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Flexible cover for your charity event – no matter how unique! We provide specialist insurance solutions for charities that include cover for multiple charity events, property damage, cancellation and curtailment, public liability insurance for charity events and more!

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Partnered with Charity Finance Group

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What does charity event insurance cover?

We’ve used our 30 years’ experience to build products that meet the ever-evolving needs of charities, community groups and not-for-profits. Our products and services include:

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Cover for charity events

You may need to present a certificate of public liability before you’re able to book certain venues, therefore it’s vital to make sure your charity has the right event cover in place plenty of time in advance. We’ll help you find the right protection against third-party liability claims, including cover for medical fees, legal expenses and compensation payments.

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Cover for assets and liabilities

For most charities, their risks and liabilities extend further than just the events they run. Using over 30 years’ experience, we’ve developed a bespoke insurance solution designed to protect your charity against a range of risks, including cover for public and employers’ liability, trustees’ indemnity, buildings and contents, charity vehicles and more.

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Expert consultation and advice

We understand that your priority is the service you provide, so we want to build a long-term partnership you can rely on. Every year we carry out market exercises to make sure you’re always getting the right cover at a competitive price – because we don’t wait for you to come to us with problems, we come to you with solutions!

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Service promise

We work to a Service Level Agreement for enquiry handling, offering exceptionally fast solutions to your routine charity and event insurance needs as they happen. If you need to make a change to your policy, we’ll respond the same day and won’t charge administration fees for any transaction, including new business, mid-term or renewal.

What is charity event insurance?


Event insurance (sometimes referred to as “one-day insurance”) is designed to protect organisations and attendees against financial and third-party risks. It includes covers such as public and employers’ liability insurance for events, cancellation and curtailment, money and damage to borrowed, hired or owned property.

Fundraising, whilst vital, can be a significant investment. So, if your charity couldn’t afford to lose the money from deposits, venue hire or any other outlays prior to an event, then it’s a good idea to have charity event insurance in place to protect your investment.

Not only that, but charities have an extra responsibility to their staff, volunteers and service users to make sure they’re protected against any additional risks they may encounter at an event.

Who do we cover?

Charity and not-for-profit insurance
Charities and not-for-profits

We’ve used our decades of experience to build comprehensive products and insurance schemes that meet the ever-evolving needs of charities and not-for-profits - including cover for; buildings and contents, single vehicles and motor fleets, business interruption, trustees’ indemnity, employers’ and public liability insurance and more.

Community groups

Specialist cover for a range of community groups and activities, including youth clubs, residents’ associations, arts and craft classes, parent and toddler groups, drama, dance and theatre groups, voluntary groups, community transport groups and more.

Social enterprises

We want you to have time to focus on your social mission, so we’ve developed products designed to protect you as your organisation grows, with expert support and advice on hand from our specialist team of account managers.

Charity event insurance: FAQs

As a specialist in this sector, we understand that charities have got a lot on their plate – especially when they’re busy planning fundraising events! That’s why we aim to make finding the right cover an easy process. Find out more about event insurance services by reading our FAQs.

Does my charity need event insurance?


Events are an effective way of building public awareness while raising money for the causes that matter. But let’s face it – between bustling crowds, unpredictable weather and potentially “risky” activities, there’s also a lot that can go wrong on the day. Not only that, but events can be a significant investment, requiring substantial time, energy and money to ensure things run smoothly and donation opportunities are maximised.

With so much at risk, it’s likely that your charity will be looking for some sort of safety net to protect against any unexpected incidents – which is where events insurance comes in.

There may also be cover your charity is legally obligated to have regardless of the events you run, such as employers’ liability insurance – you can read more about your charity’s legal requirements below. 

Essentially, if something could go wrong, or there’s even the slightest risk that an event organiser, staff member, volunteer or service user could get sick or injured at your event, then it’s both your legal and moral obligation to ensure you’ve assessed the risks involved and arranged the appropriate cover for your charity.

What else does charity event insurance cover?


