts and special offers. This type of insurance is especially suited to young/student drivers and helps build trust between you and your insurer.

3. Add an experienced driver to your policy

Adding a responsible named driver (such as a parent) to your policy can reduce your insurance cost. It tells insurers that you won’t be the only driver of the vehicle.

4. Pay for your insurance yearly

Insurers usually offer discounts if you pay for your insurance upfront. This may not be doable on a student budget, but may be something to think about.

5. Choose temporary student driver insurance 

If you’re living at university and only using your car when you go home for holidays/reading weeks, you may save money by insuring your car on a short-term basis.

6. Increase your voluntary excess

Opting to increase your policy’s excess fee can help insurers offer you a cheaper quote. This is because it suggests that you won’t make small claims. However, make sure it’s still an amount you could afford to pay if you had an accident.

7. Improve your car’s security

Making an effort to install extra security (such as a tracker or immobiliser) can secure you a discount, as well as securing your car.

8. Carefully choose the right level of cover

Third party only cover isn’t always the least expensive. It could also cost you a lot of money if you have an accident and need to repair your car. Do your research and make sure you’re covered for what you need.

9. Build your experience

Taking part in advanced driving courses should not only improve your student car insurance cost, but your driving skills too!

10. Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a 6 hour long driving course you can take once you’ve passed your driving test, and it helps new drivers build their confidence and improve their skills on the roads. Some insurers will offer a small discount on your premium for taking Pass Plus. Remember, you require a Pass Plus registered driving instructor to teach you for the qualification to be valid.

11. Add a named driver

Under some circumstances it may be easier to get added as a named driver to a friend or parents’ policy, rather than taking out your own student car insurance. However, it can also be expensive to get added as a named driver to your parents’ policy, and they may even be concerned about losing their No Claims Bonus should you have an accident in their car, so investigate all avenues before deciding what cover to choose.



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