What types of business are covered?

With so many options out there, finding the right business insurance package for your business can be a complex undertaking. With Endsleigh you’ll have your own dedicated account executive who will be on hand to advise on how best to protect your business against the risks it faces. We work with a wide range of insurers to make sure we’re providing the right business insurance products for you and your business, providing cover for the following business types:

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Established businesses

Are you an established business with years of experience in your industry? We pride ourselves on really getting to know you, your business and your insurance needs. Our tailored approach allows your insurance policy to evolve as your business grows and develops, ensuring you always have the cover you need.

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Rapidly changing businesses

When your business is growing or evolving, everything becomes more complex. Which is why our specialist business insurance policies can be updated to meet the evolving needs of your business. Our team of account executives will help make sure you always have the cover you need, adapting your cover as your business develops.

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Start-up businesses

Building a new business is hard enough without worrying about the complexities of your commerical insurance. That’s why we make the insurance part simple, providing cover for niche start-up businesses involved in specialist activities not necessarily protected by standard insurance.

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No matter the size of your business, we always adopt the same thorough process to safeguard it. Whether you’re a less complex business looking for a quick and easy solution, or you simply haven’t had a chance to review your business insurance of late, our team of account executives will take the time to find the solution that’s right for you.

What can Endsleigh’s specialist business insurance cover?

As well as providing tailored cover for your business, we’ll give you access to all the leading insurers, with bespoke cover options and competitive pricing. Our specialist policies can provide cover for the following, and more.

Public and products liability insurance

Cover against the costs of legal action and compensation made against your business should a member of the public injure themselves or damage their property on site or as a result of your advice or service.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you employ at least one person, having employers’ liability insurance in place is a legal requirement. Employers’ liability insurance protects against legal costs and compensation claims that arise from employee injury or illness in the workplace.

Professional indemnity

Indemnity against liability for a claim made against your business for professional neglect, error or omission. Protect your business against claims made in relation to financial loss that may have occurred as a result of your negligent advice.

Directors and officers protection

Financial protection for directors and officers should a claim be made against them personally, in association with the business. Cover yourself against the costs of defending or settling health and safety or employment claims.

Business interruption

Protection for an organisation if they are unable to continue operating as a result of an insured peril. Cover the losses that could occur if your business is closed due to an insured event, such as a flood or fire.

Cyber insurance

Protection for your business against the risk of cyber attacks and any associated reputational damage, and from risks resulting from IT infrastructure.

Legal expenses

Cover for any defence costs you may incur as a result of civil proceedings brought against your business by a third party. Protect your business from any financial losses that may occur after legal proceedings.

Insurance for motor trade

We can help car dealers, mechanics, part-time traders and breakdown recovery firms with our range of specialist motor trade insurance products, including road risk insurance, business interruption, public and employers’ liability.

Additional specialist cover may also be available if required. Please arrange a call with one of our account managers for more information.

Getting a specialist business insurance quote with Endsleigh

What do we need to know for a specialist business insurance quote?

There are many considerations when it comes to business insurance, so it’s a good idea to have all of the relevant information to hand before getting a quote. Here are some of the questions you might be asked about your business in relation to a quote…

How many employees do you have?

It’s a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place if you have at least one employee. If you have volunteers, this can be a bit of a grey area, but will either be covered under your public or employers’ liability insurance policy. Telling us the number of employees you have, as well as the annual wage role will help us make sure you have the right cover in place.

What type of business is it?

The type of business you run will have an impact on the type of business insurance you need in place – for example, a consultancy firm is going to be exposed to completely different risks than a tattoo studio. Furnishing us with details of your business, the types of activities you’re involved with and whether you carry out any business overseas will help us to assess the risk posed to your business and find the most suitable cover.

Do you own or rent the building your business operates from?

If you own the building your business operates from, you will be responsible for insuring the building as well as any business contents or equipment you own. If you lease or rent the property, you will be responsible for insuring any improvements you have made to the building, as well as contents and business equipment that you own.

Do you handle client data?

If you handle sensitive client data, you may need to consider taking out cyber insurance to protect against cyber attacks and breaches. Cyber attacks are on the rise with the digital age, so it’s important to make sure your business is protected from all angles, as a cyber breach could result in loss of income or even reputational damage.

Why Endsleigh for specialist business insurance?

Looking for specialist business insurance that fits your needs? With us, you can be certain help and advice is always readily on hand. We have been providing commercial business solutions for over 30 years, and our dedicated account executives are committed to providing you with a flexible service that grows with the needs of your business. We work to service level agreements for enquiry handling, offering fast solutions to your insurance needs as they happen.

Need to know more about specialist business insurance?

What is specialist business insurance?

Specialist commercial insurance is designed to give you peace of mind that you won’t be left out of pocket should something go wrong while you’re carrying out your day-to-day business. We work with a panel of specialist insurers to assess your level of risk and provide the right cover for you.

What does specialist business insurance cover?

Our specialist commercial insurance is designed to provide protection against any business losses that may occur, whether that’s due to third party compensation claims, accusations of negligence or damage to premises or other business assets. From specialist public liability insurance to business contents insurance, it’s vital that your policy is designed to meet the needs of your business and the specific risks it faces. That’s where our commercial insurance specialists can help.

Who needs specialist business insurance?

Anyone who runs a business or is self-employed in some capacity can benefit from commercial insurance of one type or another. After all, there are very few business ventures that are completely risk free. If you work in particular sectors, run events or own or rent your business premises, it’s important to ensure that both you and your company are protected should the unexpected happen. You may even find that adequate cover is a legal requirement for doing business. For example, if you employ one or more people, you’ll need employers liability cover to protect both you and your staff. This can be easily added to your specialist business insurance policy. If you’re unsure what you need, we’re happy to offer advice and guidance.

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