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My Endsleigh is the essential student app focused on student insurance, free student wellbeing services & cashback when you shop with over 3,000 brands. Plus, register now to claim your free Regular Hot Drink from Greggs while they last – on us!
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What is My Endsleigh?

My Endsleigh is the essential student app for your time at university. It has a dedicated, personalised account area where you can access recommended student insurance products, free wellbeing services with qualified counsellors and get rewarded with cash when you shop with thousands of retailers (which will then help pay for your insurance!). 

You can access all these features in the My Endsleigh app and we'll send you personalised offers to help you earn cash in your Rewards Wallet.

My Endsleigh's key features

Cashback and reward wallet

Cashback and reward wallet

Cashback offers from over 3,000 retailers. Shop online, via the app or add your card details and automatically earn cashback whilst shopping
Student wellbeing

Student wellbeing

Your mental health is important to us, which is why you can access free 24/7 wellbeing support with qualified counsellors if you’re a student who’s registered with My Endsleigh.
Student insurance

Student insurance

Endsleigh have partnered with leading brands, such as Protect your Bubble and cycleGuard, to ensure you and your belongings are safe whilst at university.

How My Endsleigh could reduce the cost of your insurance

It’s easy to earn cashback when you shop online with over 3,000 brands with My Endsleigh. Watch the video to learn how My Endsleigh helps you pay for your next insurance policy!

My Endsleigh FAQs

If you have some questions about My Endsleigh, you can read our frequently asked questions below.

What’s better than a free coffee?

Free coffee + cashback + wellbeing support + more!  

We’re giving away tens of thousands of Regular Hot Drinks to students who register for our free My Endsleigh app. Make sure you register to claim your coffee while they last 

Register for My Endsleigh


Our retail partners

Get cashback to help pay for your insurance when you shop with thousands of brands through My Endsleigh!

How does My Endsleigh work?

Once logged in to My Endsleigh, you can access your existing student insurance and purchase additional student products from our recommended partners.

My Endsleigh also comes with a digital Rewards Wallet, which you can fill with cash from thousands of brands, restaurants and retailers when you shop!

Collect cash in your Rewards Wallet by shopping through the Cashback section of the website or app:

  1. Shop online, just click through to your chosen site by clicking on the 'Get cashback' button on the offer page in your My Endsleigh account or app. 
  2. Get the Notifier and you'll be alerted to cashback offers when you search and shop online. 
  3. Download the app so you can shop and earn on the go, discover personalised offers and get notified when cash is added to your Rewards Wallet.
  4. Add your debit and credit cards and you'll automatically earn when you use them to spend with our selected OnCard partners.

Cash will stack up in your Rewards Wallet each time you shop. When you're ready to purchase a student insurance product through one of our partners, you can redeem the confirmed cash to help towards the cost.   

Any pending cash in your Rewards Wallet will remain there until it's confirmed - ready to use towards your next insurance purchase. 

If you’ve already added your bank details in Redeem, the cash in your Rewards Wallet will be automatically paid into your chosen bank account within 21 days of your renewal or purchase. If you haven’t added them yet, you’ll have 30 days from the date you purchase or renew to add your bank details. 

How easy is it to collect cash in my Rewards Wallet?


You can earn cashback on everyday stuff you're already buying, so there's no need to spend any more than you usually would. With over 3,000 brands available through My Endsleigh, you can earn cashback on groceries, utilities, fashion, entertainment, travel, electricals and much more. 

What's more, we've got some easy ways to help you earn cash in your Rewards Wallet - you can check out the full details for each in My tools: 

Add your credit and debit cards 

Register up to 15 debit and credit cards, then use them to spend and automatically earn cashback with our OnCard partners, both online and in store. 

Personalise your experience

Select your favourite shopping categories and click on the hearts of your favourite brands as you shop and we'll show you recommended offers - on your Dashboard, in the app and in the emails we send you. 

Get the Notifier 

Download My Endsleigh Notifier for Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers and get cashback alerts when you shop and search online. 

Download the app 

Shop and earn on the go with personalised offers and notifications in the app.

What is My Dashboard?

My Dashboard is the personalised homepage at the heart of your My Endsleigh account. From here you can quickly access your existing insurance information and documents, access our free wellbeing services and discover thousands of ways to collect cash in the digital Rewards Wallet that comes with your account - ready to help towards the cost of renewing or buying a new gadget and possessions policy. Find out more about it here.

What is a Rewards Wallet?

It's an easy way to help pay for your Endsleigh gadget and possessions insurance. When you register for your My Endsleigh account, you'll automatically get a digital Rewards Wallet, which we will help you fill with cash. Earn when you shop with thousands of retailers, online and on the high street. 

Then, when you take out a new insurance policy with one of our preferred partners, we'll transfer the total value of confirmed cash in your Rewards Wallet to your chosen bank account. 

How much can I earn?

There's no limit to how much cash you can earn in your Rewards Wallet. The more you shop through My Endsleigh and use your registered debit and credit cards with OnCard retailers, the more money you'll earn. 

Is the cash in my Rewards Wallet safe?


Any cash you have in your Rewards Wallet is stored securely in a designated bank account, ready to be paid directly into your chosen account  when you buy an insurance product from one of our preferred partners.

How can I check how much I’ve earned?

The total cash in your Rewards Wallet is shown in the top right corner of your My Endsleigh account and app. You can see a more detailed breakdown of your 'pending' and 'available' cash on the My Rewards Wallet page on the website or by clicking on the wallet icon in the app. You can also see the full details of each cash reward and its current status in My transactions.

How do I download the My Endsleigh app?

Just head to the My Endsleigh app page to download the app or get a link sent to your inbox. You can also search for 'My Endsleigh' in the app store on your mobile device.

What device do I need to download the My Endsleigh app?

My Endsleigh app is currently available for both iOS and Android devices, so if you've got a smart phone or tablet, you can download it from your app store.

How does the Notifier work?

My Endsleigh Notifier is your clever cash reward assistant that works in two key ways:

   1) When searching online for retailers or specific products, the Notifier will show an Endsleigh icon next to individual results to let you know where cashback is available. It also displays a ribbon at the top of your results page, to give you a quick-view of the top cashback offers available from the sites returned in your search results. 

Simply click on the icon next to your chosen result or click on the retailer name on the ribbon at the top of the page, then follow the instructions to have your purchase tracked for cashback. 

   2) Alternatively, if you go straight to a retailer’s website and they offer cashback, the Notifier will remind you to collect by showing a message in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on the message and follow the instructions to have your purchase tracked for cashback. 

There are a small number of reward partners who’ve opted not to be included in the My Endsleigh Notifier, so even if you don’t get a notification or you don’t see the retailer highlighted in your search results, it’s worth having a quick check of the My Endsleigh website or app to see if cashback is available. 

You can get the My Endsleigh Notifier on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and download it as many times as you like - so make sure to add it to all the computers and browsers you use. 

Head to the My Endsleigh Notifier page to get the correct version for your browser.

Staying in student accommodation?

You may already have insurance through your accommodation provider! To make sure you don’t take out cover you don’t need, check and confirm your cover today via the My Endsleigh app.

Confirm your cover


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