Can you insure more than one car on a policy?

You will not usually be able to insure more than one vehicle on a standard car insurance policy. However, other types of insurance policies may permit you to insure multiple vehicles.

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What is multi-car insurance?

Multi-car insurance policies typically offer cover for up to five vehicles under one single insurance policy, often with varying levels of cover for each vehicle. These policies are helpful if you have more than one vehicle in the household, as not only will you have one set of documents and one renewal date for all of your vehicles, but insurers will sometimes also offer discounts for adding more vehicles to your policy.

What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is often available to businesses that have five or more vehicles and will usually provide cover for various vehicle types (such as cars, vans, trucks, MPVs and special types), as well as allowing multiple drivers to use the vehicles. This makes fleet insurance ideal for businesses such as couriers, taxi firms and hauliers.

To take out a fleet car insurance policy, you usually need to provide your insurer with details of any licenced drivers that will be using the vehicles.

How much is fleet insurance?

Usually, fleet insurance is an additional payment that is required when vehicles are added onto the policy. On payment of this amount, the policy holder can add vehicles onto the policy mid-term.

A fleet car insurance policy can be helpful to businesses that own multiple vehicles from an administration perspective, because all vehicles will have one annual renewal date and one set of policy documents. It can also be more cost-effective to certain businesses, because the more vehicles that are added to the policy, the more competitive the price is likely to be.

If you have fleet insurance, you should check with your insurance provider as to whose responsibility it is to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID). On a single car insurance policy, it is standard for insurers to update the MID on your behalf – this is one of the ways in which the authorities can track who is driving uninsured. However, with some fleet car insurance policies it will be your responsibility to update the MID with details of which vehicles are being added to or removed from cover. One of the ways you can check whether your vehicle is insured is to ask MID.

What is motor trade insurance?

If you have third party vehicles under your ‘care, custody and control’ as part of your normal business activities, then it’s a legal requirement to make sure you have cover in place to protect not only your own vehicles, but your customers’ vehicles as well. This will be the case for most motor trade businesses, such as car dealers, mechanics, part-time traders and national dealers.

Motor trade insurance allows business owners to insure multiple cars under one policy against a range of motor trade related risks, such as cover for wrongful conversion, loss of income following the loss of your MOT licence and road risks.

Finding the right car insurance for you and your business

Anyone that’s had a crash, hit a pothole,  or accidentally dented a customer’s vehicle will already understand the importance of making sure you’re protected on the road – and that you’re fulfilling your legal obligations when it comes to having suitable car insurance in place.

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