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International student travel insurance for education providers

Help to fulfil your duty of care to students by including bespoke international student insurance in your study abroad package. Protect students from the unforeseen risks they may encounter whilst studying in the UK and make your establishment’s offering more inviting to prospective parents and agents.

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Deliver an integral value-added service to your students with carefully tailored international student travel insurance at market-leading prices.
partnered with English UK

Proudly partnered with English UK

Experts in the youth and travel market

With over 30 years’ experience in the student and youth travel markets and as the preferred insurance partner for English UK, we understand the importance of protecting international students against the risks they may encounter while studying in the UK. Due to current global challenges, there is likely to be a greater need for bespoke travel insurance for international students and our cover offers an extension to the level of care you give to your students.

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Working in partnership with English UK

Endsleigh and English UK have enjoyed a partnership for over 10 years. We now work with almost half of all English UK education provider members to include a bespoke insurance offering as a part of their study abroad packages.

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Expert consultation and advice

We want to build a long-term partnership you can rely on, which is why you’ll receive specialist support from a dedicated account manager when building and managing your insurance plans. They’ll work with you to build an international student travel insurance solution that meets the specific needs of your students and your business.

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Partnered with the UK’s leading medical assistance provider

We work with market-leading insurers to make sure the process with us - from quote to claim - is always as easy as possible. In the event of a claim your students will be supported by CEGA, the UK’s leading medical assistance provider, and winner of the ‘UK Customer Service Excellence Award' for Outstanding Customer Journey in 2019!

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COVID-19 cover

Since the early stages of the global pandemic, we have enhanced our travel insurance policies for international students to include certain risks in relation to COVID-19. Cover is in place for any emergency medical treatment required and additional medical expenses if it is medically necessary for the student to stay in the UK beyond their scheduled return date.

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Pay As You Go

Following the impact of our latest industry challenges, we have made our insurance models as financially flexible as possible to support our partners. Both insurance models are based on a ‘Pay As You Go’ platform, meaning there is no upfront cost to set up a partnership agreement with us, and we’ll only collect premiums based on the number of ‘insured student weeks’ declared to us on a monthly basis.

What is international student travel insurance for education providers?


International students often have more complex insurance needs and their parents naturally want reassurance that their children will be properly protected throughout their stay in the UK.

International student travel insurance offers parents peace of mind that their children are protected from the moment they apply to study at your institution, through their journey to the UK, and until they return home. This not only helps ensure you’re fulfilling your duty of care to your students, but it could also make your establishment’s offering more inviting to prospective parents and agents.

International student insurance can either be included in your overall study abroad package, or offered as an optional extra – either way, our specialist travel team will work with you to make sure you have the right solution in place that benefits both your students and your business.

Who do we cover?

Who we cover: language schools
Language schools

Specialist advice and dedicated support for a wide range of educational organisations across the UK, including summer, short-term or established language schools. We offer language schools a comprehensive range of covers - including directors and officers, professional indemnity and crisis containment.

Who we cover: summer schools
Summer schools

Customisable insurance packages for short or long-term summer schools, with specialist student travel cover for cancellation, course fees, medical emergencies, personal belongings and more.

Who we cover: Education providers
International education providers

Our range of policies has been developed to deliver effective protection for your organisation and its students. Through expert consultation and advice, our account managers will tailor your insurance portfolio so you can be confident you have sufficient cover in place, whether you’re a university, pathway provider, travel agency or international student accommodation provider.

International student travel insurance FAQs

Not sure whether you need international student insurance? We’ve pulled together some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

How can students benefit from international student insurance?


We currently protect hundreds of thousands of overseas students each year through over 100 different education providers across the UK. So we understand that students have unique needs, particularly when there’s international travel involved.

Whether it’s protecting irrecoverable pre-paid costs if a student has to cancel or cut a trip short, or if a student falls ill during their trip to the UK, we can offer flexible cover options tailored to your requirements - with the opportunity to earn additional revenue on individual products as a regulated partner. Not only that, but with the recent COVID-19 challenges we are continuously adapting our policies to make sure we’re providing students with the cover they need through the uncertain times.

We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right cover in place for your students and their activities, including:

Cancellation or curtailment

Cover for irrecoverable unused costs that the student has to pay if the trip is cancelled or cut short as a result of an unforeseen event (such as an illness or injury).

Course fee cover 

Financial protection for irrecoverable prepaid course or tuition fees if the student is unable to continue their studies due to an unforeseen event.

Medical emergency and other expenses

Should a student get injured or fall ill on a trip, we’ll cover the costs for any medical treatment, hospital and ambulance fees, as well as cover for emergency dental treatment. You can also extend cover to include private medical costs.

Medical repatriation costs 

Cost for transport and accommodation expenses for close relatives to travel to the student in the UK, including reasonable additional costs for funeral expenses or returning their body to their home country following a death.

Baggage and personal possessions 

Cover for students’ personal belongings if they’re accidentally lost, damaged or stolen while they’re studying in the UK.

Personal money, passport and documents

Accidental loss, theft of or damage to personal money and important travelling documentation such as a passport or visa. This includes reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred whilst abroad to obtain a replacement.

Missed departure

The cost of additional transport and accommodation costs if the student has missed their public transport from or to their home country as a result of an insured event.

Professional counselling

We understand that student safeguarding and wellbeing is paramount. That’s why we include cover for professional counselling costs if a student suffers any stress, anxiety, depression, or any other mental or nervous disorder.

