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Teachers’ liability insurance

Protect your livelihood against everyday risks associated with the education sector with teachers’ liability insurance. From public and employer’s liability insurance to compensation claims for student injury, your teaching or tutoring business is covered with Endsleigh.

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What’s covered with teachers’ liability insurance?

Depending on the level of cover selected, our teachers’ liability insurance can provide protection for:

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Public liability insurance

Protection for your teaching business if one of your students or customers injures themselves or their property is damaged whilst you’re working with them.

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Employer’s liability insurance

Protection for your business if an employee seeks to claim compensation due to an illness or injury in the workplace. This will also cover compensations claims made by work experience staff.

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Business equipment insurance

If your business relies on any special equipment, business equipment insurance can protect it from damage, theft and loss.

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Pupils’ possessions

The cost of repairing or replacing pupils’ property and possessions that have been damaged as a result of your work.

What is teachers’ liability insurance?


Teachers’ liability insurance, or tutor insurance, covers those who work in the education sector, including teachers, tutors and childminders. 

If a child were to be injured under your care or a client were to claim that your teaching is unsatisfactory, teachers’ liability insurance can help cover any legal costs arising from a claim for compensation.

This cover can also be beneficial for teachers, tutors or childminders with their own businesses. Just like any business owner, you want to know you're covered against losses that arise from your normal business activities. 

Your policy with Endsleigh can include a variation of covers such as employer’s and public liability insurance for teachers, plus cover for business equipment and pupils’ possessions.

Teachers' liability insurance FAQs

Not sure whether you need teachers' liability insurance? We've answered some of your most frequently asked questions to help you decide.

Who needs teachers’ liability insurance?


Teachers’ liability insurance is important to consider for anyone working within the education sector. This may include teachers, tutors, childminders, music teachers, lecturers, coaches and trainers.

You may be looking for insurance for your tutoring business or public liability insurance for childminders. What level of cover you need will depend on your individual circumstances.

You’re self-employed with no employees

If you’re a private tutor or teacher who operates at your home, your students’ home or another dedicated property, you’re usually recommended to consider private tutor insurance that includes public liability cover. This will protect you and your business if someone under your care gets injured during their time with you, or if you cause damage to the property where you are working.

Although generally not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is a sensible choice for teachers, private tutors and childminders* as it will help protect your livelihood.

Public liability insurance can be included in your cover with Endsleigh – whether that’s tutors’ insurance, teaching insurance or insurance for childminders.

You’re self-employed and employ at least one other person

If you’re looking for teaching insurance and you employ at least one other person, your requirements will differ slightly. Whilst it’s still important to consider public liability insurance for teachers for the reasons mentioned above, you’ll also be legally required to have at least £5m worth of employer’s liability cover in place. This is to protect your business, including those you employ or work with.

Imagine an employee slips and injures themselves at your workplace, this cover means that if they were to seek to claim compensation, your business would be protected. So, whether you’re looking for insurance for tutors, teachers or childminders, if you employ at lease one person, you need employer’s liability insurance in place.

You’re registered to work in a childcare setting

Registered childminders are the exception to the rule when it comes to public liability insurance. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework requires all registered childcare settings to have public liability insurance in place. This is regardless of whether you work alone or employ another person. So, if you’re a childminder registered on the Ofsted early years register, you’ll need public liability insurance for childminders before you start operating.

Plus, if you employ at least one other person, you’ll also need to include employer’s liability insurance by law.

At Endsleigh, we know insurance requirements can be confusing. That’s why we built specialist cover that can be tailored to your unique requirements. So, whether you’re looking for teacher or private tutor insurance, or need public liability insurance for childminders, we’ve got you covered.

*Public liability insurance is an essential EYFS requirement for all childminders registered on the Ofsted early years register.

What does teachers’ liability insurance cover?


Teachers’ liability insurance can provide cover for:

  • Compensation claims should a third party sustain an injury
  • The cost of repairing or replacing property and possessions that have been damaged as a result of your work
  • Compensation claims that have been made by an employee as a result of illness or injury due to their work
  • Compensation claims made by work experience staff

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