What car insurance add-ons are available?

When purchasing any car insurance policy, it is worth considering whether you would like to include any additional cover options too. A variety of additional cover options are commonly available in the UK which can often be added on to your standard insurance policy.

These add-ons are likely to be at an additional cost, and will be subject to their own limits, terms and conditions. You should always check the details for each add-on directly with your insurer before purchasing. Commonly available add-ons may include:

Courtesy car insurance

If your car needs to be repaired after an accident, some insurers will arrange a courtesy car for you to use while your car is being fixed. However, a courtesy car will not usually be provided if your car is written off or stolen.

Breakdown cover

This type of insurance will typically include the cost of vehicle recovery following a breakdown, but usually not the repairs. Breakdown cover can also be purchased separately to your insurance policy.

Often there will be a number of different types of breakdown cover available such as:

  • Breakdown repair cover – This covers the cost of recovery following a breakdown, plus extra cover available for spare parts should they be required.
  • At home – This will cover your vehicle if it breaks down at home only (rather than when you’re out and about). It is also sometimes called ‘on drive’ cover.
  • European cover – This will cover you if you breakdown whilst you are driving in Europe. However, before taking out this policy, it is worth checking with your insurer whether this type cover is already included in your car insurance policy.
  • Onward journey cover – This covers the cost of onward travel (e.g. train tickets) to enable you to complete your journey if your car is not able to be repaired on the roadside.
  • Personal cover – This covers the cost of recovery for any car that you might be driving, rather than just a specific vehicle.

Legal expenses cover

This covers the costs of legal action resulting from a car insurance claim. For example, the cost of defence if legal action is taken against you following an accident, or the costs of your legal claim against a third party if the third party is found to have been negligent. Legal expenses cover will also often enable you to recoup any excess payment that you have had to pay following an accident where you were not at fault.

Personal accident cover

Personal accident insurance provides compensation for death and specified injuries sustained as a result of a car accident. This is only if you’re unable to claim from a third party, and the injuries included will be specified in your policy documents.

Personal accident cover is often included as standard within a comprehensive insurance car policy, but not always. You should check with your insurer whether this type of cover is included in your policy. If basic personal accident cover is included, it may be possible to pay an additional amount to the insurer to increase the level of cover (often up to £100,000 of cover, maximum).

Windscreen cover

This type of insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your windscreen should it be damaged (for example, if a stone flies up and cracks your windscreen). It is often included as standard on a comprehensive insurance policy but not always, so you should check with your insurer whether it is included.

Key cover

This covers the replacement of keys and locks for your vehicle should they be misplaced or lost. Some insurers offer 24-hour emergency assistance for this.