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What does our bicycle insurance cover?

Stay safe on your commute with bicycle insurance that provides flexible cover for:

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Accidental damage and loss

Our bike insurance offers protection against accidental damage and loss up to the total value specified on your policy documents

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New for Old

If your bike is damaged or stolen, we’ll provide a brand new replacement. Please note that bikes must be secured with a lock that meets 'Sold Secure Gold’ standards, and be less than three years old.

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Worldwide protection

Heading off on cycling holiday? Your bike is protected anywhere in the UK and for up to 90 days worldwide

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Cover from £2.26 per month*

*based on a bike insured for £200, on campus

Student contents insurance

Protect your contents in student accommodation against fire, theft and malicious damage with Endsleigh, the UK's No. 1 student insurance provider. Prone to drops and spills? Add optional accidental damage cover to your policy for extra protection in your accommodation.

Bicycle insurance: Your questions answered

Not sure what cover you need to protect your bicycle, either at home, at university or abroad? To help you out, we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions below.

What is bicycle insurance?

 As fun and environmentally friendly as cycling is, there are also risks to taking your bike out and about. For example, there may be times where you have to leave your bike secured in a public place, putting it at risk of theft or damage.

Bicycle insurance is designed to protect your bike against unexpected loss or physical damage, such as theft or accidental damage caused by the owner.

Read our tips for staying safe while cycling.

Do I need bicycle insurance? 

When it comes to insurance, the general rule of thumb is: If you couldn’t afford to replace it, then you might want to consider insuring it. And when you factor in all of the additional items that come with a bike – perhaps you have a GPS or a particularly expensive helmet – then you might be surprised by the total cost to replace your bike and its accessories should they get damaged or stolen.

Do I need to use a certain type of bike lock?

Yes. If you will be leaving your bike in a public place, it must be secured to a permanent structure via an approved security device through its frame. Security devices and locks must meet ‘Sold Secure Gold’ standards, or have a security rating of eight or above.

Please note that bikes must not be left outside of a locked building for more than 24 hours unless it is stored in a designated cycle storage facility. Bikes must also not be left in communal corridors in order for your claim to be valid.

Read more of our tips about how to keep you bike safe at university.

What counts as a ‘permanent structure’?

A permanent structure is any fixed or solid object not capable of being undone, removed with or lifted under/over the bicycle.

What types of bike can you cover?

Here at Endsleigh we can provide bicycle insurance for all makes and models of mountain bike and push bike, as well as:

  • BMX bikes
  • Children’s bikes
  • Classic bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • Dutch style bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Fixed gear bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Road and track bikes
  • Tandem bikes
  • Unicycles
  • Urban bikes
  • Vintage bikes and more
Is my bike covered under my home insurance?

Sometimes your home insurance policy will provide a level of cover for bicycles while they’re being stored at the property – for example, in a locked garage. However, this will depend on your insurance provider, so you should check your policy documents to find out whether your bike is covered. You can then decide whether you require additional cover to protect your bike while it’s away from home or if you want to go cycling abroad.

If you’re a student heading to university, some of your belongings might be covered under your parents’ home insurance.

Is my bike covered under my car insurance?

While your car won’t provide cover for theft or accidental damage caused to your bike, some insurers will provide cover under your car insurance for injuries and medical expenses if you’re involved in a collision with another car while cycling. Speak to your insurance provider to find out what’s covered.

How can I save money on my bicycle insurance?

If you’re a student with a TOTUM card, don’t forget that Endsleigh offers up to 10% discount on your bicycle insurance!

Find out more about our TOTUM discounts here.

Why Endsleigh for bicycle insurance?

With over 50 years’ experience, Endsleigh is the UK's No. 1 student insurance provider and the only one recommended by NUS. Our bike insurance policy is designed to be flexible and affordable, so you can build your cover and get to your lectures on time!

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