Flat roof home insurance

Flat Roof Home Insurance

Specialist insurance for properties with a flat roof. Call us on 0333 234 1507 or request a quote.

  • With over 15 years' experience insuring non-standard homes, we know that flexible cover and great price are important to you
  • Our expert non-standard property team understands your unique situation and can provide you with insurance options to protect your property

Flat roofs pose a much more significant risk for insurers than pitched and tiled roofs. With the potential for the weight of rain or snow to build up on flat roofs to a point that simply wouldn’t happen with a standard roof, many standard insurers cannot cover this risk and with the UK’s record breaking snowfall each year, less and less insurers are set to be taking on the risk.

At Endsleigh Insurances (Brokers) Limited we find non-standard properties exciting and due to our experience we can assist where other companies may not be able to. Woodstock will provide you with a bespoke and individual insurance quote to match your needs. We are a leading specialist home insurance broker with the many of our staff working towards professional qualifications in insurance with the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII).

How can we help you?

We recognise there is a vast array of flat roof constructions incorporating different materials and technologies. We work with insurers that are well experienced in underwriting the non-standard risks that Woodstock takes on. For example, we will take:

  • Felt over timber beams

  • Asphalt

  • Bitumen

  • PVC / TPO

  • Metal

  • Roof terraces

  • Concrete

  • Eco-friendly

  • Membrane

  • Sarnafil

We understand that even though you may have a non-standard property you still demand a competitive price with a flexible policy that can accommodate any additional requirements over the course of the policy.

If you do decide to give us a call, you could help us out by first finding these key pieces of information:

  • The rebuild value of your property?

    This is a point that we cannot help you on, but is integral to accurately quote. If you are unsure, the ABI website will allow you to calculate the value

  • The percentage of the property that has a flat roof.

  • The contents of the property and their value?

  • The type of locks on the property?

    The best we will be looking for are British standard mortise locks BS3621 or 5 lever lock, also key operated window locks.

With Endsleigh Brokers you will also get these great benefits:

  • Bespoke underwriting service

  • 24 hour claims line

  • Buildings cover up to £1,000,000

  • Cover if your property is listed

  • Competitive prices