Holiday homes can be difficult to cover under standard insurance policies. Endsleigh Insurances (Brokers) Limited have developed a package of non-standard insurance products to cover your holiday home in many eventualities.

As a specialist home insurance broker, we provide a tailored service that offers a full range of holiday home insurance products for people who own properties which are not their main residence. We offer, a bespoke underwriting service with a 24 hour claims line.

Our buildings policies cover up to £1,000,000 and you can get cover if your property is listed. Cover for commercial holiday homes or just family and friends.

For adequate insurance we will need to know:

  • The use of the property?

    Whether you will be letting the property when you are away.

  • How often the property will be visited?

  • The contents of the property and their value?

  • The type of locks on the property?

    Ideally your property will have a British standard mortise locks BS3621 or 5 lever lock, and also key operated window locks.

  • The rebuild value of your property.

    If you are unsure the, ABI website will allow you to calculate the value.

  • The percentage of the property that has a flat roof

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