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  • In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to work with your accommodation provider to make some flexible changes to your insurance cover so you can still make a claim if you need to.

    Below is a summary of the changes we have made:

    Have you left your possessions inside your room?

    We know you might have left your accommodation at short notice and returned home, and you might not have taken all of your possessions with you. Normally, we won’t pay a claim if you leave your belongings in a place nobody is living in for more than 60 consecutive days, but we’ve removed this condition for the rest of your policy year. This means if you’ve left some of your belongings behind at university you’ll still be able to make a claim, even if nobody is living at you student address.  

    Are your possessions covered when you are travelling home?

    When you are travelling home, you may be carrying important items. We’ve increased your cover for theft whilst you’re travelling home up to £500 per bag of possessions. Cover only applies within the UK.

    Have your possessions been put into storage at your accommodation?

    Your accommodation provider may have put your possessions into secure storage for you. Please be reassured that cover for these items will still apply in storage and this includes all items up to the limits on your policy certificate. Please see the link below to view your policy certificate.

    Are you living in temporary accommodation?

    If you have been moved into temporary accommodation elsewhere, the block possessions policy will still cover you and you can still make a claim if you need to. This is to make sure you receive the same protection you had when you were in your designated student accommodation.  

    Communal area protection

    We understand you may be spending more time inside your designated accommodation areas than ever before, possibly using common room spaces or communal areas. Laptops & Tablets will be insured for theft outside of the room and inside your designated accommodation communal areas. Cover applies in common rooms, shared living rooms, kitchen or bathroom within the designated student residence. Cover limits are listed on your policy certificate.

    If you do need to make a claim;

    Our specialist claims team are still running at full capacity. We wanted to provide a reminder on how you can make a claim under this policy:

    • Claims can be registered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by reporting them online via www.endsleigh.co.uk/claim-centre/
    • Endsleigh’s Claims Service is open five days a week, Monday to Friday 9:00am-5:30pm; Phone number - 0800 923 4042. This number will be directed to an out of hours support service outside of these times.

    To access your policy information please click here.

    Last updated: 09 October 2020

  • If you’re looking for information regarding the coronavirus and home insurance, you may find the answers to your questions here. 

    If you still can't find what you're looking for, other ways to get help and information include visiting our claims centre, logging into your online account or speaking to us on Live Chat.

    Please check which insurer underwrites your Endsleigh home insurance policy – you can find this information on your Policy Schedule or Statement of Insurance. The guidance below applies for all insurers with the exception of Pen Underwriting.

    If your policy is with Pen Underwriting, due to the unprecedented restrictions on UK citizens imposed by the government, in the event of a claim where you have not been able to comply with policy conditions due to COVID-19 this will be taken into account. Every situation will be assessed on its own merits, as long as you were complying with the terms prior to COVID19. In the first instance, you should call Endsleigh customer service on 0333 234 1552 if you have any questions.

    Will my insurance policy by affected if I now need to work from home due to COVID-19?

    Our home insurance policy provides cover for working from home as standard, providing business visitors do not come to the property.

     If you will have business visitors coming to the property, please contact us to update your policy. During the lock-down period we will waive our usual amendment fee.

    My property may be left unoccupied for longer than the 30 or 60 day limit on my policy due to COVID-19 – will I be covered?

    If your property will be unoccupied for an extended period due to the coronavirus pandemic -  for example because you are unable to travel home from abroad or are self-isolating at a different address - we will maintain cover for either the standard unoccupancy period or until the end of the government lockdown - whichever is longer.

    If your circumstances have changed, please contact us to let us know so we can update your policy.

    If your property is going to be unoccupied for an extended period of time, if possible please ask a trusted person to visit and check on the property while you’re away.

    I am a student and have left property at my student address whilst returning to my parental home and am not sure when I will be able to return.  Will my belongings still be covered?

    If you will be away from your student property due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will provide cover for your possessions for either the standard unoccupancy period stated on your policy or until the end of the government ‘lockdown’ - whichever is longer.

    If your circumstances have changed, please contact us to let us know so we can update your policy.

    A friend or relative is staying with me at my home address during the lockdown period – will this affect my insurance?

    Yes, if the occupancy of your property has changed due to coronavirus, please contact us to let us know so we can update your policy. We will also need to know their occupation (e.g. student, retired, unemployed).

