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12 AMAZING lockdown birthday ideas

Last updated: 03/11/20

The UK has been in and out of local and national lockdowns, with different lockdown rules since March and there have been millions of us who have experienced their very first ‘lockdown birthday’. Although it’s been SO different to what many of us are used to, it’s certainly been one to remember. One that we’ll always look back on and tell our children and grandchildren about.

Some of us are lucky enough to be social distancing together, whereas others may be staying home alone. Regardless, a birthday in the time of coronavirus really doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Whether it’s your own birthday or you’re trying to make someone else’s day special, here are 12 AMAZING ideas for making the most of a birthday in lockdown. And, who knows? You may end up enjoying it more than a normal birthday!

1. Have a digital party

With many of us still shielding/isolating, it may mean not everyone can get out to make socially distanced visits. You could organise a party on Zoom/Houseparty/Facebook Rooms or other video call software that allows a group of people to be on the same call and see each other’s faces. This is a lovely touch for those who may be living alone as it’ll allow them to catch up with everyone as if they were together! At Endsleigh, we’ve been making the most of Zoom for meetings, catch-ups, coffee mornings and birthdays!


2. Arrange a socially distanced garden party

Depending on the lockdown rules in your area, you could arrange a socially distanced gathering for some close family and friends. If the weather is nice, spread some chairs out, get everyone to bring their own drinks/snacks/cutlery and just enjoy their company from 2 metres apart.


3. Arrange some doorstop visits

If you don’t have a garden or would rather not have a gathering, arrange for some loved ones to stop off and wish a happy birthday from the doorstep. It can be a great way to pass on cards or just birthday wishes. And the birthday boy/girl may end up seeing more people than they normally would!


4. Order a special lockdown card

If you’re used to shopping online for greetings cards, you’ll probably have seen the hilarious lockdown-style cards doing the rounds over the last few months. The likes of Thortful have all adapted super quickly to the change in climate, their artists creating new, funny designs that are perfect to cheer your friend/loved one up. And they’ll make a keepsakes in years to come.


5. Pre-plan cards and gifts

If you know it’s someone’s birthday and you won’t be able to see them, you could arrange to post a card/small gift or order something online to be delivered to their home. You can even get things gift wrapped online, so you won’t even need to miss the personal touches that normally come with birthday presents/cards.

6. Make a video from family and friends

If you’re in charge of making someone’s lockdown birthday special, why don’t you ask their friends and family to each make short videos wishing them a happy birthday? Ask them to send them back to you, string them all together in a free video app and gift it to them on their special day. This can become quite a long video if your loved one has a lot of friends, so be sure to advise everyone to keep it short and sweet!

7. Hold a games night

You don’t have to miss out on fun just because you’re social distancing. If you’re having a digital get together, why not include some games like charades, pub quiz etc.? Look out for a blog post where you can get some more ideas on lockdown games.

8. Arrange a scavenger hunt

Wanting to make a stay at home birthday a bit more fun? Why not hide presents around the house and give your loved one clues to find them? This can make for great fun whether you’re dealing with children or adults! We all need some excitement in our lives and this is sure to fill the day with some adventure.

9. Create a makeshift restaurant

We’ve loved seeing this trend play out recently. All around the world, family members have been coming up with creative ways to develop home drive-thrus, home discos and so on. So if the person whose birthday it is can’t get to their favourite restaurant right now, how about some arts and crafts, home cooking and you can bring it to them?

10. Throw a dinner party

Arranging a digital gathering is a fun idea, but would it be more fun with food involved? The answer is usually yes! Get everyone to cook their meals ready for the call, or arrange for everyone to get a takeaway delivered for the same time. This way, you can still organise a birthday meal, despite social distancing.


11. Order balloons

There have been lots of card shops who have taken their services online over the last few months. You could ask around to find out if there are services in your local area which are delivering special occasion balloons and get some delivered to your door. We’ve seen some beautiful examples of balloon archways, balloons spelling out names and so on. It can be a great way to make someone’s special day that bit more exciting.


12. Bake a cake

If you’re looking for something to do and are partial to a bit of Bake Off, why not bake a birthday cake? If you’re living with the person whose birthday it is, you could even get them involved so that they can choose their cake and have some fun making it with you.

Having a birthday in lockdown doesn’t have been a bad thing. It’s as special as you can make it. Whether that’s arranging visits, gifts and gatherings, or putting thought into how your loved one can have the best day possible from the comfort of their own home. We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration to plan a perfect lockdown birthday!


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