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What does mobile phone insurance cover?

A smartphone can be a big investment – especially if you’ve gone for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But with so much on the line, it’s important to make sure you have the right cover in place. Our mobile phone insurance will cover:

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Cover from £6.57 per month*

That’s probably less than a hot drink at your favourite coffee spot! *For a £500 iPhone, based on a student living on campus.

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24 hour phone replacement

If your mobile phone is stolen or unrepairable, we’ll replace it in 24 hours once your claim is approved.

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Theft, accidental and malicious damage

We'll protect any phone and its accessories up to 3 years old against theft, accidental and malicious damage, anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide.

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Mechanical breakdown

It doesn't always take a cracked screen to put your phone out of commission - we'll protect your phone against mechanical breakdown (outside the manufacturer's warranty).

Studying at uni? Protect your stuff for as little as £8 per month!

With an Everywhere Student Pack you can pack up your cover in one easy policy up to £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500 to protect your student items everywhere, both on and off campus!

What's covered?

  • Items with a replacement cost up to £500 with a £1,000 pack, £750 with a £1,500 pack or £1,250 with a £2,500 pack.
  • 24 hour replacement once your claim is approved (if item is stolen or unrepairable).
  • Theft
  • Accidental and malicious damage, including cracked screens
  • Flood and fire
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Protection anywhere in the UK, up to 90 days worldwide.
  • No excess applies to claims for theft, assault and mugging, malicious damage, or arson

What's not covered?

  • Your excess
  • Mechanical breakdown before the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Gadgets and mobile phones more than 3 years old at the start of the policy
  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect operation
  • Money
  • Musical instruments and bicycles
  • Accidental loss (unless added as an optional extra)
  • Any gadget or mobile where you cannot provide proof of purchase

Mobile phone insurance: Your questions answered

A smartphone can be a big investment – especially if you’ve gone for the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But with so much on the line, it can make finding the right mobile phone insurance a daunting task, especially with so many options to choose from.

Here we’ve answered some of our customers’ frequently asked questions about mobile phone insurance, including what it is and why it could be worth the cost to protect your trusty companion.

What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phones are a huge part of our lives. They keep us organised, entertained and connected with our friends and loved ones on a daily basis. To suddenly have to replace your phone due to a drop or spill can be a hassle (not to mention, expensive) to sort out. Mobile phone insurance will protect your smartphone from risks such as theft, drops, spills and scratches, either at home or while you're out and about.

What does mobile phone insurance cover?

Endsleigh’s mobile phone insurance covers:

  • Theft 

    Did you know that someone is burgled every 108 seconds in the UK? Protecting your phone with mobile phone insurance means that we’ll replace it if it gets stolen.

  • Accidental and liquid damage

    If you have a tendency to be a little clumsy and don’t know what you’d do without your phone, there’s no need to worry. We’ll cover you for accidents and liquid damage.

  • Cover for cracked screens

    It only takes a small knock to crack a phone screen, but it can be expensive business getting it repaired. That’s why we include cover for cracked screens as standard.

  • 24 hour mobile phone replacement

    Stay connected when it matters most. We provide 24 hour mobile phone replacement once your claim is approved (if item is lost*, stolen or unrepairable).

  • Mechanical breakdown

    We get how irritating it can be when your mobile breaks down, seemingly for no reason – our mobile phone insurance will cover mechanical breakdown of your phone outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Worldwide mobile phone cover

    Protection for your phone anywhere in the UK, and up to 90 days worldwide when you go Premium.

It’s fast and simple to get a quote to insure your phone with Endsleigh, just click here.

*If loss cover is selected

Do I need mobile phone insurance?

It’s as simple as this - if you’d be lost without your phone, then you may want to take steps to protect it.

If you’re a social person, for example, a university student, you’ll probably be travelling to and from lectures, out to parties and visiting friends. As you’ll be taking your phone to lots of places, this means you’re at higher risk of losing/damaging it. Additionally, students are unfortunately common targets for thieves. Insuring your mobile phone means that if something does happen to it, you won’t be without a device for long.

To get a quick quote for insuring your phone, click here.

What’s not covered with mobile phone insurance?

