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What does laptop insurance cover?

All it takes is for you to accidently drop your laptop to leave you disconnected and out of pocket. That’s why our laptop insurance provides protection for situations just like this. With cover for both accidental and malicious damage, you can live your best life knowing that we’re protecting your favourite bit of tech!

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Cover from just £3* per month!

That’s probably less than a hot drink at your favourite coffee house! *For a £500 laptop, based on a student living on campus.

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Up to 15% multi gadget discount

We want to reward you for choosing to protect your gadgets. We’ll give you 10% off for covering two gadgets and 15% off for covering three or more!

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24 hour laptop replacement

If your laptop is stolen or unrepairable, we’ll replace it within just 24 hours of your claim being approved (if item is stolen/unrepairable).

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Worldwide protection

Your laptop will be covered anywhere in the UK, plus worldwide for up to 90 days.

Studying at uni? Protect your stuff for as little as £8 per month!

With an Everywhere Student Pack you can pack up your cover in one easy policy up to £1,000, £1,500 or £2,500 to protect your student items everywhere, both on and off campus!

What's covered?

  • Items with a replacement cost up to £500 with a £1,000 pack, £750 with a £1,500 pack or £1,250 with a £2,500 pack.
  • 24 hour replacement once your claim is approved (if item is stolen or unrepairable).
  • Theft
  • Accidental and malicious damage, including cracked screens
  • Flood and fire
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Protection anywhere in the UK, up to 90 days worldwide.
  • No excess applies to claims for theft, assault and mugging, malicious damage, or arson

What's not covered?

  • Your excess
  • Mechanical breakdown before the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty
  • Gadgets and mobile phones more than 3 years old at the start of the policy
  • Cosmetic damage that doesn't affect operation
  • Money
  • Musical instruments and bicycles
  • Accidental loss (unless added as an optional extra)
  • Any gadget or mobile where you cannot provide proof of purchase

Laptop insurance: Your questions answered

Do you need laptop insurance? Our FAQs may help you decide.

What is laptop insurance?

Laptop insurance provides cover for your device in a range of unexpected or accidental circumstances. For example, it protects your laptop against risks such as theft, accidental and malicious damage. Having laptop insurance in place with Endsleigh makes sure that if anything does happen to your laptop (if it’s stolen or unrepairable), you’ll get a replacement 24 hours after your claim is approved.

Let’s face it – as great as mobile phones are, life is much easier when you can access documents or complete more complicated tasks on a full size laptop screen. But have you ever considered how much of a hassle it would be if you were to lose or break your laptop? Laptops also seem to be particularly easily to damage – who among us hasn’t balanced their laptop a little too close to the sofa edge? This is the kind of risk that laptop insurance covers you for.

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Do I need laptop cover?

If the idea of being without your laptop makes you low-key stressed, or you’re simply not sure whether you could afford to repair or replace your laptop should anything happen to it, then you may want to consider insurance so you’re not left out of pocket.

Equally, if you’re taking your laptop to uni, you may want some form of protection in place so you can take your laptop out and about with you, such as to the library or to lectures. Having laptop insurance can help to ensure your laptop is protected wherever you are at university.

How much is laptop insurance?

No two laptop models are the same, and for this reason, it’s rare for two laptop insurance quotes to be the same.

The cost of your laptop insurance will vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • Details about you, such as your age or occupation
  • The value of your laptop
  • The make and model of your laptop (we cover most brands of laptop, including Apple)
  • How many gadgets you want to cover, such as your mobile phone and tablet, as well as your laptop – we offer up to a 15% multi-gadget discount

Cheap laptop insurance cover isn’t impossible to find – you just have to know where to look. If you’re curious to see how much your laptop would cost to insure, get a quote with Endsleigh in a few minutes.

What is my laptop insurance excess?

For each claim, you'll pay the first £50. Except for a loss claim, where you'll need to pay the first £75.

What is a replacement cost?

A replacement cost is the amount of money needed to replace one of the items you want to cover on your Everywhere Student Pack insurance.

Our Everywhere Student Packs each have a limit which means that you won't be covered for items that are more expensive than the replacement cost on your statement of insurance.

Maximum placement costs for our Everywhere Student Packs are as follows:

£1,000 pack = Items that cost no more than £500 are covered
£1,500 pack = Items that cost no more than £750 are covered
£2,500 pack = Items that cost no more than £1,250 are covered

Let’s give you an example.

Jack just bought a new laptop which cost him £300. He then takes out our Everywhere Student Pack insurance which gives him £1,000 of cover. Jack also knows that he wouldn’t be able to claim for anything more expensive than the maximum replacement cost of £500 on this pack.

A few months later, Jack’s laptop is dropped and damaged. Because the maximum replacement cost on Jack’s policy is £500 and his laptop cost £300, this means that he can make a claim. Had Jack's laptop cost more than £500, it wouldn't be covered and Jack would be unable to claim.

