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Take out the student gadget insurance policy that’s right for you. Select one of our three policy options, with 5* Defaqto rated cover when you go Premium.


Essential cover for your gadgets and possessions, including theft, accidental and liquid damage.

  • tickAccidental damage
  • tickLiquid damage
  • tickTheft cover
  • tickCracked screens
  • tick£50 Accessory cover
  • tick30 days worldwide cover
  • crossMechanical breakdown
  • crossLoss
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Getting more advanced now - protect your gadgets anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide.

  • tickAccidental damage
  • tickLiquid damage
  • tickTheft cover
  • tickCracked screens
  • tick£100 Accessory cover
  • tick90 days worldwide cover
  • tickMechanical breakdown
  • crossLoss
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5* Defaqto rated cover when you go Premium. Protection anywhere in the UK, up to 120 days worldwide.

  • tickAccidental damage
  • tickLiquid damage
  • tickTheft cover
  • tickCracked screens
  • tick£250 Accessory cover
  • tick120 days worldwide cover
  • tickMechanical breakdown
  • tickLoss
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What does student gadget insurance cover?

Gadgets come in particularly handy at uni, especially when it comes to coursework and keeping in touch with friends and family. But gadgets can also be susceptible to damage - both in your accommodation and while you’re out and about on campus – as well as expensive to replace, dependent on your device. Student gadget insurance helps to ensure you’re not left out of pocket should anything unexpected happen to your phone, tablet or laptop while you’re at uni. That’s why our flexible student gadget cover can provide you with:

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24 hour replacement

Stay connected at uni with gadget replacement in 24 hours once your claim is approved.

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Up to 15% multi gadget discount

Taking multiple gadgets? You'll receive a 10% discount when you insure two gadgets, with 15% off when you insure three or more.

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Worldwide protection

Need a quick weekend break after all the studying? We provide cover for your gadgets anywhere in the UK and up to 120 days worldwide when you go Premium.

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5* Defaqto rated Premium cover

Go Premium to protect your gadgets against loss, mechanical breakdown and up to 120 days worldwide protection.

Flexible student cover for gadgets and contents

Taking any other belongings to uni with you, such as your clothes, books and furniture? Our student insurance policies are flexible, meaning you can build your cover to protect both your gadgets and contents under one policy with Endsleigh, the UK's No. 1 student insurance provider.

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Need help with student gadget insurance?

If you’re heading to uni for the first time - or it’s just your first time taking out insurance - you may have some questions about gadget insurance and what it covers. Read our frequently asked questions below for more information about what’s covered, or call us on 0333 235 1557 to speak to our expert team.

What is student gadget insurance?

Student gadget insurance is simply cover you can take out to protect your gadgets while you’re living away at university, and will usually provide cover against a range of risks, both inside and outside of your accommodation.

Endsleigh’s student gadget insurance can provide cover for the following gadgets:

Please note that we are unable to cover any gadgets over three years old at the time cover starts.

What gadgets are covered?

When you’re at uni, gadgets will be a huge part of your life. From streaming your favourite shows on your iPad, to tracking your workout with your smart watch; what would you do without them? No, seriously, what would you do if something happened them?

Insuring your gadgets is one of the smartest things you can do, especially when you’re a student. But which gadgets are covered?

Endsleigh student gadget insurance covers you for laptops/notebooks, mobile phones, smart watches, MP3/4 players, tablets, digital/video cameras, portable games consoles, headphones, GPS devices and more.

Click here to get a quote and protect your gadgets.

Do I need student gadget insurance?

Insuring your gadgets will usually be the sensible thing to do if they are less than 3 years old. It makes sure they’re protected if they’re stolen, lost or even accidently damaged. If you’re at uni, chances are, you’ll be out socialising more than ever – and so you should be!

Whilst you’re having a great time, your gadgets are probably more at risk of being damaged than ever before. On a student budget, could you afford to replace your phone/laptop/camera if something happened to them? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time to seriously consider student gadget insurance.

Are my gadgets still covered under my parent’s home insurance policy?

Once you move to university, you may find that your gadgets and belongings are no longer covered under your parents’ or guardians’ home insurance policy – and even if they are, it may not provide as comprehensive cover as you need to protect your gadgets in your new lifestyle. For example, you may want to check that your gadgets will be covered whilst you’re on nights out or at lectures, rather than just being covered in uni accommodation. Did you know that most claims are for accidental damage?

