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How to paint cupboards and other appliances

A common cause of accidental damage claims we receive is for spilt paint whilst decorating. This can easily be avoided if you take certain precautions. And don’t forget, if you’re renting or living in halls, make sure to ask the permission of your landlord or accommodation provider before decorating.

  • Clean surface – if you’re painting a cupboard, wash the surface with sugar soap to remove any dust and dirt.

  • Prepare - Use fine sandpaper to allow the paint to grip, before wiping the surface with white spirit.

  • Mark off areas – apply masking tape to protect areas that you don’t want paint to touch. You can also use white spirit to remove any rogue paint marks.

  • Cover the floor – to stop any paint dripping onto other surfaces, put down a protective sheet on the floor.

  • Get painting – before you pick up a paint brush, give the tin a good shake to allow the paint to mix, then start applying in smooth, consistent strokes.

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