It's always worth checking that your items don't cost more than the maximum replacement cost when taking out our Everywhere Student Packs. If any of your items do cost more than the highest replacement cost (£1,250), you can choose to build your own cover.

What about Endsleigh’s laptop/tablet theft policy?

Our laptop/tablet theft policy provides cover for devices with a replacement cost up to £1,250.

I have laptop insurance with Endsleigh and need to make a claim

If you already have laptop cover with us and need to make a claim, head to our Claim Centre.

How soon will I get a replacement?

If your laptop has been stolen, lost* or can’t be repaired, we’ll get a replacement laptop to you within 24 hours of your claim being approved (if item is stolen or unrepairable).

Will my replacement be the same model as my current laptop?

Where possible, our suppliers try their best to replace your laptop with the same model. However, if the model isn’t available for purchase anymore, we’ll make sure it’s replaced with a new, equivalent model.

Will I be covered for accidents?

Yes! The whole purpose of insurance is to protect your belongings against unexpected situations. That’s why we provide accidental damage cover for your laptop insurance.

So if your bag strap breaks or you have a ‘butter fingers’ moment, you can relax knowing that your laptop is protected by insurance.

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My laptop's been stolen, what should I do?
  • The first thing you should do if your laptop has been stolen, is report it to the police. You should do this no later than 24 hours after the theft.
  • Be sure to get your crime reference number from the person you speak to – you won’t be able to make your claim without this.
  • Get in touch to make a claim
How to insure my laptop

If you’re wondering ‘how do I insure my laptop?’ Here’s how:

  • Get a quote
    Firstly, you’ll need to input some details. This is quick and easy and usually takes a few minutes. Then, we’ll provide you with all the details you need to make the best decision for protecting your laptop. Click here to get a quote within minutes.

  • Choose a policy
    Take a look through the different levels of cover and pick the best policy for you. You can even personalise the policy to your requirements, selecting add-ons to secure the best laptop insurance for you and your device.

  • You’re covered
    Once you’ve completed the quote, chosen the policy and taken out your laptop insurance, you can travel easy knowing that your laptop is protected in all the situations you need it to be.

Finding the best laptop insurance for you sometimes isn’t easy, but when you choose Endsleigh, we try and make it as simple as possible for you to find the perfect level of cover.

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What if I lose my laptop?

If you’re particularly forgetful, or are carrying around some precious cargo, you can also choose additional cover for accidental loss!

Can I insure other gadgets along with my laptop?

Yes! And you'll get discount for it too. At Endsleigh, we’ll give you a 10% discount for insuring two gadgets and a 15% discount when insuring three or more. It’s certainly worth insuring and protecting your laptop along with your other gadgets to get the most for your money.

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Alternatively, you can take advantage of our Everywhere Student Packs which will let you insure multiple gadgets without having to specify them. Just pick an amount to be insured for and you’re good to go.

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My laptop is under warranty, do I need to insure it?

If you want to protect your laptop against risks such as accidental/malicious damage, then yes. Your laptop warranty will usually only cover you for mechanical issues. It won’t cover you for accidental damage, theft and so on. However, Endsleigh’s laptop insurance will cover you in these circumstances.

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I live in student accommodation, do I still need cover for my laptop?

Maybe. If you live in halls, your accommodation provider may already have insurance in place which covers your belongings. Sometimes we provide this cover and you can check if we cover your accommodation by heading here.

My laptop is covered by my accommodation provider, will this be enough?

It totally depends on your policy. But normally this type of insurance would only cover you whilst you were in your accommodation, and it may not provide cover for things like laptop theft/accidental damage. You’d need to look into extra cover to make sure your laptop is protected whilst at uni/the library etc.

Read more about our student gadget insurance here

Are laptops covered by home insurance?

Before you take out laptop insurance, if you’re a student and your parents have home insurance, you may want to check if your laptop is covered under their existing policy.

My laptop is covered under my parent’s home insurance, is this enough?

Sometimes your laptop will be covered under your home insurance, but only in specific circumstances. For example, when you’re at home. This means that you won’t have cover when you’re anywhere outside of your house – like on nights out. You’ll need to check the specific details of your policy and then decide whether this is enough, or whether you need to protect your laptop when you’re on the move too.

Will I still have to pay an excess if I claim from my home insurance?

Yes – and home insurance excesses are usually much higher than standard gadget policies. For example, your home insurance excess may be the same amount of money as you’d pay for a brand new laptop. Whereas our laptop insurance excess is usually just £50 (or £75 if you’re claiming for accidental loss) - check your policy to make sure. This is something to consider carefully when deciding if you should take out separate insurance.

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How easy is it to make a claim?

Making a claim with Endsleigh is simple. Just follow this 3 step process: 1. Head to our claims centre and fill in a claims form. 2. Our team will call you to confirm your claim. 3. We’ll approve your claim as soon as possible.