Landlords buildings and contents insurance is designed specifically for people who let a property out. It is different to normal household insurance as it allows paying tenants to be unsupervised in your property whilst still covering your investment.


  • Malicious damage by tenants

    Our landlord insurance covers you for up to £25,000 against malicious damage or vandalism caused by tenants and their guests at no extra charge.

  • Unoccupied cover

    Our landlord insurance provides un-occupancy cover for up to 120 days for student tenants and up to 60 days for non student tenants to ensure your property is protected outside of term time or in-between lets.

  • Alternative accommodation and loss of rent

    If any let room or communal area in the property becomes uninhabitable we will provide your tenants with alternative accommodation or compensate you for the loss of rent for up to 30% of the re-buildings cost of your property.

  • Trace and access cover

    We provide full trace and access cover for up to £5,000 included as standard, we will cover the cost of finding the escape of water, as well as subsequent repairs to the floors, ceilings and walls.

  • Landlords fixtures and fittings

    As landlords fight to secure the best tenants there is an increasing number who will provide digital communication such as satellite dishes, wi-fi and broadband equipment. As we include cover for these as standard on buildings insurance you do not have to purchase additional cover.

What does landlords insurance cover?

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Lightening

  • Oil or water leak

  • Smoke

  • Storm (excludes gates and fences)

  • Subsidence

    Excludes; damage to outbuildings, walls, gates, hedges, fences, footpaths, drives, patios, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools and terraces, unless the main private dwelling of your property is damaged at the same time.

  • Burst pipes

  • Impact from vehicles, falling trees, animals, aircraft, aerials and masts

Extra benefits available

  • Separate buildings and contents

    If you don't need both buildings and contents only choose the one you need and save money.

  • Legal expenses

    You can add legal expenses of up to £50,000 for repossession and recovery of rent arrears.

  • Home emergency expenses

    Add home emergency for "first aid" cover for your property. You get up to £500 for sudden unexpected events such as boiler breakdown or burst pipe.