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Young driver insurance

Flexible cover for new and learner drivers through our partner, Marmalade. Marmalade's pay as you go insurance insures you on your parent’s car & allows you to pay for the miles that you need!

Why choose cover through Marmalade?

This cover can be a game-changer for young people struggling to afford insurance.

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Save money

Save your hard-earned cash by only paying for the miles that you need.

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More flexibility

Using more miles than you thought you would? Set your account to auto top up your miles so you never run out of cove

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No curfews

No worrying about night-time driving restrictions – take your journey whatever time suits you and your plans.

Young driver insurance: Your questions answered

Not sure whether you need young or new driver insurance? We’ve taken the time to answer some frequently asked questions so you have all the information you need to get a quote.

How does pay as you go car insurance work?

Pay as you go car insurance is where, as a new or learner driver, you can get insured on your parent or grandparent’s car – covering a pre-selected number of miles. Otherwise known as pay by mile car insurance, this cover puts the driver in control - allowing them the flexibility to pay for the miles they need. It can be a game-changer for young people struggling to afford insurance.

What is young driver insurance?

Young driver insurance is where insurance companies create specific, more affordable policies for younger drivers. All in a bid to help new drivers get behind the wheel without breaking the bank.

Once you’ve passed your driving test, graduated from a learner to a qualified driver and purchased your first car, you’ll need to arrange car insurance. This is to ensure you’re protected on the road and to meet the minimum legal requirements – any learner driver insurance won’t be enough anymore. But you’ll probably have a tough time finding cheap car insurance for young drivers. That’s why we offer a range of products for young drivers that’ll help keep your costs down while you build up your No Claims Discount.

Do I need young driver insurance?

If you own a car that you’re planning to drive (once you’ve passed your test) then it’s a legal requirement to have a minimum of third party car insurance in place.

If you don’t own a car, it is possible to be added as a named driver to a friend or parents’ car insurance policy.

How can young drivers get cheaper car insurance?

You’ll probably find car insurance is expensive for young and new drivers. This is due to a lack of experience behind the wheel increasing your risk of an accident and whole bunch of statistics to back this up .

Although there’s no doubt your first few years of driving will see your insurance at the highest it’ll probably ever be, there are a few things you can consider to try and keep the cost down as a young driver.

1) Choose a car with a small engine

Although you may want to go big for your first car, smaller engines are much cheaper to insure. Save the bigger engines for a few years down the line when you’ve built your No Claims Discount (NCD) as vehicles with powerful engines aren’t the best cars to insure for young drivers who want to keep costs down.

2) Pay yearly

Opting to pay monthly can be more convenient, but usually incurs a higher overall fee. Paying yearly can save you a fair bit of cash.

3) Insure yourself on a short-term basis

Don’t need to use your car during certain periods? No worries. You can insure yourself on a short-term basis .

4) Add a named driver

Adding an experienced named driver can reduce the cost of your insurance as you’ll be sharing use of the car with them.

5) Increase your excess

Increasing your voluntary excess can bring your insurance cost down. But it’s important to make sure you could afford to pay it if you need to claim.

6) Apply more security

Spending some time improving your car’s security (such as by installing an immobiliser) can sometimes get cheaper car insurance quotes for young drivers.

7) Choose level of cover carefully

Making sure you have the right level of cover is vital. Always make sure you’re covered for what you need. And don’t always assume that third party only insurance is the least expensive.

8) Use student discount

You may be able to use your Totum student discount on your car insurance.

9) Undertake Pass Plus

Pass Plus can teach you to be safer and more confident behind the wheel, which in turn, could reduce the cost of your insurance.

I’ve just passed my test, what kind of insurance do I need?

If you learnt to drive in your own car, or a family member/friend’s, you’ll have had learner driver insurance in place prior to your test. Once you pass your test and become a qualified driver, it’s important to remember this policy will be void and you need to upgrade to young driver car insurance.

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