Private clients insurance

Our partners, A-Plan, understand that private clients’ needs are varied, and that a first class customer experience is important to you. A-Plan offer a professional approach and a range of policy benefits specific to you.
Insurance for high value homes

What does private clients insurance cover?

High value buildings and contents

High value buildings and contents

High value buildings and contents cover, protecting against a wide variety of risks.
Fine art and jewellery

Fine art and jewellery

Protection your personal belongings, such as jewellery and watches, with cover specifically designed to cater for fine art and high value items.
Accidental damage, legal expenses and home emergency

Accidental damage, legal expenses and home emergency

A-Plan provide a range of cover for your property and valuables, including protection against accidental damage and cover for legal expenses and home emergencies.

Benefits of Private Clients Insurance with Endsleigh’s partners

Specialist policies tailored to your needs

Specialist policies tailored to your needs

Friendly, helpful, expert advisors

Friendly, helpful, expert advisors

8 out of 10 clients renew with A-Plan each year

8 out of 10 clients renew with A-Plan each year

Your guide to home insurance

Not sure what cover you need for your property? Find out more by reading some of our useful guides about finding the right cover for your high value home and contents.

What is home insurance?

What is buildings insurance?

What is legal cover?

What is new for old?

The first time buyer survival guide

What is tenants' liability insurance?

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Frequently asked questions about high value home insurance

Choosing a home insurance policy for your property is an important decision, but the stakes are raised further with high value homes and belongings. We’ve taken the time to answer some of your frequently asked questions about high value home insurance so you can feel confident you’re making the right decision about your cover.

What is high net worth insurance?

High net worth insurance, also known as ‘private clients’ insurance, is home insurance for high value property and contents. This can include cover for buildings, contents or both, but the key difference is that high net worth insurance will usually provide a much higher sum insured than a standard home insurance policy.

Buildings insurance will provide cover for the structure of your property, including any outbuildings or property features, such as tennis courts or garages.

The contents section of your policy will provide cover for your belongings, such as furniture and furnishings, and can also be tailored to include cover for fine art and jewellery. These are items that also wouldn’t usually be covered under a standard home insurance policy, or if they are, there is usually a cap on the amount of cover provided for certain specified items. It’s important to make sure you have an accurate, professional valuation for any high value property belongings you wish to insure, as otherwise your insurance could be invalidated in the event of a claim.

Do I need high value contents insurance?

If you have any high value contents in your property, such as furniture, clothing or jewellery, you may require contents insurance to cover your belongings as these won’t be covered under buildings insurance.

Our partner, A-Plan's, private clients insurance provides contents cover up to a much higher value than standard contents policies, protecting against a range of risks. 

What else does high net worth home insurance cover?

As well as the covers listed above, you may also be able to tailor your policy to suit your specific needs. These could include additional elements of cover such as: 

Public liability insurance

If you often have visitors and guests at the property, public liability cove rcan sometimes be added.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you employ cleaners, gardeners or nannies, you could add employers’ liability cover.

Alternative accommodation

You could include alternative accommodation cover to ensure you still have a roof over your head, even if your property becomes uninhabitable following an insured loss

Need standard home insurance?

If you don’t have specialist requirements, take a look at A-Plan’s range of standard home insurance policies.

Find out more about home insurance

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