How to spring clean your smartphone

Most people know that computers need regular maintenance to stay in good working order, but our phones generally get no such devoted care and attention. Though relied upon daily, phones are expected to run a marathon with absolutely no rest in sight.

So, whenever you’ve got a bit of downtime, whether it’s a spare half hour or a day, take some time to give your phone a bit of TLC. Here are a few tips to keep your phone in good working order:

1. Updates galore

Whilst it may be a pain to wait for a software update to complete, keeping your phone updated is crucial. . This is especially important for older operating systems which may be more prone to attack from malicious groups. Keep on top of app and software updates to make sure both your phone and your details stay safe. It may be a pain to wait for an update, but you’ll be able to make use of the newer features, as well as protecting your personal data.

2. Back up your phone

As phones are never normally in one place for very long, the opportunity for loss or damage is multiplied. Backing up your phone ensures that even if your phone dies or is lost, your data is safe and you can restore this data and your preferred settings onto your new phone. It also means that all your mobile purchases are stored and transferred, ready to go onto another devices. Syncing your phone doesn’t have to just be done via your computer; cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud can back up your phone on the go.

3. Keep it clean

Keeping your phone clean, inside and out, is absolutely essential. Water damage is your phone’s nemesis. Using a case and a screen cover, as well as being sensible with your usage habits (such as not using your phone in the rain), is the way to go. If you do use a case, don’t forget to take it off every now and then and give your phone a good clean; lint and grime can still accumulate around the edges of many cases.

4. Try turning it off and on again

Because we use our phones for almost everything these days, they are rarely switched off. However just like a computer, phones need a hardware refresh and some downtime. Try turning off your phone at least once a week, and reap the rewards!

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