If you have insurance for your house, holiday, classic car, boat, holiday, or second home then it may be suitable to consider the option of personal portfolio cover.

At Endsleigh Private Clients our experts create tailored polices to suit your needs including cover for home, travel, cars and watercraft. Furthermore it’s possible to combine some or all risks into one insurance portfolio. If you would like to find out how a personal portfolio could match your needs then speak to Endsleigh Private Clients today to arrange to be appointed with your own personal adviser. Our advisers can arrange to meet and discuss your requirements face to face or over the phone.

Why combine your insurance?

  • Excess

    If you have a loss that affects more than one aspect of your portfolio you will only need to pay the highest excess applicable opposed to paying an excess for each policy affected. For example a fire at your property that effects part of your building or grounds that also damages your car. In this scenario you will only pay the higher excess of the 2 policies, not both.

  • Single contact point

    You have one insurer and one point of contact for all of your personal insurances helping to cut down on administration, paperwork and most importantly your time. In the event of a claim, there would only ever be one point of contact minimising the hassle and ensuring the process in such an event is as smooth as possible.

  • Renewal process

    Your advisor can work with you to combine your policies together reducing paperwork, time and effort. The renewal process would involve a discussion with your personal advisor once a year to tie up all your annual covers under once policy with one payment.

  • Cost efficiencies

    By gaining an in depth understanding of your circumstances and insurance requirements your personal advisor can help to recognise any potential areas that can be included in the portfolio that you may have not even considered. With the ability to have home, fleet, travel, holiday home and small watercraft all under the same policy you could make savings on admin fees, direct debit interest payments as well as premium discounts for multiple cover with the same insurer.

  • What does portfolio insurance include?

    With Endsleigh Private Clients there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to insurance. Our private clients team work with our customers to understand what is important to them and make sure they have the most comprehensive policy available based on their needs. The differences in cover from insurer-to-insurer can be extremely subtle and that is why we aim to ensure you are getting the policy that is right for your needs. Where possible we aim to place as many covers as possible under one policy that make sure you are receiving the best possible benefit from your insurer, however if for any reason separate policies need to be arranged to make sure the cover is right for you that is also possible.

  • Minimum hassle

    Our carefully selected panel of insurers all provide policies where the customer and their needs are at the heart of their decision-making process. The policies include no upper limits of art, antiques or jewellery and no automatic security warranties that could result in cover being invalidated if a claim were to arise. All our insurer partners have dedicated claims staff who will work with you to make sure claims are settled as quickly, conveniently and hassle free as possible with your personal advisor being on hand at all stages to answer any queries or help resolve any issues you may have.

Endsleigh Private Clients is a trading name of Endsleigh Insurances (Brokers) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This can be checked on the FSA Register by visiting its website at www.fsa.gov.uk.