Here’s a summary of some of the things that won’t be covered under your mobile phone cover with Endsleigh - but please check your policy wording for a full list of exclusions.

  • Cover is not available for gadgets and mobile phones more than 3 years old at the start of the policy.
  • Wear and tear or costs for maintenance
  • Cosmetic damage which does not affect operation
  • Any gadget or mobile phone used for business, trade or professional purposes
  • The first £75 for any accidental loss claim (if selected) and the first £50 for all other claims
  • Accidental loss (unless selected)
How much is mobile phone insurance?

Our cover starts from just £6.57 per month*. That’s 21p per day!** .

The cost of your mobile phone insurance will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • The make and model of your phone
  • The value of your phone
  • Your occupation (are you a student, graduate etc.)
  • Your postcode (where the phone will be insured)
  • The level of cover you choose

Getting a phone insurance quote is quick and simple with Endsleigh – we’ll give you a price in under two minutes.

*For a £500 iPhone, based on a student living on campus. 

** Calculation based on £6.57 per month over an average of 30.42 days 

How to reduce the cost of your mobile phone insurance

Don’t pay more than you need to. We’re really passionate about helping you get the most out of your money. Check out these tips for getting cheaper mobile phone insurance.

1. Check for existing cover

You may already be covered under your home insurance or uni accommodation. Students can check to see if they’re covered under an Endsleigh policy here.

2. Check your level of cover

You may be already covered under an existing policy, but that policy may only cover you in certain circumstances. Be sure to tailor your policy to your needs to make sure you aren’t caught short if you need to claim.

3. Be sensible about your excess

You may initially pay less if you choose a higher excess amount, but make sure you can afford that fee and you’re happy to pay it if you need to make a claim.

4. Take care

Needless to say, accidents and claims could raise your premium. Take extra care with your phone to avoid anything that may cause damage.

Get your very own mobile phone insurance quote today

Is mobile phone insurance worth it?

When deciding whether or not to insure your mobile phone, you should treat it the same as insuring any of your other belongings - if you can't afford to lose it, then it's probably a good idea to insure it.

Here are a few other reasons mobile phone insurance could be worthwhile:

1 / You have a limited budget

If the cost of replacing your expensive handset makes your eyes water, getting mobile phone cover may help give you the peace of mind that no unexpected costs will arise because of a missing mobile phone.

2 / You have a history of losing or dropping your phone

We all know that accidents can happen, but some can be more costly than others. Buying mobile phone insurance could mean that you save money on buying replacement phones, and reduce the risk of being without a phone for a prolonged period of time.

3 / You rely on your smartphone

For many of us, a smartphone is an integral part of your life. Whether it's storing personal data, recording lectures or organising your schedule, you won't want to wait until you can get hold of a replacement.

What is the ‘replacement cost’ for my belongings with an Everywhere Student Pack?

The ‘replacement cost’ is how much it would cost to replace your belongings should you need to make a claim.

With an Everywhere Student Pack, your gadgets and belongings will only be covered if the replacement cost is less than the limit shown on your policy documents, as follows:

  • £1,000 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £500
  • £1,500 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £750
  • £2,500 pack = Cover for items that cost less than than £1,250

Here’s an example to show you how it works:

You have a mobile phone worth £450, a laptop worth £300 and a tablet worth £150 – because all of these items are each worth less than £500, they can be covered with a £1,000 Everywhere Student Pack. With this £1,000 Pack, you will be provided with up to £1,000 cover throughout the year for all your items, as long as the total cost of your claims isn’t more than £1,000. 

What happens when I make a claim?

Say you bought a new laptop that cost £300, and purchased an Everywhere Student Pack policy that provides £1,000 of cover for items with a replacement value of up to £500.

A few months later, you (sadly) drop and damage your laptop. Because the replacement cost on your policy is £500 and your laptop only costs £300 to replace, this will be covered under your Everywhere Student Pack policy. Had your laptop cost more than £500, it wouldn't be covered and you would be unable to make a claim.

Remember: It's always worth checking that your items don't cost more than the replacement cost when taking out our Everywhere Student Packs. If any of your items do cost more than the highest replacement cost (£1,250), you can choose to build your own cover.

What about Endsleigh’s laptop/tablet theft policy?

