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What’s covered with teacher gadget insurance?

As part of our teacher insurance offers, we provide cover for your gadgets and possessions should any accidents occur. You may choose to insure your laptop for when you’re marking work out of hours, or your camera for taking group photos on the next school trip. If you decide to opt for our personal gadget insurance, you’ll get access to the following:

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Up to 15% discount with multi gadget cover

If you want to protect more than one gadget, you’ll get up to a 15% discount when you protect two gadgets or more.

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Cover across the globe

Protect your gadgets anywhere in the UK, and for up to 120 days worldwide.

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Accidental and liquid damage

Protection against accidental damage and liquid damage up to a total value specified on your policy documents

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24 hour replacement

If your items are lost, damaged or stolen, we'll replace them within 24 hours of your claim being approved.

Teacher car insurance

Affordable car insurance for teachers, with special rewards. Tailor your cover to suit you with our range of optional extras.

Teacher home insurance

Flexible buildings and contents cover that automatically covers pupils or other school staff in your home.

Your teacher gadget insurance questions answered

What is teacher gadget insurance?

Gadgets are a huge part of our lives, keeping us entertained, organised and connected to our friends and loved ones on a day to day basis. So to suddenly have to sort out a replacement due to a drop or spill can be a hassle (not to mention, expensive) to sort out. Teacher gadget insurance will protect your gadgets - including smartphones, laptops and tablets - from drops, spills and scratches, either at home or while you're out and about. Our teacher gadget insurance covers theft, accidental and liquid damage, as well as cracked screens.

Is teacher gadget insurance worth it?

When deciding whether or not to insure your gadgets, you should treat it the same as insuring any of your other belongings - if you can't afford to lose it, then it's probably a good idea to insure it.

Prone to losing or dropping your phone?

We all know that accidents can happen, but some can be more costly than others. Buying teacher gadget insurance could mean that you save money on buying replacement phones, and reduce the risk of being without a phone for a prolonged period of time.

Rely on your gadgets?

For many of us, gadgets are an integral part of our lives. Whether you’re planning lessons on your laptop or using your phone as a satnav on a school trip, should you drop or break your gadgets you won't want to wait until you can get hold of a replacement.

Why Endsleigh for teacher gadget insurance?

With over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry, our experts are dedicated to making sure every customer finds an insurance policy that meets their needs. Our comprehensive gadget insurance is ideal for teachers looking to protect their valuable devices day-to-day, or even on school trips.

teacher gadget insurance from endsleigh

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