Keeping Your Belongings Safe At Uni

Last updated: 16/10/20

Once you’ve settled into university, you’ll soon be exploring the surrounding area and getting into a routine with your studies. This new independence is exciting, but you also want to make sure you look after yourself – and your belongings.

Read our top tips for keeping your valuable possessions safe, including your phone, laptop and camera.

How to keep your phone safe in your pocket

Simply put – don’t use your back pockets! Nowadays, smartphones are larger and can stick out of the top of the typical jean pocket. Try stashing it in your front pocket instead so you can keep an eye on it, or even hold onto it with your hand in your pocket.

If you’re wearing a jacket with a zip or inner pockets, this is an ideal place for keeping your phone safe. Just be careful when removing your jacket, as you don’t want this to become lost or stolen with your phone inside it!

Be cautious when walking about, especially in crowded places.

Some extra tips:

• Make sure your phone is password encrypted

• Install software to help locate your phone

• Log out of and lock your apps

• Avoid joining untrustworthy public Wi-Fi networks (your university campus should be a ‘trusted’ network)

How to keep your laptop safe

When you purchased your laptop, did it come with a laptop bag? These are perfect for transporting your laptop around safely if you’re heading out or taking it with you to a socially distanced seminar.

If the thought of carrying an extra bag around isn't doing much for you, you may want to store your laptop in your rucksack or handbag instead. But be careful... Not only do you run the risk of damaging your laptop if your water bottle leaks, but if the bag is stolen then so is your laptop.

Some extra tips:

• Padlock your laptop bag or get a security cable lock

• Install software to aid with theft recovery

• Make sure your laptop is password encrypted

• Keep a note of your laptop details; make, model, serial number and any noticeable marks or stickers that could help authorities track it down

• Avoid joining untrustworthy public WiFi networks

How to keep your camera safe

Much like keeping your laptop safe, your camera is another item that could require its own bag. Make sure any camera bag you buy can be padlocked and has a strong strap, with plenty of padding in case you drop it by accident.

If you plan on keeping your camera in your main bag, maybe keep it in a plastic sandwich bag. That’ll stop debris from the rest of your bag getting stuck underneath the buttons and in the lens. The last thing you want is for your lunch to leak all over it!

Our biggest tip for how to keep your personal belongings safe at university is to have suitable student insurance in place.

Its common knowledge that losing or damaging a gadget can be a hassle (not to mention, expensive) to sort out. Endsleigh’s student gadget insurance protects against theft, accidental and liquid damage. You'll also get gadget replacement in 24 hours once your claim is approved (for gadgets that are stolen or can't be repaired), helping you stay connected when it matters most.

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