Short term motor insurance

Short term car insurance

Cover for your car for short periods of time - from just a few hours to a few days, perfect for driving new cars or sharing the driving on holidays and weekend breaks.



Our short term car insurance can be a cheaper and more convenient way of providing temporary cover, from one hour to 30 days. Plus it comes with a host of benefits, in fact having temporary car insurance can give you the same coverage as regular car insurance.

Why choose short term car insurance?

  • Competitive hourly and daily rates

  • Instant cover when you need it

  • Insure someone else on your car for a short time

  • No risk to your 'no claims discount'

Cover for learner drivers

For drivers with a provisional licence. The learner must be accompanied by a qualified driver aged between 25-75 who has held a full UK licence for at least three years.

  • Provides cover from 6am to 12am (midnight)

  • Unused premium refunded if the learner driver passes their test ahead of schedule

  • Low excess of £250

Short term car insurance is provided by Dayinsure.
You'll be transferred to their site when getting a quote.