Student travel insurance

Endsleigh specialise in students and it doesn't stop with travel insurance.

We have great student related products no matter where you want to travel. We are able to cover you studying abroad, being on a gap year, skiing or on a normal weeks holiday in the sun.

It's vital to have the right type of travel insurance. We've designed specialist travel insurance policies to keep you and your belongings protected whilst you're abroad.

Young people and graduates

Whether you're a recent graduate or long into your career we can cover your holiday or trip abroad. We have a number of different policies and insurance add-ons that will allow you the freedom to do what you want to.

We can cover skiing, cruises, golf trips, multiple trips a year, gap years, business trips and more. Stay protected with Endsleigh.

Insurance for adventurers

Some insurance policies won't cover you for adventurous holidays like skiing, volunteering or sports and adventures.  Our insurance policy allows you to add cover enabling you to shape what is and isn't covered to get the best deal.

Everything you need for a happy trip

As well as insurance we can also provide other essential services that may help you before, during and after your holiday or trip.