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Student landlord insurance

With over 25 years' experience in the landlord market, our landlord insurance provides extended unoccupancy cover when your property is let to students.

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What does student landlord insurance cover?

We are experts within the property market and are also recognised as the No. 1 student insurance provider within the UK. We provide the following covers as part of our student landlord insurance policy to ensure you’re protected against the additional challenges that come hand in hand with letting properties to students.

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Buildings and contents insurance

High quality and reliable insurance cover that reflects both our heritage within the student sector and our expertise in the rental property sector. Cover your buildings up to £1,000,000, and contents from £5,000 up to £60,000 - including occupiers’ liability up to £2 million.

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120 days extended unoccupancy cover

Exclusive for landlords with student tenants. Receive extended cover for your rented property if it’s unoccupied for up to 120 days while your student tenants are home for the holidays.

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Property owners’ liability cover

Up to £5 million cover for any costs or damages as a result of an accident on or related to your property.

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Loss of rent and temporary accommodation

If the property is damaged or uninhabitable due to an insured event, such as a fire or flood, our student landlord insurance will cover the loss of rent and provide any necessary temporary accommodation for tenants.

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Theft, malicious damage or vandalism by tenants

If you’re concerned that your new tenants might damage the property, our student landlord insurance automatically includes up to £25,000 for malicious damage by tenants.

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Replacement locks if a tenants’ keys are lost or stolen

External door locks will be replaced if your tenants’ keys are lost or stolen, ensuring the safety of your property and belongings.

Why Endsleigh for student landlord insurance?


As the UK's no. 1 student insurance provider, we've learnt a lot about students and how to support them. We know how to help them protect themselves and keep their possessions safe. Let us help you have the same peace of mind.

Student landlord insurance FAQs

Learn more about what student landlord insurance is and what to do as a student landlord.

What is student landlord insurance?

Student landlord insurance covers properties that are rented by students, or HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). 

As a student landlord, you can take out additional insurance to cover your rental property, including; 

Why do I need landlord insurance for student lets?

Landlord insurance is important for any let property owner as standard home insurance will not usually cover the additional risk of a property being let to tenants. It’s important to let us know what types of tenants you’re letting your property to when you get a quote. As well as providing the covers usually included with a standard home insurance - such as buildings and contents cover - landlord insurance will also provide additional protection to account for the fact that the property will not be owner occupied – such as loss of rent, alternative accommodation costs or extended unoccupied cover.

How detailed should a property inventory be?

Before you rent out your property, create an inventory to make a note of any furniture or belongings being kept at the property, as well as their condition at the start of the tenancy. Your property inventory should be as thorough and in-depth as possible. Break it down by room and highlight all of the furniture and appliances, as well as the condition they’re in so you can keep a tabs on anything that gets broken. There are lots of free inventory templates available online, or you can just create your own from scratch.

How do I make sure I’m not underinsured?

A building valuation will provide an accurate reinstatement cost for your property giving you the information you need to request the right amount of cover from your broker.

BCH is a RICS-regulated company that provides building insurance rebuilding cost valuations via desk-based e-valuations or site-based reinstatement cost assessments (RCA).

Find out more about building insurance valuation services today.

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