Our laptop/tablet theft policy provides cover for devices with a replacement cost up to £1,250.

How fast will I get a replacement phone?

One of the best things about our mobile phone insurance policy is that we always try our best to replace your phone within 24 hours of your claim being approved (if item is lost*, stolen or unrepairable). 

Also, if your phone can’t be repaired, is stolen or lost, we’ll replace it with a new device (with the latest equivalent model) under the ‘new for old’ part of the policy. How does that sound?

Get your mobile phone insured today and be covered for 24 hour replacement.

*If loss cover is selected

How do I make a claim for my phone?

If you need to make a claim on your mobile phone insurance policy, please visit our claim centre.

How we settle claims

This is not a ‘replacement as new’ policy, so please note that if your phone can’t be replaced with an identical model of the same age and condition, we’ll replace it with one that is of a similar specification or the equivalent value (taking into account the age and condition of the original phone). This may mean that your new phone will not be the exact same colour as the original.

Where an equivalent refurbished item is not available, we will offer vouchers or a cash settlement.

Is my mobile phone too old?

We are only able to offer cover for mobile phones that are less than three years old at the time the policy starts.

We are also unable to offer cover for any pre-existing damage, such as if your screen is cracked or showing signs of water damage.

Do I need mobile phone insurance if I have a manufacturer’s warranty?

You may think that you don’t need to insure your phone because it’s still under warranty. However, this will normally only cover you if the device has a manufacturing defect. It won’t cover accidental damage like cracked screens, or loss/theft. This is primarily what mobile phone insurance is intended for.

Endsleigh's mobile phone insurance will cover mechanical breakdown of your phone outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t get caught out, get a quote and insure your mobile phone today.

Do I need mobile phone insurance if I’m covered under house insurance?

Before taking out your own mobile phone insurance policy, check that your phone isn’t already covered under your home insurance, as some policies include this cover as standard. You may also be able to pay an additional premium to add it as a specified item.

My mobile phone is covered under my home insurance, is this enough?

If you do already have cover for your phone under your home insurance, it’s also important to check your policy documents to find out exactly what’s covered. You may find that your home insurance policy doesn’t provide the level of cover for your mobile phone that you would receive with specialist phone insurance. For example, will your phone be covered while you’re out and about? Is it covered against accidental and / or liquid damage?

If you’re heading to university, your belongings may be protected under your parents’ home insurance while you’re living in student accommodation. But again, it’s important to check what’s covered. Your phone may only be protected in your uni room, rather than when you’re out and about on campus.

I live in uni accommodation, will I have cover already?

Living in student accommodation? Your accommodation provider may already have some insurance in place for your belongings. Sometimes, this cover will be with Endsleigh. Be sure to check whether this is the case before taking out a new policy.

If your cover is with Endsleigh, you won’t need to contact your accommodation provider to find out. You can click here to easily and quickly find out whether you already have student cover under an Endsleigh policy.

My mobile phone is covered under my accommodation policy, is this enough?

It’s really important to note that if you do have an existing policy, whilst your phone may be covered in your uni accommodation, it may not be covered elsewhere. For example, when you’re at uni or on nights out. For this reason, you can choose additional cover on your existing policy to make sure you’re fully protected.

If you’ve checked your cover, are covered by Endsleigh and would like to upgrade your policy, we’ll also throw in a 20% discount…

Find out more about student gadget insurance.

What are ‘digital downloads’ and what’s covered?

Digital downloads are defined as any electronic data that you’ve (legally!) purchased and downloaded to your phone from a legitimate website and that you have the right to retain permanently, such as music or movie files.

Our phone cover will pay the cost of replacing digitally downloaded information in the event of:

• damage to your mobile phone

• hard drive failure

• accidental erasure

Although please note that this does not include downloaded software.

What is my mobile phone insurance excess?

For each claim, you'll pay the first £50 except for a loss claim where you'll need to pay the first £75 of the claim.  

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How easy is it to make a claim?

Making a claim with Endsleigh is simple. Just follow this 3 step process: 1. Head to our claims centre and fill in a claims form. 2. Our team will call you to confirm your claim. 3. We’ll approve your claim as soon as possible.