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How do I calculate the value of my car?

When taking out car insurance, it's very important to make sure you've calculated your car's value correctly. Here are some tips for calculating the value of your car, and what this means for your insurance.


8 motorway tips for new drivers

Whether you’re new to driving, or have plenty of experience under your belt, motorway travel can be daunting. We’ve compiled 8 motorway driving tips for new drivers so that you can feel fully prepared for your next motorway journey.


12 tips for driving lessons after COVID-19

As a learner driver, what can you do to make sure you and your instructor are as safe as possible when your lessons start up again? Here are 12 easy tips!


What car insurance add-ons do I need?

When purchasing any car insurance policy, it is worth considering whether you would like to include any additional cover options too.


What is ghost broking?

In this day and age, cyber security is something that many of us learn as early as school... Be careful who you’re talking to online, don’t shop on a website you don’t trust… But has anyone ever mentioned “ghost broking” to you? Find out more about what ghost broking is, and how to avoid it.


10 false driving myths: Busted

From driving with no shoes on to using your phone at petrol stations, there are plenty of car driving myths that have arisen over time and become confused with fact. Here we set straight the myths from the truth, so you can drive worry-free.


Can you insure more than one car on a policy?

On a standard insurance policy, you will not usually be able to insure more than one vehicle. However, other types of insurance policies may permit you to insure multiple vehicles. Read our guide below to find out more on multi-car insurance options.


Will a driving conviction affect the cost of my car insurance policy?

When your vehicle isn’t used often, it can lose charge which may result in you not being able to start your car the next time you need to use it. For this reason, RAC have shared some helpful information with us so we can help you keep your car battery healthy during lockdown.