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Multi-property landlord insurance

Despite the multiple, complex and changing risks associated with owning multiple properties, we'll help you find a simple insurance solution shaped around your needs.

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What does multi-property landlord insurance cover?

Our expert UK-based property team will ensure all your properties are covered under one policy, cutting down on your paperwork with just one renewal date for all of your properties each year. Our multi-property landlord insurance can provide:

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Buildings and contents insurance

Cover for buildings as well as £5,000 contents cover per property, subject to a policy excess specified within the policy documents.

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Accidental and malicious damage

Cover for a wide range of tenants, including students, housing association tenants, HMOs and local authority lets against accidental and malicious damage.

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Pet damage

Our Lets with Pets landlord insurance provides cover for damage caused by your tenants’ pets. Just ask for pet damage to be included when you speak to our team.

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Up to 120 days unoccupancy

Cover for up to 120 consecutive days during which the property is unoccupied. Additional conditions apply after 30 days

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Property owner's liability

Up to £10 million property owner's liability/public liability, subject to a policy excess specified within the policy documents

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Loss of rent

Loss of rent and alternative accommodation (following an insured event)

What is multi-property landlord insurance?


Multi property landlord insurance allows you to cover all of your properties under one policy.

It’s essentially the same as standard landlord insurance, but instead of one property per policy, your policy consists of all properties that you own.

With landlord insurance for multiple properties, you can add or remove properties throughout the year, and save time (and maybe even money) by keeping all your insurance paperwork together. Making life as a multi-property landlord that little bit simpler.

Landlord insurance for multiple properties: FAQs

Not sure whether you need multi-property landlord insurance for your let properties? Here we’ve answered some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about multi-landlord insurance.

Who needs multiple property landlord insurance?


Multi-property landlord insurance is a solution for landlords who need to cover multiple properties with one insurance policy.

It can be beneficial for multi-property landlords who expect to see change in the future - to their properties, to legislation or to tenants. And also landlords who rent out multiple property types, for example residential, commercial, unoccupied properties or blocks of flats.

What’s covered with multi-property insurance with Endsleigh?


Our multi landlord insurance is very versatile and can include a variety of property types, including residential and commercial lets, as well as blocks of flats.

Our multi-property insurance can provide cover for:

  • Any contents in the property that you own, up to £5,000 per property
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Property owners’ liability up to £10 million
  • Up to 120 days unoccupancy if you decide to sell or renovate the property or have a gap between tenants
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation cover
  • Our NIG policies include cover for pet damage to your buildings and contents as standard
  • Some of our insurers also provide a discount for adding multiple properties to your policy

What are the benefits of multi-property insurance?


The main benefit of landlord insurance for multiple properties is having everything under one roof. This means that you have one renewal date for all your properties – saving a lot of time and hassle when renewing and making changes to your multi-property policy.

It could also be more cost effective to cover all your properties under the same policy, as you may be able to access discounts on your premium the more properties you let.

Can I make changes to my policy throughout the year?


One of the main benefits of taking out landlord insurance for multi-properties is that your policy can be easily updated throughout the year to reflect your changing circumstances. All you have to do is speak to one of our expert let property consultants to easily add or remove properties from your policy - only paying for the time that the properties are on cover (pro-rata).

Will I be covered if I let to tenants with pets?

The government has recently updated their model tenancy agreement with the primary aim being to support people with pets become eligible to rent. While use of the model tenancy agreement is entirely voluntary, if you’re not currently allowing lets with pets it could be a good time to re-think your stance.

The tenants with pets market is vast. Any landlord looking to rent their house quickly could increase their reach dramatically by advertising their properties as pet-friendly. Equally, the model tenancy agreement already includes rules to protect properties from poorly-behaved pets - so you could find that the financial reward of filling properties quickly far outweighs the losses caused by a boisterous pet.

If you do decide to let to tenants with pets, landlord insurance with Endsleigh gives you peace of mind that you’re covered against pet damage at no extra charge. Speak to our specialist property team for a quote and ask to include pet damage cover.

Do I need to insure my residential and commercial properties separately?


Our landlord multiple property insurance offers cover for both commercial and residential properties, as well as properties that are both commercial and residential (such as a shop with a flat above it). This means that you can keep all of your properties covered under one roof without too much paperwork!

How do I arrange landlord insurance for multiple properties?


Arranging landlord's insurance for multiple properties is easy with Endsleigh. Simply contact our expert landlord insurance team on 0333 234 0039 or arrange for us to call you by filling out this form.

Once you’ve given us the details of your properties – things like the construction type of your properties, what types of tenants are living there and whether they have pets – we’ll approach a panel of specialist insurers to find out best price for you. Once you’ve got your quote, simply tell us when you want to go ahead and we’ll get your policy set up quickly and easily.

Can I split out my residential and commercial properties if I need to?


Yes you can, although you would need to arrange two separate policies, which could still renew on the same day. If you have any specialist or non-standard properties you need to insure (such as properties that will be unoccupied long-term or are being let as holiday homes), these may need to be covered separately as well.

Speak to one of our expert consultants to find out how to protect your properties with multiple property landlord insurance with Endsleigh.

Can I add extra covers to my multiple property landlord insurance?


Yes, there are a number of additional covers available for landlords with multiple properties, including:

Employers’ liability insurance

Are you renting out a commercial property? Get protection against financial losses that may occur if an employee experiences an injury or illness in the workplace, including defence or settlement claims.

What is landlord employers’ liability insurance?

Extended legal expenses cover

Including cover for tenant disputes, e.g. the legal costs and expenses that may arise if you are required to defend yourself in court

What is landlord legal expenses cover?

Terrorism cover

We can also provide terrorism cover which provides protection for damaged or destroyed property as a result of an act of terrorism. This includes cover for buildings, equipment, furnishings and inventory.

Why Endsleigh for multi-property landlord insurance?


With over 25 years' experience in the landlord market, we understand the needs of landlords and how they can vary. Our specialist UK-based property team will work with you to shape the right solution for your properties.

Got five or more properties? We can provide flexible multi-landlord insurance that will protect against a range of circumstances (such as accidental and malicious damage, as well as pet damage when you take out cover with NIG).

Your guide to landlord insurance
How do I make sure I’m not underinsured?

A building valuation will provide an accurate reinstatement cost for your property giving you the information you need to request the right amount of cover from your broker.

BCH is a RICS-regulated company that provides building insurance rebuilding cost valuations via desk-based e-valuations or site-based reinstatement cost assessments (RCA).

Find out more about building insurance valuation services today.

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