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Man mugged by foxes

... and other strange insurance claims

The great thing about insurance is that it can protect your laptop, gadgets, phone, and even your car when the unexpected happens. The claims we receive at Endsleigh come in all shapes and sizes, and our teams are well versed in dealing with pretty much anything that comes their way. Sometimes, however, even our most experienced handlers are surprised by some of the claims that are made. Here’s a rundown of some of the more bizarre claims we’ve received over the years.

1. ‘Basil Brush nabbed my toaster!’

Chances are we’ve all had to move household items from one location to another at some point in our lives. Late at night, one customer was pushing a trolley laden with household goods when two unscrupulous foxes emerged from the dark and advanced in a ‘menacing manner’ towards the individual who promptly turned and scarpered. He later returned to the scene of the incident only to discover his trolley bereft of his prized portable DVD player and other assorted electrical items. A sad tale indeed, but unfortunately on this occasion we weren’t able to settle the claim.

2. ‘Crash ball!’

During a match on a rugby tour, one travel policy holder had the misfortune to dislocate his hip following a tackle from another rugby player. We imagine this would hurt a bit at the best of times, but worse was to come. The successful relocation of the hip joint had the unfortunate side-effect of rupturing a different sort of tackle.

3. ‘Two can play that game!’

Following an evening of idle frivolity, a gentleman persuaded two ladies to accompany him back to his humble abode, presumably to play board games and listen to smooth jazz, but we’re not sure. Unfortunately for the gentleman in question, upon rising from his slumber the following morning, he discovered that he had been robbed and his night-time accomplices were nowhere to be seen.

4. ‘What happens in Amsterdam…’

One travel claimant went to a festival in Amsterdam, but his luggage regrettably went missing. Nothing untoward about that, except that the customer was an ‘adult store’ owner and his missing luggage contained £2,000 worth of adult material and clothing.

5. ‘Smalls problem’

One claims handler had a particularly memorable day when a lady made a claim for some expensive lingerie, which had sadly been stolen. So keen was the customer to have the situation resolved that she promptly sent in pictures of said undergarments in action as proof of purchase. Who said insurance was boring? Read our disclaimer.