What additional commercial benefits are available for international education providers?


Financial protection

If a student is unable to pay their fees due to an unforeseen event, we’ll protect your organisation's income by reimbursing the cost of any course fees that the student is contractually liable for.

Personal liability

Peace of mind that your students are covered if they are legally liable to pay compensation following accidental injury to a third party or damage to their property. This can also help to protect your organisation’s reputation during a legal dispute. This will not only give you peace of mind that your student’s liabilities are covered, but also your accommodation, homestay and school partnerships.

Personal accident

Financial security for students and their families should the student be involved in an accident resulting in a permanent bodily injury or death while studying in the UK.

Extended cover

Cover can also be extended to protect your students for up to 21 days for leisure trips across Europe, as well as extending cover for trips anywhere in the world if it’s part of the student’s course.

Sports and activities cover

Automatic cover for over a hundred different sports and activities arranged by your organisation, saving you and your students time, hassle and costs having to arrange specialist cover for any high-risk activities.

Is general commercial insurance available for international education providers?


It’s not just your students you need to take care of – there are also wider commercial risks attached to running a language school or international education establishment that need to be protected against.

For your commercial insurance needs, you’ll receive expert support and advice from a dedicated account manager who will work with you to build a policy that protects against the specific risks associated with your business. This can include public liability, employers’ liability, business interruption, professional indemnity, directors’ and officers’, cyber liability, legal expenses and more.

Find out more about commercial insurance for education providers.

What other services are included in the partnership?

When it comes to your insurance, we’re a team – so we provide additional information and support throughout the process to ensure a smooth journey for you and your students, including:

  • Providing all the relevant information you’ll need to include on your websites
  • Translated policy documentation
  • Support including insurance in your online booking portals
  • Ongoing compliance training and support for regulated partners

By including insurance as a part of your services, this provides both you and your students peace of mind that they will be appropriately covered. Including insurance can also be used as a fantastic marketing tool and a unique selling point to encourage students to book onto your courses – there is nothing more important than letting your students know that their safety is your priority.

What’s included with medical assistance cover?

We’re partnered with CEGA for our travel medical insurance, the UK’s market leading medical assistance provider specialising in international medical assistance. They were accredited finalists of the ‘Claims Excellence Awards’ for Customer Care Solution and winner of the ‘UK Customer Service Excellence Award' for Outstanding Customer Journey in 2019.

In the event of a claim, your students will be supported by CEGA’s dedicated team who will handle their case compassionately, quickly and effectively.

Wherever in the world your students may travel from, CEGA Assistance will offer the highest quality of travel assistance support including:

  • International emergency medical assistance
  • Medical support, including an in-house medical team for remote location
  • Air ambulance services, repatriation and emergency evacuation
  • Multilingual doctor and nurse escorts
  • Crisis management
  • Translated policy documentation in primary languages
What’s the process if I include insurance in my study abroad package?

Becoming a partner is a great way to ensure a high quality of care to your students.

Both of our partner models are also arranged on a ‘Pay As You Go’ basis, meaning there is no upfront cost to set up a partnership agreement with us, and we’ll only collect premiums based on the number of ‘insured student weeks’ declared to us on a monthly basis.

You will have two options as to how you manage your insurance:

1. Include cover within your fees.

You have the option of arranging your cover on an ‘inclusive’ basis – whereby all students are provided cover under one policy and the cost is included as part of the school fees.

Not only does this ensure peace of mind for you and fee payers, but it also allows you to have control knowing that all students are automatically covered, which is especially important for travel and personal accident.

There is an overwhelming concern that many students are either left to take out policies themselves, which may not offer the level of cover they may need or students in many cases are travelling without any insurance protection at all. Through our inclusive model, you will be sure that all your students will have the full protection they require and will be provided with the same levels of service through Endsleigh.

2. Opt-in insurance

You give students the option to take out cover as an additional benefit, and we’ll work with you to include the insurance offering as a part of the enrolment process and within your booking platforms. If the students choose to include the policy, you collect the premiums and we will invoice accordingly on a monthly basis.

With our ‘opt-in’ model, you will also have the option of becoming a ‘regulated’ partner and an Appointed Representative of Endsleigh through the FCA. This means you will have the ability to generate an agreed commission on every policy sold, which can be a highly valuable additional revenue stream for your business.

If you choose to become a ‘regulated’ partner, we will support you and your sales teams with all the relevant insurance training, materials and documents required to make offering insurance extremely simple and easy to manage with very limited administration.

Are there any limits on cover in relation to COVID-19?

It’s important to be aware of the conditions of our travel insurance cover in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find a full list of our coronavirus travel FAQs for Zurich underwritten policies here.

English UK

Huan Japes
Membership Director

We greatly value our partnership with Endsleigh Insurance, which has delivered financial assistance, security and peace of mind for 50,000 English language students studying with English UK member schools over the years.

Cambridge Education Group

Luke Kinneavy
Head of Procurement

Endsleigh Insurance Services have been our student insurance partner since 2016 and we can highly recommend them for their expertise and professional approach.

Lewis School of English

Alistair Walker

We have been working with Endsleigh for many years and they are a pleasure to work with. They always understand our needs and tailor products to match our requirements. They are very friendly, responsive and highly efficient.

Harrow House International College

Sabine Booth
Operations Director

We have always found Endsleigh to offer excellent value for money for the comprehensive cover they provide and hassle-free when dealing with them to make claims.


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