    I am meant to be moving to a new home, but the moving date has now been pushed back.  Can you delay a change to the policy?

    If you have already exchanged on the property and are legally responsible for the provision of insurance, the policy will need to remain in force.

    If you will be away from the property due to COVID-19, we will provide cover for the buildings for either the standard unoccupancy period stated on your policy or until the end of the government ‘lockdown’ - whichever is longer. If this is the case, please contact us to let us know so we can update your policy.

    If we were insuring your previous home already and you have updated your address on your policy effective from exchange but this has now not gone ahead, please contact us to change your policy back to the previous address.

    Please note that we will still be able to provide cover for the new risk address, but we will need to provide a separate policy for this.

    Will my home insurance cover the cost of a deep-clean, should my property become contaminated with COVID-19?

    Unfortunately this will not be covered under your home insurance policy.

    I have taken office equipment home with me during lockdown – will it be covered under my home insurance?

    Following the Government advice on Monday 16 March that people should look to work from home wherever possible, we have experienced some queries from customers around what they are covered for under their policies when following this advice.

    Our standard policy wordings have not changed, so cover is provided as follows:

    Note: Endsleigh will not cover any business equipment such as a laptop or phone which is owned by a policyholder’s employer, as these will normally be insured by the company themselves. 

    Policy numbers starting with AX1, AX2, AZ1, CN1, CN2, CN3, AX3, DG1, EC6, FL1, GE1, NU1, RE1, RE2, TS4, ZP2, ZU1, EL4, EL6, FT1, FT2, FT4, GN1, GN2, GN4, KT1, KT2, LG3, LG5, RA1, RA2, RA3, ST1, ST2:

    Business use of contents in your home, including cover for loss or damage to household goods, personal effects or computer equipment up to the amount stated on your policy schedule.

    Policy numbers starting with 468, EIS, FARBP, SSE, 898, 515:

    Business use of contents in your home, including cover for loss or damage to household goods, personal effects or computer equipment up to £5,000.

    Policy numbers starting with FARBF: 

    The followings items are covered as standard:

    Computers; modems; keyboards; monitors; printers; word processing equipment and computer aided design equipment; facsimile machines; photocopiers; typewriters; telecommunication equipment and office furniture, but not including any property held as trade stock or games consoles.

    Policy numbers starting with 19xxR or 20xxR: 

    Household items and personal belongings:

    • that you own
    • that you are legally responsible for
    • that belong to domestic employees who live with you

    This includes personal money up to £750, visitors' personal belongings up to £1,000 and homeworking equipment up to £5,000 (although no one item can be worth more than £1,500).

    Will my home insurance cover my rental payments if I become temporary unemployed during lockdown?

    No, your home insurance will only provide cover for damage to your buildings and / or contents (depending on the cover you selected when you took out the policy). This will also not be covered by a home insurance legal expenses policy.

    However, the government has provided guidance on how they will be supporting tenants during these uncertain times - you can find the most recent advice here

    The occupancy of my property has changed due to the coronavirus outbreak – do I need to let you know?

    If your property will be unoccupied for longer than the standard unoccupancy period outlined in your policy or you now have a friend or relative living with you, please contact us to let us know.

    You do not need to let us know if you are currently working from home due to the pandemic.

    What will response/claim times be like during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic?

    Our insurers have informed us that their Claims Departments are open as normal. However, under the current circumstances, some teams will be working from home and possibly with reduced numbers.

    This means that call wait times and claim settlement times may be slightly longer than normal. Please be assured that we and our insurers will still do everything we can to help.

    If your call is non-essential, it would be helpful if you could review our FAQs before calling to keep wait times to a minimum.

    Last updated: 12 October 2020

  • You can cancel your cover at any time. However, we will not refund your premium if there has been a claim on your policy.

    If you have not made a claim, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund.

    If you cancel your motor insurance policy within the 14 day cooling off period and your policy has not started, you will receive a full refund of premium but we will charge an administration fee.

    If you cancel your motor insurance policy within the 14 day cooling off period and your policy has started, a charge will be made based on the number of days you have had cover. We will also charge an administration fee.

    If you cancel more than 14 days after purchasing your policy, a charge will be made based on the number of days you have had cover. We will also charge a cancellation fee.

