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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Endsleigh recognises the importance and value of CSR and the positive impact it has for our people, our partners, our clients, and our local community. Originally founded by a charity and with nearly three decades serving the third sector, giving back and being corporately responsible is in our DNA. Our goal is to use insurance for good and become a sustainable business working in partnership with the student, education and not-for-profit sectors. We have a corporate social responsibility mandate to drive meaningful employee engagement to positively impact the sectors we serve.

We have a duty of care towards the communities we operate in, how we treat our customers, our employees and our natural habitat.

Our CSR commitment

Our commitment to put CSR at the forefront of our business and a desire to drive deeper engagement and impact for years to come, has led to a number of key initiatives such as:

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Environmental impact

Removing single use plastic, introducing environmental volunteering and the Grow your Future app which helps track and discover ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Local community

Build and drive action plans to deliver Endsleigh’s CSR strategy, delivering value to our people, partners, clients and our local community.

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Colleague engagement

Drive colleague engagement and participation, supporting both Group and local initiatives through colleague ownership. Supported by two paid volunteering days.

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Business relationships

Nominate representatives to build relationships and share ideas from all areas of the business.

The Howden Group Foundation


As part of the Howden Group, we are able to make an impact globally via the Howden Group Foundation which was established in 2014 to celebrate and extend the charitable work of our people around the world. As a group, we have six key objectives that we strive to achieve through our charitable work:

  • Relief of sickness
  • Relief of poverty
  • Relief of disasters
  • Relief of unemployment
  • Advancement of education
  • Environmental sustainability

The Foundation supports a matched giving programme, whereby the Group supports the fundraising and volunteer efforts of employees, for the communities and charities of their choice, by matching up to £750 of fundraising per employee, per year.

Our CSR strategy


Through our partnership with Young Gloucestershire and other local charities, we work with young people and those not in education or employment through social mobility projects to get them into further education or work.


Our summer internship programme and graduate sales scheme nurtures young talent and gives them access to mentoring and expertise throughout the company.


Our CSR committee is dedicated to identifying ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business and our people on a day-to-day basis.

A message from our CEO

Alison Meckiffe
CEO Endsleigh Insurance

It is critical that Endsleigh, and every business, defines and commits to the impact we want our business to have from an environmental, social and governance perspective. 

We have a duty of care towards the communities we operate in, how we treat our customers and employees, and how we preserve our natural habitat, all of which we are addressing today.

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