What is home insurance legal cover?

If you’ve ever been involved in a legal dispute or had to hire a solicitor, then you’re probably already aware that hiring legal support can be costly.
Legal expenses is an optional cover you can add to your home insurance policy that will give you access to legal representation and provides up to £50,000 to cover your legal costs in the event of a dispute.

What’s covered with home legal expenses cover?

There are a number of different scenarios covered by Endsleigh’s home legal expenses optional extra, including the following disputes:
  • Employment disputes (disputes relating to your contract of employment)
  • Contract disputes (disputes arising from an agreement where you are buying, hiring or selling goods or services*)
  • Personal injury (cover in the event of a counter claim for an accident that causes your death or bodily injury)
  • Clinical negligence (cover for counter claims arising from negligent acts of surgery, clinical or medical procedure, which causes your death or bodily injury)
  • Property protection (civil disputes relating to your home or possessions following physical damage)
*Note that we are unable to cover contract disputes relating to construction work on any land, or designing, converting or extending any building where the contract value exceeds £5,000 (including VAT). Please read your policy documents for full terms and conditions.

What’s not covered with home legal expenses?

When claiming on your legal expenses insurance, there must be ‘reasonable prospects of success’ – this means there must be a greater than 50% chance of successfully pursuing your claim for it to be covered.
Note that home legal expenses does not cover costs and expenses incurred before written acceptance of your claim, or fines, penalties, compensation or damages which you are ordered to pay by a court.
A £250 excess is applied to nuisance and trespass claims, otherwise this cover is excess free.

Is home insurance legal cover worth it?

Getting a solicitor can be an expensive business, and one you may not want to pay for out of pocket should you need to defend your legal rights. Equally, when you’re in the midst of a legal battle you’re going to be glad to have legal support on hand should you need it.
Our home insurance legal cover is underwritten by DAS, the UK’s leading legal expenses insurer.

What’s the difference between legal expenses and liability cover?

Personal (or property owners’) liability cover will usually be included as standard under a home insurance policy, and provides cover for compensation claims to third parties arising from your ownership of the building – for example, a tile falls off the roof and hits a passer-by, either injuring them or causing damage to their property. Endsleigh’s home insurance policies provide up to £2 million personal liability cover.
Legal expenses, on the other hand, is to protect you should someone take legal action, such as due to a disagreement over a service or employment contract, which is why it can make a useful addition to your home insurance policy.

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