    There will be no refund for any additional optional cover you have selected.

    You can find out more about our fees and other charges .

    If you want to cancel your policy, please contact our Customer Service team on 0333 234 1558.


    For any other enquiries, you can speak to an agent on the phone by choosing from the numbers listed on our contact us page  

  • What is my bicycle covered for on my home insurance policy?

    If your bicycle is worth less than £350, this can be insured under our unspecified personal effects section of cover away from the home. This covers you against accidental damage, theft and loss away from the home.

    If your bicycle is worth more than £350, we can specify it on your policy and cover it under the same rules as specified personal effects. This covers you against accidental damage, theft and loss, anywhere in the world with no time limitations.

    However, you should also be aware of other contributing factors to this cover. If your home is left uninhabited or unoccupied for over 30 consecutive days, this can invalidate your home insurance, so whilst there are no limits on cover away from the home, the 30 day rule may limit some policyholders. Your bicycle is not covered if entrusted to someone else, nor is it covered in transit, so taking it through an airport as an example would not be covered and you would do so at your own risk. Some general rules around bike insurance must also be adhered to, for example it must always be secured to an immovable object with an approved security chain. It cannot be stored in the same place out doors for any longer than 24 hours at a time. It is not covered if damaged whilst in use for racing, pacemaking or trials.

    We do not cover electric pedal cycles.

    What is my bicycle covered for on your gadget and possessions insurance policy?

    You can also cover your bicycle under our ‘build your own’ gadget and possessions insurance policies. This includes:

    • Cover for unexpected theft, loss or physical damage to your bike anywhere in the UK
    • 90 days worldwide cover
    • Cover for accessories– you’ll just need to include your accessories in the sum insured for your bicycle
    • New for old cover for bicycles up to 3 years old
    • 24 hour replacement once your claim is approved (if stolen or unrepairable)

    What’s not covered?

    • Motorcycles or electrical bikes.
    • If you leave your bicycle unattended and you have not secured it to a fixed or solid object with a lock which meets 'Sold Secure' Gold standards or which has a security rating of 8 or above.
    • The first £50 of each and every claim.
    • Any claim for accessories unless your bicycle is damaged or stolen at the same time

    If this doesn't answer your question, please speak to us on Live Chat or call us on 0333 234 1552.

    Find out more about bicycle insurance with Endsleigh.


  • What is ‘work in progress’ insurance?

    Work in progress insurance (or ‘renovation insurance’) is cover to protect your property while it’s undergoing renovation, extension, repairs or general building work. Cover may be restricted to cover only against fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft while renovations are ongoing, but this may differ between insurers. You should check your policy documents to understand exactly what’s covered under your policy.

    Can I cover works in progress under my home insurance?

    We are unable to offer work in progress, or renovation, cover on our standard home insurance policy.

    However, our expert non-standard property team are able can offer specialist renovation home insurance for homes undergoing renovation, which includes cover for:

    • Your buildings against risks such as fire, theft and flood
    • Structural damage caused by subsidence, heave or landslip
    • Unoccupancy while your property is pending renovation
    • Property owners’ liability up to £2 million and more. 

    Find out more about renovation home insurance or arrange a call.

    Trying to insure another type of non-standard property? You might also be interested in:

  • Endsleigh's standard policies can cover partial roofs, up to 30% asphalt. 

    If your roof is made up of more than 30% asphalt, we do have a Non-Standard Insurance Team who will search our panel of specialist insurers who may be able to offer cover. 

    Find out more about flat roof insurance here.


  • If your property has suffered from subsidence in the past, or is in an area where subsidence occurs, then Endsleigh's standard home insurance policies will not offer you cover.

    We do, however, have a non-standard home insurance team who will search our panel of specialist insurers who may be able to offer cover. You can contact them on 0333 234 1507.

    Find out more about subsidence home insurance


  • We are unable to offer cover for properties that have previously suffered from heave on our standard home insurance policy. However, our specialist home insurance team can offer cover for all sorts of non-standard properties, such as those that subsidence, heave or landslip.

    Find out more about subsidence home insurance.

  • No, you do not need to specify furniture no matter what the cost, just make sure the amount you insure for your contents takes all contents including furniture into consideration.



  • Contact lenses are not covered for loss or accidental damage inside the home and are also excluded outside of the home.

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