Keep your home safe this Christmas

What springs to mind when you think about Christmas? For most people, it would be spending time with family, mountains of delicious food and lots of expensive gifts, no doubt! But whilst these are the things that make Christmas one of the best times of year, they also increase the risk of damage in your home. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together five tips to keep your home safe this Christmas.

1. Keep it lit up

Christmas is a fruitful time of year for opportunistic burglars – the nights are longer, there are expensive gifts hidden in every cupboard, and a lot of people tend to visit family and friends over the festive period, leaving homes empty and vulnerable. By keeping your internal and external lights on timers so that they switch on and off whilst you’re away, it’ll make it appear to burglars as if there’s someone home the whole time.

2. Don’t post on social media

If you’re heading off for Christmas, it’s a good idea to be careful about what you post on social media. By announcing on Facebook that you’ll be away visiting friends or family over Christmas, this publicises to the world when your home will be empty.

3. Check your fairy lights

Whilst fairy lights are fun, festive, and an important finishing touch to any Christmas tree, they’re also a potential fire risk. Check that any fairy lights (whether they be inside or outside) carry the British Safety Standard kitemark. Make sure not to place them near any flammable materials, and to water your Christmas tree regularly so that it doesn’t turn into kindling.

4. Increase your security

This is sensible at any time of year, but if you’re going away over the Christmas period it’s a good idea to check that your burglar alarms are still working properly, and that your locks are still suitable for purposes - it may be time to upgrade.

5. Make sure you’re covered

Considering the increased risk of fire and theft at Christmas, make sure your home and belongings are protected under a comprehensive home insurance policy. If you’ve purchased any expensive gifts for family or friends (such as a new phone or tablet), speak to your insurer to check if they’ll be covered.

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Naomi Soanes

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