In the event that your home or property becomes unoccupied for an extended period of time, standard buildings insurance may not cover the property. Specialist unoccupied property insurance can cover your property during these periods of vacancy from loss, damage and much more.

When do I need unoccupied property insurance?

  • Probate

  • Renovation

  • Between tenants

  • Sale

What does unoccupied property insurance cover?

  • Fire, lightening, earthquake and explosion

  • Subsidence, heave and landslip

  • Flood damage

  • Storm damage

  • Theft and attempted theft

  • Malicious damage

  • Escape of water and oil

  • Riot and Impact

What properties do we cover and how long is the policy?

Woodstock have access to a limited panel of insurers who can insure almost any residential property. We are able to insure properties which are vacant for only a short period of time. We have flexible policies starting from 90 days which we can tailor to your needs.

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