How to create a gallery wall

Bare walls can often make a room feel just that – bare! Simply hanging art, prints or photographs can instantly make a space feel homely and give a room a personal touch. The latest trending interior style is a gallery wall, this is when you use a mixture of prints, frame sizes and styles to create a gallery that looks chic and effortless. Interior blogger Fiona from Fifi McGee has let us in on her secrets behind her gorgeous gallery wall. 

Gallery Wall (2)

It’s easy to just jump into this project and start hanging your prints and just hope for the best. One of Fiona’s key tips though is to do just a little planning beforehand. For example, think about your colour scheme – you may want to go bright and bold or stick with more muted tones.

Gallery Wall2

Placement is the next thing to tackle. Although gallery walls look effortless, it’s best to trial the placement of each frame first. Use some spare cardboard to cut around the shapes of each frame – these can then be used to position on the wall with some white tack. It’s a great way to visualise how your gallery wall will look.

Gallery Wall3 Gallery Wall1

Once you have your placement sorted, it’s time to commit! If you can use nails, then hammer a nail through the cardboard - this will give you a guide for where to place the nail once you’ve take down the cardboard. If you rent and your landlord’s not keen on you using nails, then just stick your prints and photos to the wall with colourful washi tape, as it doesn’t damage the paint!

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And there you have it - your wall will be Pinterest-worthy in no time!

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