Will my gadgets be covered by my accommodation provider?

Finding the best student gadget insurance for you can be quite the task. So, why not check whether you’re already covered without knowing? Some accommodation providers arrange contents insurance on behalf of their students whilst they’re staying with them, how great is that? Sometimes, this insurance policy will be with Endsleigh. You can check whether you have any student cover in place with Endsleigh here.

However, sometimes these policies will only cover your gadgets in certain circumstances (for example, only whilst the gadgets are within your accommodation). For this reason, you may still want to check the limits of the policy and decide whether you need any additional cover in place. This will make sure that you protect your gadgets against risks such as theft, loss or accidental damage even whilst you’re out and about at uni.

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How to protect your gadgets

Being at uni should be about more than worrying how you’ll replace your laptop if it gets stolen or damaged. It’s about meeting new friends, having fun, new experiences and working towards your long-term career goals.              

You worked hard for everything you have and you’ve put a lot of time, effort and ambition into getting where you are. Don’t let an accident with your gadget stop you from getting the most out of your uni experience.

Here are some ways which you can protect your gadgets and keep them safe.

1. Use a gadget case

If you can purchase a case for your gadget, do it! The likes of phones, cameras and laptops are much less likely to get damaged if they’re protected with a case.

2. Protect glass screens

Using a screen protector can save you a lot of money replacing screens, especially if you’re prone to dropping your phone/tablet.

3. Be careful when traveling

If you’re at uni, chances are, you’re traveling to and from home to visit family/friends. Pack carefully, cushioning your gadgets as well as you can.

4. Avoid using your back pocket

As convenient as it may be to pop your phone/iPod in your back pocket, try and avoid doing this to stop unnecessary cracked screens and uninvited toilet disasters!

5. Insure your gadget

Insuring your gadget can mean that when accidents do occur, you don’t have to spend your time stressing how to replace them. At Endsleigh, we’ll even replace your gadget with 24 hours of your claim being approved.

To read more about how to protect your gadget, click here.

To get a gadget insurance quote from the best student gadget insurance provider*, click here.

*Voted the 'Best Student Insurance Provider' at the ICAs 2019

Am I covered during uni holidays?

If you’re heading home for a few weeks during the university holidays, you may decide to leave some gadgets behind in your accommodation so you don’t have to lug everything back and forth. In this instance, your gadgets will still be covered under your gadget policy (as long as the policy is still in force).

Please note that our policies will only provide cover for up to 60 days unoccupancy, so if you’re planning on leaving for longer than that you may need to update your cover, or take your gadgets with you. You should also make sure that your property is secure and your belongings are left out of sight when you go home for the holidays.  

Can I cover my student contents under my gadget policy?

If you also need to protect your contents - such as your clothes, books and furniture - while you’re living in university accommodation, this can be easily added to your gadget quote online.

Alternatively, if you don’t need to protect any gadgets you can cover your student contents under a separate policy against risks such as fire, theft and flood.

Find out more about student contents insurance.

We can also provide cover for musical instruments and bicycles at university, and these items can also be added to your quote online.

How do you settle claims for student gadgets?

We know what a hassle it can be to lose or break a gadget, so we want to make our claims process as quick and easy as possible for our customers. That’s why we have a number of flexible claims solutions for gadget insurance, including:

24 hour replacement

If your gadgets are lost, damaged or stolen, with replacement in 24 hours once your claim is approved.

New for old replacement

Our approved supplier will replace your lost, stolen or unrepairable gadgets with a brand new model - or the nearest equivalent model if yours is no longer available.


Our approved supplier will repair your item and include a 6 month warranty on all works completed to give you piece of mind.

Apple refurbishment

If you have an Apple gadget, you can visit your nearest Apple Store and we'll reimburse you for the cost of obtaining an immediate refurbished replacement.

Amazon voucher

Our approved supplier will email an Amazon voucher for you to redeem straight away.

Cash settlement

If a cash settlement is the best option for you, let us know and we can make the necessary arrangements.

What is my student gadget insurance excess?

For each claim, you'll pay the first £50 except for a loss claim where you'll need to pay the first £75 of the claim.  

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Why Endsleigh?

With over 50 years' experience supporting students, we know that there are other risks when going to university. That’s why we shape our student gadget insurance products and services to meet your ever-evolving needs, protecting your valuable items throughout university and beyond.

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