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Cyber insurance

Protect your client's data (and your reputation) with our specialist cyber insurance, built for businesses and organisations.

What does cyber insurance cover?

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Loss of income

Loss of income that arises from interruption to your business as a result of a cyber attack or data breach.

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Legal advice

Access to legal advice and expertise to help minimise any damage resulting from a cyber breach.

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Compensation claims

Effective cover against claims made against you by members of the public following a breach of personal data.

Why Endsleigh for cyber insurance?


With over 30 years’ experience in the commercial sector, we provide expert cyber insurance for various trades and industries across the UK. Our dedicated client executives are committed to providing you with a flexible service that grows with the needs of your business.

Frequently asked questions about cyber insurance

What is cyber insurance?

In the digital age, many businesses and organisations are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to the sensitive customer (or client) data they hold. Should your data or network be compromised due to a cyber attack, you could be subject to a fine and suffer potential reputational damage as a result. After all, it's not just an opportunistic hacker that could cause a data breach - some of the most common causes of data loss within organisations are down to simple human error or an inadvertently downloaded computer virus.

Cyber insurance will not only protect you against the loss of income and any claims made against you following a data breach, but you will also have access to legal advice and a team of experts to help minimise the damage caused to your organisation - be it financial or reputational.

Who needs cyber insurance?

Anyone that spends any time surfing the web might want to consider some form of cyber protection - even if it's just anti-virus software to protect their bank details and personal data when shopping online. However, cyber insurance is particularly important for businesses and organisations, as they tend to hold large volumes of customer and client data and are therefore more vulnerable to a potential breach. As experts in the commercial sector, Endsleigh's cyber insurance has been designed to protect your organisation from the reputational and financial fallout of a data breach.

What does cyber insurance cover?

Cyber liability insurance offers protection for computer systems and data in the event of a breach, and some policies will also cover against fines imposed by the ICO. But it's not just the financial impact you have to consider when it comes to cyber attacks - you should also consider the potential reputational impact of a breach.

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