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Public liability insurance

Whether you're working freelance or running your own business, we’ll provide protection against liability claims made against you or your organisation.

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What's covered with public liability insurance?

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Third party liability

The cost of repairing or replacing property and possessions that have been damaged as a result of your work.

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Compensation claims

Compensation should a third party sustain an injury.

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Legal expenses

In the event that you go to court to defend against a claim.

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Medical fees

Medical fees from hospital treatments due to injury received as a result of your business.

What is public liability insurance?


Public liability insurance will provide protection against any claims, compensation payments and legal costs that could arise should a member of the public injure themselves or damage their property while visiting your business premises, or while you are visiting their home or offices.

If you work with customers or from a third party property, you may need to arrange cover for public liability. Although it’s not a legal requirement, public liability insurance can cover legal fees and compensation costs should you be sued for injury or damage to property, so it's important to make sure you're protected.  

Optional extras with public liability insurance

Employers liability insurance

Protection for your business if an employee seeks to claim compensation due to an illness or injury in the workplace.

Business equipment insurance

If your business relies on any special equipment, business equipment insurance can protect it from damage, theft and loss.

Business stock insurance

If your business keeps stock on the premises, business stock insurance can protect if from damage, theft and loss.

Interested in public liability insurance?

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