What's covered with annual multi trip travel insurance?

At Endsleigh we offer a range of travel insurance types to suit you and your travelling needs. From gap year travel insurance to single trip travel insurance, find the right cover you need for your journey. Here are just some of the benefits of our annual multi-trip travel insurance.

Unlimited trips

If you’re in the process of planning your holidays for the year, but you can’t decide how many you’ll have, cover yourself for the year and you won’t have to worry about individual holiday policies. You can embark on an unlimited number of trips throughout the year, provided each trip doesn't exceed 42 days.

Medical expenses

Before you head on holiday, cover yourself for any unexpected medical expenses so you don’t have to worry about it whilst you’re there. Receive up to £10 million cover for emergency medical treatment if you have an accident or become unwell on your trip (including repatriation if medically necessary).


Suitcases are often lost on holiday, so before you go be sure to cover your baggage and belongings for loss or theft, up to £2,000.

Airline failure protection

Up to £2,000 compensation in the event of financial failure of your scheduled airline, either before or after you depart for your trip.

Cancellation and curtailment

Cancellation cover up to £5,000 if you are unable to travel due to unforeseen circumstances - for example, a family bereavement and illness. Take away the worry of cancellation fees and focus on what’s more important.

Delayed departure

Was your flight delayed by a significant amount of time? Did you miss your connecting flight or transfer? Protect yourself with delayed departure cover up to £5,000, including cover for scheduled airline failure.

Alternative accommodation

Our comprehensive policies can provide alternative accommodation if you’re unable to use your booked accommodation due to a number of risks, including; volcanic eruption, volcanic ash clouds, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, hurricane, an outbreak of food poisoning, infectious disease or insolvency of your accommodation provider.

Worried about Brexit?

Our comprehensive policies provide cover in the event of flight disruption resulting from Brexit

Legal expenses

Legal expenses cover up to £50,000, and personal liability cover up to £2 million, for any unforseen legal proceedings that may occur whilst you’re on holiday - whether that’s a crash in a hire car or damage caused to property.

Travellers up to the age of 74 for European trips

We provide cover for travellers up to the age of 74 for European trips, or up to the age of 60 for adventures all over the world.

Flexible cover for different stages of your trip

Take out additional protection to make sure you’re covered before you reach your destination, whilst you are away and when you’re on your way home.

We offer two levels of annual travel insurance cover to ensure you are fully protected - essential and comprehensive. The benefits of comprehensive insurance are generally higher than those of essential cover. It can be useful to arrange your travel insurance at the same time as you book your holiday, as this will ensure that you're protected for any financial loss should you have to cancel your trip.

What is multi trip travel insurance?

Multi trip insurance - also known as "annual travel insurance" - will provide cover for multiple trips over a set period of time, usually up to a year. This means that frequent travellers won't need to take out a new single trip policy every time they book a holiday, which can be a lot more cost effective. We'll provide cover for an unlimited amount of trips for up to 12 months, up to 31 days per holiday. Depending on the policy level you choose, you can get covered against unexpected costs relating to things like medical expenses, cancellation, airline failure protection, lost luggage and more.

FCDO Travel Advice

Please visit the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website to ensure your destination is not restricted under any FCDO directive which will affect the cover provided under your insurance policy.

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Why Endsleigh for annual multi trip travel insurance?

As a leading insurance provider in the student and youth travel market, we'll provide comprehensive travel insurance cover for you and all your trips. Studying abroad this year? Or heading off on your gap year? We’ll find the cover you need to protect you on your next adventure. Get your annual multi-trip travel insurance quote today.

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