Event insurance in the UK can vary depending on your insurer and individual requirements. However, at Endsleigh, we can usually provide cover for:

  • Employers’ and public liability for events
  • Cancellation and disruption cover
  • Adverse weather cover
  • Cover for property and equipment during transit to, from and whilst at the event (including cover against loss, damage or theft)
  • Liability for damage to venues – so if you’re renting a location for an event, you’ll be covered for damage to their property.

What types of events are covered?


All sorts!

Don’t worry if you’re running a slightly “unusual” event – our insurer partners are very flexible with the types of events they’ll cover - from larger outdoor events, to smaller ones in village halls. So even if you don’t see it listed below, get in touch to tell us more about what you’re planning and we’ll help you find the right cover.

Among other types of events, we can provide cover for:

  • Sports events and tournaments
  • Carnivals, festivals, summer fetes, fairs and open days
  • Planting projects
  • Craft fairs
  • Raffles
  • Bake sales (in fact, food events of any kind)
  • Car boot sales / jumble sales
  • Art shows and exhibits
  • Auctions
  • Concerts and galas
  • Live performances (such as drama productions)
  • Non-sporting competitions
  • Casino nights and more!

How long before my event do I need to arrange cover?


As soon as your charity signs a contract or starts investing money in an event, it’s a good idea to get cover in place to protect any deposits or overlays.

We’ll aim to build an insurance solution that covers all of your events insurance needs without having to regularly get in touch with us – but if you do need to make a change to your policy, we’ll respond the same day and won’t charge administration fees for any transaction, including new business, mid-term or renewal.

Is event insurance a legal requirement?


Trustees have a legal duty to act in a charity’s best interests, especially in relation to the organisation’s assets, resources, service users, staff and volunteers.

While event insurance itself is not technically a legal requirement, there may be elements of cover your organisation is legally obligated to have.

For example, if you have employees, you are legally required to have at least £5 million employers’ liability insurance in place – and you could be fined as much as £2,500 for every day you are not properly insured.

Equally, some venues may even require you to have public liability insurance for events in place before they’ll allow you to hold your event on their premises. This is to protect your organisation if a member of the public claims against your business in certain circumstances. They should let you know when you book the venue if this is the case.

But even if you’re not required to have cover in place, it’s still important to assess, mitigate and insure against these risks, as this will protect your organisation from potentially costly third party compensation claims and ensure you’re always fulfilling your duty of care to staff, volunteers and service users.

Visit the government website to find out more about your charity’s legal obligations.

How many events can be covered?


As many as you like – we can either provide cover for one-off single events or multiple charity events throughout the year as part of your combined insurance solution. So speak to us to build a policy that meets your requirements.

Or head to our charity insurance page to find out more about our full range of services.

Does event insurance cover stallholders and third-party vendors?


No - stallholders, suppliers and exhibitors should have their own public liability cover in place for their activities at events, as this policy will only protect your charity’s assets and liabilities.

What if I decide to cancel or postpone the event – is this covered?


No - cancellation and curtailment will only be covered if you have to cancel your event due to insured incidents, such as a fire or flood at the venue. When getting an event cancellation insurance quote, you should make yourself aware of the insured incidents as a priority!

Help for Heroes

Lucille Street
Head of Risk and Compliance

I have been so impressed with Endsleigh since we moved to them at the start of 2020. From their initial tender they have sought to understand the complex needs of the charity and how we support our beneficiaries. The service we have received has been outstanding and the transition was so easy. They constantly look for ways to add value and, combined with a significant saving in our annual premium.

People to Places

Peter Haley

As a small community transport organisation, insurance is one of our biggest costs over the year. So it’s vital that we are happy with our insurance arrangements that’s value for money and with an organisation that appreciates who we are and what we do. Endsleigh are great, their staff are very engaged with us, and they’re knowledgeable and responsive.  

Community Transport Association

Anneessa Mahmood
Director of Member Services

Endsleigh are more than insurance brokers - they advocate for our sector by making the insurance market work for Community Transport of all shapes and sizes. They've secured more competitive deals with a wider range of insurance providers, developed a new comprehensive breakdown support offer that won't leave you stuck in the middle of a run.


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