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Laptop insurance

Life is great when you're connected – so why not stay that way? Whether you’re working from home, streaming movies or shopping online, get a 15% Endsleigh discount on up to two gadgets with Protect Your Bubble laptop insurance. Use code My15 at checkout.

Why laptop insurance with Endsleigh’s partners?

Here are a few of the key features of Protect Your Bubble's laptop insurance (excesses, exclusions and limitations apply).

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Buy online in under three minutes

Time is precious. You can use your mobile, tablet or computer to buy Protect Your Bubble’s laptop insurance online in less than three minutes!

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Lots of cover options from £3.99* per month

*Based on a £500 laptop under six months old. Multiple gadgets to insure? Cover any three items for £15.99 per month.

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Voted Best Insurance Provider

At the ‘What Mobile’ awards, six years running!

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Unlimited repairs using genuine parts

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Instant, worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown

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No annual contract – Cover rolls over

What is laptop insurance?


Have you ever thought about the hassle of suddenly becoming laptop-less? Laptop insurance protects your laptop against risks like theft, accidental damage and mechanical breakdown. It means that if anything does happen to one of your most prized possessions (for example, if it’s stolen or damaged), the cost for repair or replacement would be covered.

To make a claim, contact Protect Your Bubble (by phone or post) as soon as possible to report the claim, complete the required steps and provide the requested information (like proof of ownership). Then pay your excess and wait for your laptop to be repaired or replaced.  

Staying in student accommodation?

Over half a million students are protected by Endsleigh through their accommodation provider. Are you one of them? To make sure you don’t take out cover you don’t need, check and confirm your cover today via the My Endsleigh app.

Laptop insurance: Your questions answered

Do you need laptop insurance? Our FAQs may help you decide.

Do I need laptop cover?

If the idea of being without your laptop makes you stressed, or you’re simply not sure whether you could afford to repair or replace your laptop should anything happen to it, then you may want to consider insurance so you’re not left out of pocket.

Equally, if you’re taking your laptop to uni, you may want some form of protection in place so you can take your laptop out and about with you, such as to the library or to lectures. Having laptop insurance can help to ensure your laptop is protected wherever you are at university.

How much is laptop insurance?

No two laptop models are the same, and for this reason, it’s rare for two laptop insurance quotes to be the same.

The cost of your laptop insurance will vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • The value of your laptop
  • The make and model of your laptop
  • How many gadgets you want to cover, such as your mobile phone and tablet, as well as your laptop. You can get a 15% Endsleigh discount on up to two gadgets with Protect Your Bubble, or choose to insure three gadgets for £15.99 per month.

Cheap laptop insurance cover isn’t impossible to find – you just have to know where to look.

What is my laptop insurance excess?

With Protect Your Bubble laptop insurance, you’ll pay £75 excess for theft, damage and breakdown claims.

Will I be covered for accidents?

Yes! The whole purpose of insurance is to protect your belongings against unexpected situations. That’s why Protect Your Bubble provide accidental damage cover as standard.

So if your bag strap breaks or you have a ‘butter fingers’ moment, you can relax knowing that you’re covered.

My laptop's been stolen, what should I do?

The first thing you should do if your laptop has been stolen, is report it to the police. You should do this no later than 24 hours after the theft.

Be sure to get your crime reference number from the person you speak to – you won’t be able to make your claim without this.

Then get in touch with Protect Your Bubble to make your claim.

How to insure my laptop

If you’re wondering ‘how do I insure my laptop?’, here’s how:

Get a quote

Firstly, you’ll need to click ‘Get a quote’ and input some details – this takes less than three minutes. Protect Your Bubble will then provide you with everything you need to make the best decision for protecting your laptop.

Choose your cover

Take a look through cover options and pick the best policy for you. Think about how many gadgets you need to insure and whether to take advantage of Endsleigh’s discount (15% off on up to two gadgets) or insure three gadgets for £15.99 per month.

You’re covered

Once you’ve completed the quote, chosen the policy and taken out your laptop insurance, you can travel easy knowing that your laptop is protected.

Finding the best laptop insurance isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it!

Can I insure other gadgets along with my laptop?

Yes! And you'll get discount for it too. When insuring your laptop with Protect Your Bubble, you’ll get a 15% Endsleigh discount on up to two gadgets, or you can choose to insure three gadgets for £15.99 per month.

My laptop is under warranty, do I need to insure it?

If you want to protect your laptop against risks such as accidental damage, then yes. Your laptop warranty will usually only cover you for mechanical issues. It won’t cover you for accidental damage, theft and so on. Plus, Protect Your Bubble’s laptop insurance will cover you for mechanical breakdown following the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty.

I live in student accommodation, do I still need cover for my laptop?

Maybe. If you live in halls, your accommodation provider may already have insurance in place which covers your belongings. Sometimes we provide this insurance and you can check if we cover your accommodation by heading here.

My laptop is covered by my accommodation provider, will this be enough?

It totally depends on your policy. For example, this type of insurance may only cover you whilst you’re in your accommodation, or it may not protection against risks like laptop theft/accidental damage.

It’s best to familiarise yourself with the level of cover provided by your accommodation, then you can look at whether you need extra cover to make sure you’re protected for other risks and locations. For example, if you were drop your laptop at the library.

Read more about our student gadget insurance here

Before you take out laptop insurance, if you’re a student and your parents have home insurance, you may want to check if your laptop is covered under their existing policy.

Are laptops covered by home insurance?

Before you take out laptop insurance, if you’re a student and your parents have home insurance, you may want to check if your laptop is covered under their existing policy.

My laptop is covered under my parent’s home insurance, is this enough?

Sometimes your laptop will be covered under your home insurance, but only in specific circumstances. For example, when you’re at home. This means that you won’t have cover when you’re anywhere outside of your house – like on nights out. You’ll need to check the specific details of your policy and then decide whether this is enough, or whether you need to protect your laptop when you’re on the move too.

Will I still have to pay an excess if I claim from my home insurance?

Yes – and home insurance excesses are usually much higher than standard gadget policies. For example, your home insurance excess may be the same amount of money as you’d pay for a brand-new laptop. Whereas Protect Your Bubble’s laptop insurance excess is usually just £75 for theft, damage and breakdown claims - check your policy to make sure. This is something to consider carefully when deciding if you should take out separate insurance.

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