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How can I secure my Endsleigh account with a strong password?

We know it can be annoying trying to think of a new, secure password so here are some tips:

Don't pick anything obvious
Names or words that are easily associated with you, things like favourite football clubs, makes of car, your own first name or surname, or celebrity names are typically weak passwords. Using dates and numbers that are special to you also makes it easier for people who know you to guess your password.  We don't allow common words like 'Endsleigh' or 'Password' to be used.

Use a mix of capital letters, numbers and symbols
When you set up a new password, follow the password criteria on the screen but beware, a password like Password1 isn't strong even though it includes a mix of characters and an upper case letter, so we don't recommend this style of password. Using common patterns like replacing letters with similar shaped numbers is also a well-known trick that no longer delivers strong passwords.  Consider putting upper case letters and random numbers in the middle of a word.

Try something new - a phrase
It can be surprisingly easy to pick a strong, memorable password. Try joining random words together in a phrase; 'summerfun_carrybike' is a much stronger password than 'm0nkeY!' Perhaps make a memorable sentence or story from the words or think about a line from a song, speech or movie you like, and don't be afraid to include spaces.

Don't re-use passwords
Even if you have a strong password, if you use it on more than one website there's a chance it can be exposed by less secure websites and used to hack into other accounts that you own.

Remembering multiple passwords
It can seem like a secure password is also one that is impossible to remember. If you feel like you just have too many passwords, we recommend using a password management tool - there are lots of apps available now.  Be sure to spend a few minutes checking out reviews before choosing the one that is right for you.