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Gadgets: To insure or not to insure

We’ve all been there, you’re on a night out taking selfies with your friends and you lose your grip. Time moves slowly as your beloved iPhone tumbles to the ground. You scramble to pick it up and notice that the screen is shattered, or it won’t turn on.

What now? Are you insured? Would insurance even cover you? Disaster has truly struck. It really is true what they say - you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And what you did have, in theory, was a handy electronic personal assistant.

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A rushed morning

The next day, you wake up 10 minutes late with no idea which class you’ll be running to because your schedule was saved on your phone. Dazed and confused, you remember that you thankfully synched your schedule to your MacBook last week. You grab your bag and head down to the bus for your first class, wishing you could listen to that new artist you found last week, and pining for your daily social media feeds.

An unprepared lunchtime

Lunchtime couldn’t come quick enough. But you realise you’re sat in the café with no idea what to order as you were unable to research the menu before arriving. However, the spinach and ricotta ravioli looks tempting so you settle on that, delicious! Your friend starts chatting away about his sister’s new cat, and you’re aching to show him photos of your mum’s new four-legged friend, but all the photos are on your dearly departed phone. You’ll have to show him next time.

Heading back to classes after lunch, you notice that your teeth don’t feel right - if only you had your phones camera to check if there is a piece of spinach planted firmly in your pearly whites, you look frantically for a mirror. Phew, you’re all good to go!

The rest of the day goes by and you’re itching to listen to some music to drown out the sound of the hustle and bustle of public transport. You have at least a week before your mum can give you her old phone, and four months to wait for your early upgrade. How long could you last without your music, diary, photo library and pocket camera?

What if it was your laptop?

Imagine after finally replacing your phone (albeit with an older model to save costs), you’re cramming in your Monday morning coursework and drinking your favourite coffee when tragedy strikes yet again. Your new travel cup has failed you and the lid comes flying off, causing your pumpkin spiced latte to spill all over your MacBook’s keyboard.

That assignment was due in less than a week! How will you complete it without your laptop?

You could sign into your iCloud on a friends MacBook so you can at least get the work back instead of starting over. The library also has computers for students to use, which means you can finish the assignment on time (though it’s a shame about the “no food or drinks” policy there - you need your brain food to concentrate!).

You push it to the back of your mind and head to your next class but… how will you take your notes? You can’t write as fast as you can type, and you end up missing a lot of key information! You think to yourself, “If only there was an invention which replaces your gadgets when you damage them.”

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Should you have insured your gadgets?

Let’s break down your options.

If you’re staying with one of our accommodation partners, you might already have cover for your precious gadgets. You can download the My Endsleigh app today to confirm your cover!

But if you don’t already have cover, what would insurance cost you? Let’s take a look.

Protect Your Bubble phone insurance cost to you over the year: £125.88

Phone replacement cost (not to mention the inconvenience!): £629.00*

To put that in perspective, you would pay for almost five years of insurance before you rack up the same costs as buying a new phone! If you think of it as a direct debit payment, it’s just £8.99** a month. I mean, that’s less than your Friday night round of shots!

Protect Your Bubble laptop insurance cost to you over the year: £125.88

Laptop replacement cost (should disaster strike): £949.00*

You would have paid for over seven years of insurance before even coming close to the amount of a brand-new MacBook Air.

As with most insurance, there would be an excess to pay if you do need to make a claim. But the process is simple, and you can rest easy knowing you've avoided all those pesky upfront costs and troubles. With Protect your Bubble, the excess is slightly different depending on your device and the reason for claiming - you can find out more here.

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So, grab some money off

Check to see if you already have insurance through your accommodation provider! Knowing what you are/aren’t insured for will be invaluable when weighing up your options after you damage one of your favourite gadgets.

Confirm your cover

If you aren’t covered via an accommodation provider, there’s no need to fret! You can get a 15% discount when you insure up to two gadgets through our partner, Protect Your Bubble! Use MY15 at the checkout to save 15%. Find out more about student gadget insurance with Protect Your Bubble.

*As detailed on Apple for iPhone 12 mini and MacBook Air

** Excludes loss cover

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