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How to make friends at uni

While university is ultimately about getting a degree, one of the most important parts of the experience are the friends you’ll make along the way.

But it can be intimidating, trying to figure out how to meet people at uni - especially if you’re living away from home for the first time. From joining societies to getting involved in volunteer projects, here are some easy ways to make friends at uni.

1. Join social media groups

Before you arrive for freshers’ week, you may be able to connect with people from your course or accommodation by scouring the social media sites for groups and forums relating to your university.

Spend some time getting to know people before term starts and you might even feel more at home once you get there.

2. Have some ice-breakers handy in halls

No matter your age, no-one can resist playing games - so a pack of cards is a freshers’ week essential if you want to make friends quickly. But simply having an ‘open door’ policy when you first move in to halls will show everyone you’re keen to socialise.

Offering to help your new flatmates move in (as well as offering them a cup of tea) can also go a long way to cementing your new friendships.


3. Get a part time job

Not only will a part time job give you a bit of spare cash so you can enjoy your time at uni, it’s also a handy way of getting to know the locals – they may even give you a fresh, insider perspective on your new city!

If a job at uni isn’t for you, you could consider volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about – another great way of meeting like-minded people.

4. Join clubs and societies

At a time when you might be missing your home comforts, joining a club is the perfect way to make university friends and feel part of a community.

Why not take up a new hobby in your quest to make friends at uni? You might even discover hidden talents you never knew you had!

5. Get to know people on your course

Even if you’re best friends with your flatmates, you might want some space from them now and then.

Getting to know people from your course is a good place to start, as you’re likely to also have plenty in common by default.

You could throw yourself into group assignments or organise study sessions in the library to spend more time with your course mates.


6. Get involved in freshers’ events

Not only are freshers’ events the perfect place to join up to clubs and societies, but you’ll be bombarded with free t-shirts, pens and all sorts of other useful merchandise – what more could you want from your university experience?

7. Put yourself out there

This one’s easy, because all it involves is talking to random people – and lots of them!

You could hang out in communal areas, sit next to someone new in a lecture or simply force your company on someone who’s enjoying their lunch alone. Even if the interruption isn’t entirely welcome with everyone, getting out there and giving people a try is the best way to make friends at uni… even if you do inevitably have to deal with some rejection along the way!

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